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Chapter 36: Endings and Beginnings

Serenity say at the edge of the lake looking out at the setting Sun. She was all alone, but then again, she had been for the past 300 years. Blackout had passed away that long ago, his immense age finally took its toll. Starscream had died 100 years before that, after 1000 years of leading the Decepticon and Autobots without Megatron and Optimus' help. Barricade, Bumblebee, Moondust, Metalsound, Backkick, and Stonefall had died less than a year ago. Even Ratchet was gone, though he did manage to teach Blackcrescent everything he knew before Primus called him. Serenity was the only remainder of the original crew, not counting the Sparklings.

She had been leader of the Decepticons and Autobots since Starscream had passed away, but as of 2 years ago, Dreamweaver and his mate Emerald had looked after everything. Serenity was seen as a hero to all of the Autobots and Decepticons that had come to Earth seeking a new home. She had accepted everyone and aided in finding everyone a new form. She smiled as she thought about all the little sparklings that had come into being over the past 1000 years. Dreamweaver had two and was expecting a third. Tawny had one feisty little femme with her mate Goldenmane, and Blackcrescent had one mech with Moonray.

Serenity had trouble looking at her youngest child. He had grown to look like his father and it stung that he looked that much like Blackout. Blackcrescent understood his mother's pain and helped her as much as he could. He always stayed with her when she started to fall into despair when she thought about all her friends that had left and that she was the only one left. Tawny always had something quirky to say and made everyone laugh when she started to get hyper and psychotic.

Serenity smiled as she thought about her grandchildren. Dreamweaver's had turned out with dragon beast modes, the oldest was a black dragon mech named Onyx and a little baby blue femme named Dreamcatcher. Emerald was so very proud of her children and stated that the only reason that she had them was because of Serenity having Dreamweaver. Tawny's child was a little brown lioness by the name of Groundrunner. Blackcrescent's little mech was named Shadowray, since he was black with white lines running down his chest. She loved every one of them and she couldn't think of what it would be like to be without them.

She sighed as she looked back into Sun. It was sinking lower into the horizon, painting the sky spectacular pinks, oranges, and reds. She felt her spark whirl sadly as she thought about how much Blackout would love to see this with her. Tears threatened to fall as she continued to stare into the horizon, knowing that this was for her alone to see anymore. Her friends and family wouldn't see it with her. But just as she started to think that, she saw something that made her spark stop.

Walking towards her from the other side of the lake and on top of the water was Blackout. He looked like he did when he passed away. The scar on his neck hidden except for the part that ran around towards the back of his neck. The jagged scar stretching across his stomach and looked just as painful as it always had. He was smiling at her as he approached.

"Blackout." Serenity gasped.

She stood up and ran towards him. She didn't realize until she ran into his arms that they were standing on the water's surface. She gasped as she stared down at bottom of the lake. She gripped Blackout tightly out of fear. He chuckled as he held her close to him.

"Serenity, I missed you." He whispered.

"I missed you too." Serenity replied as she rubbed her head against his chest.

"Mother!" She heard Tawny scream behind her.

She turned and her optics widened. Sitting on the shore of the lake was Serenity's body. It was sprawled out with a surprised look on its face. She stumbled into Blackout's arms.

"Am I dead?" She whispered.

"Yes." Blackout stated as he tightened his hold on her. "Primus sent me to come get you. They'll be fine." He added when he saw her face as she watched Tawny shake her body.

Serenity looked back at him and looked back to her daughter as Blackcrescent and Dreamweaver came running into view. Blackcrescent fell beside her and stared at her dull black body. Dreamweaver kneeled down beside her body and bowed his head. He picked up her body and headed back to the headquarters to let everyone know that she was gone. Blackcrescent stood up slowly and turned towards the horizon. His red optics were filled with pain as he stared through her and Blackout.

"At least she died looking at the sunset. She always did love them." He said, his voice filled with pain.

