"The Ramen Fight!!"

The sun began to rise among the horizon waking me up and getting something to eat and got a bowl of ramen with a smile on my face waiting for it to be ready.

Somewhere in a different room, Brittany immediately woke up with the smell of ramen in the air following the smell with a smile on her face, seeing me eating a bowl of ramen and went to go get some herself but saw the cupboard was completely here. That's when she got mad seeing me eat the ramen.

In her own self greed of food that she likes, she took the bowl of ramen out of my hands about to eat the rest until I tackled her to get it back as the entire bowl flew out the window, seeing the dogs eat it.

"Nooooooo!!!!!" Brittany dramatically yelled on her knees.

"Relax. There's more ramen in the cupboard," I replied calmly.

"No! That was the last pack, you douche bag!"

"Last pack. Last pack?! I'll freakin' kill you!!" I yelled, attacking Brittany to the ground about to punch her, but missed, seeing that my hand was stuck in the wall as she picked up the nearby couch and threw it at me, "AH, crap." The couch hits me dead on, making a huge hole in the wall as we began to fight in the front lawn with a cloud of smoke surrounding us.

In a different part of the house, Kirby woke up form the sound of Brittany and I fighting as she got out of bed, and walked in the front room, seeing the hole that Brittany made, the couch in the front lawn, and us fighting as she got the hose and sprayed water on us, making us stop fighting.

"Do you know what time it is?!" She exclaimed pissed off.

"It's Leah's fault for eating the last pack of ramen!" Brittany yelled.

"My fault?! You're the one that snatched it out of my hand without asking!" I informed her.

"You know that I don't ask things that I love the most!" We began to argue as we heard a loud honk, and saw a truck passing by that read 'Years worth of Ramen' on the side.

"You guys can't be that stupid to go after a moving ramen truck, are you?" Kirby said as I made the first move, and ran for it, along with Brittany, "Buys, look out!!!" Then the truck made a loud screeching sound, and then a loud crash.

After that fiasco, Brittany opened her eyes, seeing a nurse in front of her and moaned painfully from the truck incident. She had bandages wrapped around her head, a neck brace, and a few small bandages on her face and body.

"Oh, good. You're awake," The nurse said.

"Where am I?" Brittany wondered.

"You're at the hospital. Your friend Kirby said that you and another friend of yours got hit with a massive truck of ramen."

"Oh….yeah," Brittany replied dully remembering the event.

"So, anyway, what would you like for lunch? A sandwich, chocolate pudding, or ramen?"

"YES!! For the love of god, yes, please!!"

"Oh. I'm sorry, but your friend got the last pack of ramen," The nurse said as Brittany saw me eating another bowl of ramen and got mad again, tackling me on my bed as the nurse called the doctors to try and calm her down.

THE END (…………Or is it?)