Edward took my face in his hand. His stormy topaz eyes seemed to be reaching out for my soul...but I decided to let my lips take this one. I approached his face cautiously, thinking if I went too fast he'd vanish, knowing if I went too fast he'd get wary, and pull away before his self-control could be tested. He was so careful with me. He didn't want to hurt me, and he certaintly didn't want to kill me.

But I don't care.

I wanted him to hold me tight for hours, without his being afraid to break me. I wanted him to kiss me, ravish me, without fearing the monster (the angel) inside of him would kill me, accidentally or not. I loved him, and I wanted to show him that in less platonic ways.

But I could live this.

His smooth cold lips pressed against mine, and I struggled to remember to breathe. Struggled not to sigh, knowing if I did Edward would pull away, not wanting to be tested outside his comfort zone.

His lips moved softly, heavenly, against my own. My head was spinning, and his hand on the small of my back was mostly the only thing keeping me up at this point. His very touch sent my heart into erratic convulsions, and when he kissed me it practically jumped out of my chest. Edward, feeling this, smiled against my lips as usual. Just how I never got over his beauty, his touch, he never grew tired of my heart trying to reach out for his cold, unbeating one. But so full of love it was.

After much too short a time, Edward pulled away smiling softly, disentangling my arms from around his neck; my fingers out of his hair.

I smiled too, but I sighed.

When he turned me, this nearly platonic future would be over, and we could truly be together.

And I would die for that.