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"Mama?" A small voice called out into the night.

The little femme sat shivering near what was left of her house. She didn't understand what had happened. One minute she had felt save, the next…. She hugged her knees close to her body, trying to keep herself warm.

"Mama?" She called out again.

She closed her optics, feeling tears well up behind them. She was scared, exposed and lost. She wanted to feel her mother's body against hers as she was being rocked to sleep, a soft, word-less lullaby being sung to her. She wanted to hear her mother tell her that she would see her in the morning, and to sleep well.

Tears flowed freely down her face as she remembered what had happened. Her mother had been about to pick her up when their front door had flown open. Four mechs had walked in, their guns pointed at her mother.

"What do you want?" Her mother had asked, confused as to why they had their guns leveled with her face.

"We want you dead. It's the only way." One had answered his blue optics a little dull.

"Why? I'm on your side! I…." Her mother had started to say, when another mech shot her in the neck.

She had fallen, screaming to the ground. Energon was leaking fast from her wound. The other mechs fired their guns once. One shot her in the chest, another through her lower abdomen and the last one, the one that had answered the question, had shot her right through the head. Energon pooled around her as she died, she optics slowly going out, a choked cry barely heard.

The men then turned their guns on her, the innocent child, as she stared up at them.

"The child must go too. Her mother will need company where she is going." The first mech stated.

She was about to scream, when a sudden warmth penetrated her body. It had been so very warm, and she felt safe. She heard the mechs shout in shock. Then she heard a voice. It was filled with anger, yet she had no fear of it.

"You will pay for what you have done here." It stated. The warmth seeped around her, then she had heard an explosion. That was all she remembered.

She stared out into the dark, wondering where the sudden warmth had come from, and where was it now that she was alone and cold? She sniffed, as tears flowed freely down her face. It was then that she became aware of footsteps coming towards her. She managed to turn herself around, and saw the cause of the noise stop a mere foot from where she was. She looked up, almost toppling over from how far back she had to lean in order to see the owner of the footstep's face. Staring down from the face was a pair of dark red optics.

"What happened?" It demanded. She could tell right away that it was a mech. The voice was far too deep to be a femme.

She looked into the optics, as a fresh wave of tears rolled down her face. She heard the mech growl in disgust. The growl scared her, causing more tears to fall. The mech seemed to understand that it was scaring her or it was just impatient because it sighed.

"Great. Just great. I come here expecting a fight and what do I get? A stupid, sniveling child, that's what." It spat, pulling its head back.

She stared up into the face of the mech and saw that inside its mouth, were a row of fangs. She gasped, her baby blue optics widening in fear. She began to shake, not sure if she was scared or just really cold. She glanced at his armor and noticed that it was made of silver metal. She also noticed that his hands were composed of five knives, per hand. She began to shake harder.

The mech stared down at her, wondering why she was sitting here, shaking like an idiot.

"Don't you have a mother to run home to?" He asked irritated. He realized that was the wrong thing to say as more tears flowed down her face.

"Primus." He muttered, astonished that she could still cry that much.

He glanced at her noting her blue optics and navy blue armor. An Autobot's child. I could just kill it, and then it would be one less brat to fight later. But, there is something about it. I just can't put my blasted finger on it! He thought. He bent down and scooped the child up. She cried out in shock, obviously not expecting him to pick her up. He chuckled.

"It's ok. I won't hurt you, little one. Even I wouldn't do that." He stated, holding the femme close to him.

She whimpered a soft "Thank you" before she snuggled closer to him, trying to warm herself up. She rubbed her head against his chest, her tears leaving small pools of liquid running down his chest.

"Primus, you're cold. How long have you been sitting out here?" He asked, not really expecting it to answer.

She shrugged her shoulders slightly, as her blue optics dimmed. She rested her head against the huge silver mechs chest, slipping into a deep sleep. The last thing she remembered was him laughing gently, stroking her head with one finger.

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