A/N: If there are any grammatical or spelling errors in this, I apologize. I didn't have so long to reread it.

While You Slept
By Indigo44

Toph awoke with a start. Appa had made a sharp turn to one side as Sokka steered him. She cursed under her breath; she had been having such a good dream.

Toph readjusted her head in order to fall back asleep, when suddenly she felt something under it. Aang's arm had snaked itself under her, that or she had rolled on top of it at some point during the night. Toph's heart skipped a beat. If she was caught in this position it would look suspicious, and this was that last thing she wanted to be seen doing.

She felt the vibrations coming from his heartbeats and listened to his breathing. He was asleep. She let out a silent sigh of relief. She was about to move away when she heard a little voice in her head say, "What do you think you're doing? This is your chance to get close to him and have no one know! Stay awhile, enjoy it while you can." She smiled at herself, she loved her conscience sometimes.

Toph slowly nuzzled closer to him, careful not to wake him up. She moved her head to rest on his chest. She was so comfortable that she almost fell asleep again, but she couldn't fall back to sleep, she didn't want to be caught in the morning like this. She nuzzled a bit into his chest feeling his muscles. He giggled to herself. "I guess my training's made him toned," she thought to herself. She gave him a small squeeze before relaxing again.

It was becoming extremely difficult to stay awake like this. She didn't want to be caught, but if she were she could try to lie and say that she must have rolled on top of him during her sleep. "Yeah." Toph thought, agreeing with that plan. She had wanted to be in this position with Aang for so long, why did it have to end so soon?

Toph sighed once again, this time in relaxation, and allowed herself to drift off to sleep.

Right when she was about to, however, she felt Aang shift. Toph's eyes shot open. "No, no, no! Please don't wake up!" She screamed in her head. However, Aang wrapped his arm entirely around Toph's body and held her close. She was surprised, and even more so when she heard him laugh slightly.

"Thought I was asleep?" She heard him ask. Toph's heart was beating like mad, what was she supposed to say?

Aang waiting for a response, but when none came after a several seconds he draped his other arm around her and held her even tighter in a hug. "Toph, it's alright. I've actually been wanting to do this with you for a while." With one of his thumbs he gently began rubbing the side of her face.

Toph moaned ever so slightly by his tenderness. She lifted herself slightly so that she was looking down at him with his arms still around her. She placed one of her hands on his face and slowly moved from his forehead, down to his eyes, to his nose, and finally his mouth. She grazed her thumb over his lips. Toph smiled at him and she felt him smile back.

His heartbeats were quicker now, and so were her's. She felt the muscles in his fingers tighten ever so slightly in anticipation. She lowered her head down so far that they were barely a few inches from each other. She felt his breath of her face, and she gave a comforted sigh. Finally, both moving together, their lips connected in their first kiss. Sweetly, softly, and passionately they kissed for who knows how long. Toph no longer cared if the others were watching or not, she was the happiest she could ever remember being.

They broke the kiss and Toph laid her head back down on his chest, his arms still around her. She closed her eyes again, knowing that she would sleep quite soundly that night.

The End