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Chapter Eighteen: Sesshy!? Where art thou!?

The stoic man had long since accepted what happened to him. He sat upon the floor, lazily leaning up against the wall. Any man could lean up against a wall, but this man made it look effortless and still have grace and beauty. His eyes were shut, but you wouldn't have noticed as his white bangs fell onto his face, covering his eyes. To anyone he looked peaceful, but to those who knew him, he was brooding. He was brooding, in a jail cell, within the port of Kyoto. His brooding was brought upon the fact that he was in the jail cell and currently thinking over what had happened between him and the 'demon' lord, Naraku. Somehow, the Lord had found out about him helping Kagome out of town. He didn't know how, but Naraku had found out. He was now put in jail for treason, and the punishment of said crime was death. He was scheduled to be hanged in a few days. He could only hope someone would notice him missing (someone like Kagome) and come to save him. He knew hoping was something the 'weak' did, but he didn't want to die, and not by the hands of an arrogant Halfling like Naraku. He, the almighty Sesshomaru, was not going to die by the hands of a no good dirty rotten spoiled cunt bubble (as Kagome so delicately put it). The thought made the sides of his lips twitch in the upwards direction. Now, you would wonder what a demon was doing remaining in a simple jail cell. The answer was really obvious, it wasn't just a simple jail cell. This cell was specifically designed to hold demons and half-demons alike. He had long since tried to escape, and this earned him with a few burns on his hands. He sighed heavily as he wondered what was going to happen to him. This was the part that bugged him the most. This was out of his control. He no longer knew what was going to happen to him, and he hated not knowing the outcome of something. His fate rested in the hands of his idiotic brother and his 'sister'. He opened his eyes slowly, revealing a pissed off golden orb. A flash of red could be seen, but it quickly dissipated. He looked to the outside of his cell to find a medium sized shaggy dog, holding the keys to the cell no less. Sesshomaru raised a delicate eyebrow as he looked to the dog. The dog, in turn, stared back at him. The silence was broken when a few whistles were heard. Sesshomaru turned his head ever so slightly to look over his shoulder. He saw a few lowly humans trying to call the dog over to get the keys to let them free. He let his gaze travel back to the dog to see it hadn't budged from its spot. A loud crash could be heard from upstairs and the dog took off with the keys still in his mouth. The regal yōkai turned his gaze forward and smirked. It seems I can trust that half-wit of a brother… I wonder how much Kagome had to beg to get him to do it…

The Week Before:

Kagome was out on the bow of the book, staring out into the ocean. Something was clearly on her mind, and it was clearly bugging her. She had this unsettling feeling in her stomach and every now and then she would get an unexplainable pain in her chest. She associated these signs as something happening to one of her friends, or someone who is close to her. Everyone she considered close to her was already on the ship. Kagome looked over her shoulder onto the ship. Sango was relaxing against the mast of the ship. Miroku, surprisingly enough, was next to her and not doing anything perverted in any way, shape, or form. Souta was over by Kouga and explaining the politics of Tokyo to him, Ginta, and Hakkaku. She looked over her other shoulder to find Inuyasha at the steering wheel of the ship and his father was beside him. The only one who wasn't on the ship, was the one where her mind was, Sesshomaru. He had left after a while of her being brought back from the clutches of Naraku. Once he had seen signs of her getting better, he left to make sure his façade didn't get uncovered. This is what worried her most. What if Naraku had found out about what Sesshomaru had done? Sesshy hadn't written since he left and she was really getting sick of the nagging feeling of something being wrong. She went to take a breath, but found a shooting pain in her chest which made her hold her breath, clutch her chest, and double over. She had hoped no one saw it, but with her luck both Inuyasha and InuTaisho saw it. They were at her sides in seconds.

"Kagome, what's wrong?" InuTaisho asked, looking down to the doubled over girl.

"Something… is wrong…" She whispered out, Inuyasha helping her stand up right again.

"What do you mean?" Inuyasha asked.

"Something bad… has happened to Sesshomaru…" She stated looking out to ocean, in the direction of Kyoto.

"How do you know that?" he inquired, making sure she kept her balance.

"Well, everyone else I know who could possibly be in danger are on this ship and are obviously not in danger as I can see where they are. Sesshomaru had to go back to port, back to that Demon Lord… I don't just double over for no reason…" she said, looking back to the hanyō, looking into his eyes. He clearly saw the worry in her eyes.