When Tawny and Blackcrescent left, she turned into Blackout's body and fought back the urge to cry. Blackout patted her back.

"Don't cry. You'll be happy where we're going. I promise." Blackout said gently. "We've all missed you." He added.

He held her hand as they walked back across the lake. Before they reached the center of the lake, a blindingly beautiful light engulfed them. When the light vanished, Serenity was standing in the middle of a clearing that looked like an open area on Cybertron. She stared in wonder around her as she took in the scene. It was so beautiful and it brought back many happy memories.

"Serenity!" A mech's voice shouted.

She turned and screamed in delight. Striding towards her looking like he did when he left Cybertron to pursue the All Spark was Megatron. Starscream was standing right behind him and was smiling at her.

"Megatron! Starscream!" She screamed. She raced forward and was swept up into Megatron's arms in a back-breaking hug.

She pulled back and threw her arms around Starscream's neck as they rubbed their faces against one another. Starscream held her out and looked hard into her optics. He smiled and she could see tears forming behind his optics.

"We missed you so much." Megatron stated.

"I missed you guys too." Serenity replied.

"Serenity! I can't believe it! You're here!" Barricade's voice sounded.

"Barricade!" Serenity cried as she spotted her friends. "Bumblebee! Moondust! Metalsound! Backkick! Stonefall! Bonecrusher! I can't believe it!" She screamed.

They all crashed into a huge circle of hugs as the group of friends was whole once again. They were all crying as they pulled away. Serenity noted that they looked much younger than when they passed away.

"Why do you guys look younger?" She asked.

"Simple. We can choose the age we want to be now." Bumblebee stated.

Serenity tilted her head. She looked back at Blackout and smiled. She focused on her age when she had Dreamweaver. Blackout smiled as she strode back to him. She rubbed her head against his chest and he kissed her head.

"You look as beautiful as ever. You chose to be the age you were soon after Dreamweaver was born." Blackout stated.

"You're good." She laughed.

Blackout's optics twinkled as the scars faded and he looked the same before Sideways attacked him. Serenity smiled up at him. Megatron made a gagging noise behind them. Serenity looked back at him and gave him an annoyed look.

Her optics widened as she spotted a black mech walk towards them. She realized that it was Ironhide, but far younger than she had ever seen him. Optimus walked up behind him with a smile. She blinked as she spotted Jazz.

"Hey there little one!" He laughed as he moved forward.

"Jazz? You're the one who took me from the Decepticon base!" She gasped as she realized it.

"Yah that was me." Jazz laughed.

"Everything happens for a reason my dear." Primus' deep baritone voice stated.

Serenity looked up in surprise as the incredibly tall mech walked towards her. He stopped and stared down into her baby blue optics with his own. She gulped as he reached out and pulled her into a hug.

"I finally get to hold you after all these years." He whispered. He held her out at arms length and sighed. "I haven't held you like this since your mother was killed." He said sadly.

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"When your mother was killed by her fellow Autobots, I turned up and killed those mech for their crime." Primus stated.

"That warmth that I felt all those years ago, that was you?" She asked.

"Yes. I was holding you to my chest as I unleashed my power on them." Primus replied.

Serenity looked up at him. "Where did you go afterwards? It was freezing that night." Serenity stated.

Primus smiled. "Megatron was to find you. I couldn't stay with you because that would make him attack." He replied.

"What?" She asked.

"Megatron would have attacked believing that I was an Autobot and killed you to end my line." Primus stated.

Serenity looked up at him and nodded. She understood a little. She felt a hand touch her face and she looked beside her. Smiling up at her was a white version of herself.

"Hello, Mother." Serenity said.

"Hello Serenity." Trinity replied.

She smiled and hugged her mother. She was happy to be with everyone again. She knew that now she would get to know her mother and her father at last. She looked at Blackout and smiled. They were back together after 300 long agonizing years alone. She couldn't wait to catch up with her friends. She did after all have the rest of eternity.

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