When people say, "fall in love", they don't mean it literally. They mean that you grow to like that person, then eventually love them, or you see them and instantly just know that they're the only one for you.

Iruka had always been a more literal person, not always by choice, but literal nonetheless. This was how he found himself sprawled on top of someone and gazing dazedly into a single surprised blue eye, his mind dazed and body in a state of shock from being flung out of the Hokage tower four blocks away.

At the moment, the brunet wasn't quite sure whether Tsunade had wanted to kill him, send him home in order to stop him from committing major over time, or embarrass him to death instead.

Kakashi had unwittingly caught him and stumbled in to a store called…"Love Shop." Seriously, what was up with that? But that was how Iruka literally "fell in love" with Sharingan Kakashi, Copy-nin extraordinaire. And you know what? It was painful.

Iruka only groaned with self-pity as a dolphin shaped dildo fell on his head from the shelf above him. Kakashi smiled widely, well whadoyou know.


Heh, just something that my mind came up with in Spanish…how random is that? And this was meant to be Kakairu, just so ya knows.

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