"You can't leave your brother there, no matter how much you don't like him…" She added on in a whisper. He searched her face for any kind of hidden meaning, but found none. He didn't know how she knew, but he had a feeling he should trust her.

"Alright." He said with a nod. He turned his head away from her.

"MIROKU! KOUGA! Set a course for Kyoto!" He ordered.

"WHAT!?" Came Kouga's outrageous reply.

"My idiot brother ran into some trouble and we gotta go save him!"

"How do you know that!?"

"DON'T QUESTION IT, JUST DO IT!" Inuyasha shouted, getting a flinch from the ookami yōkai. Miroku had already told the rest of the crew the plan and was now making his way to the under-deck to inform everyone else they were headed into enemy territory.

Few Days After:

Inuyasha had managed to get the ship in range of the shores of Kyoto in a matter of days. He was surprised at how fast they had arrived at the town. He sighed heavily as they now needed a plan as to how they can get into the city and cause havoc. Of course, in the process of causing havoc, they would free the arrogant inu yōkai himself. They had thought about a few plans and all of them ended up with someone dying or it just not working. When it came to planning something, they completely left Kagome out of the plan, having her stay on the ship, so she would remain safe. What they didn't anticipate was her getting mad about not being able to help.

"Inuyasha, I want to help!"

"I can't let you do that. You will be in too much danger; it's too risky!"

"I am not going to sit around here like some house wife waiting for her husband and kids to come home! I want to help!" She argued back.

"We don't even have a plan, and even if we did, you are not going to be included! I already said it is way too dangerous!"

"Well, I do have a plan, and I am the major part of it and it's the only one that will work long enough for you to get Sesshy out!" She yelled, getting the attention of several people in the meeting room. Since she had barged in, a few select people decided they were going to drown out the noise. Inuyasha looked at her with astonishment. Not only did she want to help, but she had come up with a plan. Something told him, he was not going to like this plan in any way, shape, or form.

"I'm listening."

"Alright, I will head to the docks, in a single wooden boat, acting as if I have been traveling like that for days. I will go to Naraku and distract him long enough for you to get Sesshomaru and then in order for you to get me out, you're going to have to cause some major chaos." She stated and she waited for the rejections. Kouga, Souta, and Inuyasha were the ones who spoke up. All three shouted at the same time, shooting up from their chairs.




Kagome looked to all three of them with a raised eyebrow. She looked over to InuTaisho who looked surprised and depressed as well, but he looked as if he knew it was the only way for them to have enough time to get his first son to safety. He sighed heavily and stood up. The three who caused the outburst looked to the older yōkai.

"She has a point. It is the only way we will be able to have a decent amount of time to Sesshomaru out." He stated and looked as his son's and Kagome's brother's face paled. Kouga remained quiet and sat back down. Souta slowly but surely sat back down as well. Inuyasha continued to stand there and waited for anything from the elder to say he was kidding. He didn't see any. Kagome slowly got up and made her way to the door.

"I'll be getting ready for my part, you get ready for yours." She said and went out the door. She ran all the way back to her room, not wanting to hear anything from the room.

"DAMMIT!" Inuyasha bellowed, slamming his fists on the table.

"You cannot let her go through with this! What if she gets hurt!? What if something bad happens and we can't get to her in time!? What if-"

"INUYASHA, SIT DOWN!" InuTaisho ordered, which caused the hanyō captain to fall back into his seat.

"There are a good list of what if's, but if you just waste time by shouting about it then you have wasted time of planning for every little thing that could happen! Plan ahead of time, complain later!" The elder walked out of the room and slammed the door. Inuyasha just sat there, his eyes wide and his jaw slackened. The last time his father had yelled at him like that was when he was mad about Inuyasha being stubborn about his feeling for the same woman.

The Day of Rescue:

The wooden boat slowly glided in the water towards the docks of Kyoto. The guards on duty continued to stare at the boat as it came closer and closer. These guards were not admiring the craftsmen ship of the boat, but they could not take their eyes away from who was in the small boat. As the boat docked, the young woman stepped out of the ship, with help from one of the guards, and stood in front of them. She brushed off the invisible dust from the long skirt of her dress and looked up with her innocent hazel eyes. The guards looked her up and down, practically undressing her with their eyes. They took in her black lacy up boots, which peaked under her dark rouge skirt. Their eyes traveled up the long skirt all the way up to the form fitting black top, which showed a little bit of cleavage, and continued their way up, taking in her raven hair that framed her face, and finally into her sparkling hazel eyes.

