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"I'm not you Dean."

The words tore through me, and it hurt like a bitch. I didn't want her to be me, I wish she wasn't me, but she was. Oh, she was. No matter how much she denied it, she was like my little twin, and it killed me everyday. She told me once that she wanted to hunt with me forever, she never wants to stop. She'll stop once every last evil thing on this earth is dead.

You're probably wondering what I'm talking about, so let's start at the beginning. My name is Dean Winchester, and I hate myself. Literally, I do...


"Dean. Dean. Dean!"

My eyes opened slowly, and after a blurry few seconds, I saw a girl of about eighteen standing over me, the ends of her red hair tickling my face.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm up." I said, waving her hair out of my face and sitting up, rubbing my eyes. We were in a motel, and Sam was still asleep in the bed beside mine, the spot on the other side of him was mussed, as if someone had slept in it.

Someone had slept in it, my little sister had slept in it. Her name is Kaycee, and I love her to death. She's only my half sister, she doesn't have the same mom as I do. My dad went out on a hunting trip when I was seven and Sammy was four, and he came back a few weeks later, then about seven months after that, he left again, and came back with a daughter.

She was damn cute, and he told us that her name was Kaycee, and that she was our sister. He left her with us, then went off on another trip. In other words, Kaycee never knew her mom, she only ever knew us, me and Sammy. Our dad didn't even really take the time to get to know her.

For the first couple of years, she didn't have any questions for either of us, hell, I don't think that Sammy even understood her past, however short it may have been. One day, the day of Kaycee's tenth birthday, Dad hadn't come home, called, or anything. Sam was fourteen, and I was seventeen. She looked up at us with her big green eyes, then said, "Where's Daddy?" and she burst into tears. Sam and I had no idea what had caused this outburst, we had gone ten years without any question at all.

Kaycee's blubbering finally quieted down, and she looked back up at us, shaking, and said, "Where's my mom?" We stared at her in silence, not knowing what to say, just watching the little girl with red hair across the table from us.

"We... we don't know." Sam said finally, reaching across the table to pat her shoulder. Kaycee nodded slowly, and she seemed to grow up that day, seemed not to care when her father left on a hunting trip, and she finally agreed to learn about what we hunted, the things that go bump in the night.

After Kaycee's interrogation, the table was quiet for what seemed like hours, until she finally took a bite of the Hostess cupcake that Sammy and I had bought her from the nearest Quick Check, and smiled, "Thank you." she said, and I had never seen someone so grateful for only a Hostess Cupcake that couldn't have cost more than fifty cents.

"Dean. There's been another one." Kaycee whispered, obviously not wanting to wake Sam up. He hadn't been sleeping well for a few weeks now, so Kaycee and I learned to let him sleep when he actually did find himself dead asleep.

I looked up at her, my eyes full of confusion, "Did you sleep at all?" I asked, my eyebrows shooting up. "Or did you listen to the damned police scanner all night?"

Kaycee looked at me sheepishly, then shrugged, "Same deal as the other ones, Everything was locked besides a window, in a fifth floor apartment. No fingerprints, and the victim was torn to shreds." she tucked her straight orange hair behind her ears as she walked towards the open laptop, "The victim was a female, age..." she paused, "eight." she finally said, looking up at me.

I rubbed the faint stubble that was appearing on my face, then sighed, "Looks like we have work to do, huh little sister?" I asked, rumpling her hair. She frowned at me, obviously angered that I was still treating her like she was ten when she was actually eighteen. I looked at the open laptop, she had been searching the internet for anything remotely supernatural that was known for this, and she had been doing well.

"I haven't found anything. Diddly squat." she said, sitting on the end of her and Sam's bed and crossing her arms, "And the victims have nothing in common, only that they live in this neighborhood. I checked family history, everything."

I nodded slowly, then sat down at the desk where the laptop was open, and we were silent for a few moments, the only sounds being the clacking of the keyboard. Finally, I looked back at Kaycee, "Wanna wake Sammy up?" I asked, though I was quite reluctant to do so.

Kaycee nodded, "I guess so... there's no way to avoid it anymore." she said, then pushed herself up off of the bed and walked around to Sammy's side, she looked up at me first, then reached down and tapped Sam's shoulder. "Sam." she stated calmly, before shaking his shoulder ever so slightly, "Sammy. Wake up." she hissed, and Sam's green eyes fluttered open.

"Huh? Wassagoinon?" Sam asked groggily, sitting up on the bed and rubbing at his eyes, trying to wipe away the sleep.

"There was another one." I replied calmly, not looking up from the computer screen, "And there's nothing weird about this one... the kid was eight, her name was Mary, her parents were divorced... and that's all I got."

"How the hell did you get that information?" Kaycee asked me curiously, looking a cross between disappointed and excited. "I couldn't find anything."

"Police report." I replied simply, and when her and Sam were silent, I grinned cheekily and looked back to the computer, typing furiously once again.

"So... I guess we have work to do?" Sam asked, looking from me and back to Kaycee, who nodded.

"I guess we do." she said, raking a hand through her hair.

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