Title: "Recovery"

Author: redathena79

Summary: It wasn't an instant recovery. A "Get Foley" AU.

Rating: PG-13/T

Classification: Jake/Diane

Disclaimer: I don't own Jake 2.0. This writing is not for profit.


- Diane -

The past few weeks have been anything but kind to Dr. Hughes. Despite recent setbacks with Jake, the higher ups seem to have gotten a taste for enhancement technologies. So on top of Jake's recovery, which by the way has been progressing at a torturously slow rate, Diane has inherited two more projects and three vaguely hostile research assistants.

Director Warner has made it absolutely clear that within the next twelve months there will be human trials for every one of the enhancement projects Diane is overseeing. There's a glint that both Fran and Diane notice in the director's eyes that says that this will happen by any means necessary. Both lab director and lead research assistant agree, that woman is one step away from having them jab needles into random passersby. Something is just not right with the woman. And as much as Diane would love to just do as she's told and thus fly safely under the radar she can't help but stall for more time.

There are nights that Diane wakes up in a cold sweat, her heart practically jumping out of her chest. The untold havoc that Executive Director Warner could wreak with even one super soldier willing to obey her commands is the stuff of any ethical researcher's nightmares.

Suffice it to say, the projects, the cranky assistants, and the increasingly frequent night terrors have Diane more flustered than ever before. Fran has even taken to constantly following her around just to translate the frantic flurry of hand gestures and sputterings that Diane's communication skills have devolved into. It isn't winning her any points, not with Warner or with Lou. Kyle doesn't seem to mind. Just stands there and smirks that damn sexy smirk. (Fran's words not hers.) Diane's life has become nothing short of a three-ringed circus, complete with freak show and stale popcorn.

But for all the turmoil swirling inside her head Diane knows better to wish for quiet. It's always the quiet moments that bring the most trouble.