"Do you mind helping a lady out and showing me to your Lord?" She asked in a honey voice. The guards quickly scrambled and started showing her the way to her requested house. When they had brought her to the steps of the mansion of the Lord, they bowed to her and left to get back to their posts. By the time they would get there, Inuyasha's ship should have already been docked. Kagome sighed, then put on the winning smile and started to delicately walk up all the stairs. When she reached the top she stopped in the middle of an archway and saw as Naraku and a few other Lords had come out of the house the very moment she stopped, and they were now staring at her. She had her hands clasped in front of her and an innocent look on her face, with a seductiveness in her eyes. The guests were the first to snap out of their attention and bid farewell to Naraku before walking in her direction. She stepped aside and curtsied as all the men passed. She kept her head bowed and her eyes closed until she was sure they all had passed, then straightened up. She looked over to Naraku still staring at her, undressing her with his eyes. She slowly glided over to him and bowed her head.

"Lord Naraku, I have come to turn myself in. It seems… Inuyasha… has…" she didn't get the last part out as she burst into tears and embraced Naraku around the middle. She could feel his muscles tense, but then slowly relax as he wrapped his arms around the petit girl.

"There, there, it'll all be okay. You're safe from that half-breed demon. I'll protect you now." He said in a caring tone. Kagome sniffled a bit.

"You will? You promise?"

"I promise." He said, leading her into the house. He walked her until they were in his office, and he sat her down on the couch. He sat next to her, putting his arm around her waist.

"Do you want to tell me what happened?" Kagome shook her head no.

"It just… I thought he cared about me… but I realized it was a lie, and then I had to think about what other things he lied about and set up just to get me to believe him. I had no where else to go because I know Souta isn't in the country and I didn't want to trouble him…" She whispered, leaning into him.

"Shh… it's alright now. I'll make everything better. I'll call off the search for you, and I'll even get rid of the bounty on your head. I will have my servants set up a room for you here and you can live with me a comfortable life." Naraku informed her. She shot her head up, careful not to hit him, and looked him in the eyes to see if there was any lie to it. When she didn't find any, she broke out into a smile and embraced him.

"Oh, thank you so much! I have done and said such terrible things to you and about you that I don't deserve this! Oh you are too good to me!" She stated before backing out of the embrace and pecking him on the lips. In that moment, something sparked between the two, but different for each. Naraku a jolt of pleasure went through his body, Kagome on the other hand, had a jolt of disgust. She cursed her plan, but Sesshomaru needed help and she would play her part to a tee to get him out of the demon's clutches. They had parted, but stared into each other's eyes. Naraku then crashed his lips upon hers, passionately kissing her, his tongue running on her lower lip asking for entrance. When she didn't respond right away, he brought his hand up to her breast, giving it a firm squeeze, earning a squeak from Kagome, which gave him the opportunity he needed, and plunged into her cavern. Kagome only responded as she knew she just needed to keep him busy for a few minutes longer. She was getting a bit worried as his hand had never left it's occupied area, while the other one fisted in her hair, angling her head so he could deepen the kiss even more. She started to worry even more when she felt as if her energy was draining out of her. It was as if he was draining the life out of her. Then she realized he was, and tried to push him away, but with her now weakened state, she couldn't. She knew she should have seen this coming. She was about to give up hope when a loud explosion sounded somewhere in the house and forced him apart from her. He growled as he was interrupted and looked down to her.

"I thought you said you got away from him?"

"I lied…" she stated weakly, which earned her a slap against the face which went instantly red. His eyes shone with malice as he pulled out a dagger and plunged it downward, aiming for her heart. She did the only thing she could do and rolled over, her right shoulder taking the dagger instead. Kagome gasped in pain.

"Hm… you'll bleed to death anyways…" he huffed and made his way out of his office to face to problem of a very pissed off hanyō and two enraged yōkai. Kagome reached her left hand to the dagger and pulled it out, crying out in pain, throwing the dagger to the floor. She was losing blood and she had lost most of her energy thanks to the bastard known as Naraku. He had used an ancient dark magic, in which the person doing the magic kisses the person they wish and the kiss drains the person of their life force. It is an old ancient forbidden magic, and Naraku is just the person to pull a trick like that. Kagome turned her head slightly and watched as her blood stained the couch and slowly dripped onto the floor.

"Inu…yasha… Sessh…omaru… someone… help me…" she whispered, before her eyes started to droop closed. The last thing she saw was a head of dirty blonde hair rushing over to her with a concerned look adorning his face.

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