Summary: Through a tragedy, Sam learns that Dean will never leave him, he will always be there to protect him. This story takes place during Folsom Prison Blues, and becomes an AU story.

The inspiration for this story was a dream. I had a dream, and it was a very vivid dream about Sam being attacked in prison. I posted this dream on a couple of the Supernatural Yahoo Groups that I am a member of, and was encouraged by some of my fellow group member to turn it into a story. Thank you guys for that. I was a little intimidated by the thought because I hadn't written since college, so I put the idea on the back burner. The turning point for this story was when I met Sendintheclowns online. I started emailing Sendintheclowns, and she encouraged me to at least give this story a shot.

This story is dedicated to Sendintheclowns who held my hand through this whole process. If it was not for her, this story would not exist. I can not thank her enough.

This story does have a bit of a soundtrack. I listened to Bon Jovi's new album, Lost Highway as I wrote this story. I have quoted lyrics that I really felt described Sam and Dean's relationship at the beginning of each chapter.

The Last Night- by Bon Jovi

These days, its, hard to have a heart

It doesn't matter where you come from, or who you think you are

These days, it's, hard just fitting in

Why does someone have to lose, for someone else to win

We're all looking for forgiveness, and someone we can trust

You can wrap your arms around the world

It all comes down to us

This is the last night, you'll have to be alone

I'll be standing right beside you, you can't make it on your own

So walk with me, please, help me to be strong

I'll be the shoulder you can lean on, when everybody's gone

This is the last night, you'll have to be alone

The Last Night Part 1

Sam was ready to leave Green River County Detention Center. Well and truth was, he still could not believe he let his brother talk him into being arrested. It worried Sam how fast Agent Hendrickson had moved in on them. Plus, prison was a scary place, just as scary as anything Sam could have dreamed up. He just did not feel safe here at all. Like he had told Dean, helping Deacon was not worth dying over. Sam felt they needed to get out soon.

Deacon was a family friend who had saved their Dad while he was a Marine. He was a guard at Green River, and was sure a spirit was wreaking havoc in his prison. Sam was glad they had found out that a Nurse Glockner was probably their spirit, and they just needed to find her grave and do a salt and burn once they escaped. Dean was supposed to get their attorney to find out where Nurse Glockner was buried so they could take care of her once they got out.

Sam was in the yard looking for Dean. They were supposed to start a fake fight, and have Deacon pull them out, and help them escape.

Sam had an uneasy feeling about this plan, because he was afraid after talking to Dean earlier that Dean might not want to leave. He was also not sure how Dean was going to react to some new information that Sam had been able to gather from Randall and some of the old timers. Randall had been the inmate that had told them about Nurse Glockner, and he had stopped Sam to tell him about a rumor going around involving a ghost.

Sam spotted Dean coming through the gate to the exercise yard. Dean had just had a meeting with their lawyer, Mara Daniels. Sam really hoped she had come through for them on the information they needed on Nurse Glockner.

"Hey Dean, did she go for it?" asked Sam.

"Not so much, no." Dean said, but with a determined look on his face.

"Well Dean, I think things maybe even be more complicated than we first thought! Randall stopped me in the yard with some interesting information." Sam sighed, not looking forward to Dean's thoughts on the matter.

"That's just friggin great, just what we need. Ok, college boy , spill, what else do we have to look forward too?" Dean was vibrating from his frustration as Sam looked at him.

"Well it seems that a few of the old timers here have recently seen a ghost. One, that they recognize as Tyler Benson, who just so happens to be the inmate that killed Nurse Glockner in the old cell block. It seems that Tyler felt that Nurse Glockner was responsible for the death of his younger brother, who was also serving time in Green Rivers. Tyler started a riot in order to get back at Glockner, and the guards that turned a blind eye to her murdering ways. He was killed by a guard shortly after killing Nurse Glockner. " Sam was trying to read his brother, hoping that these new facts would not add to Dean's argument to stay.

"So, Tyler got his revenge, why is he still here? Is he still after Glockner?" Dean chuckled, "Maybe, we should let him take the fugly bitch out!"

"Well, the problem with that is, Tyler has been trying to incite another riot to get back at the guards."

Sam wished that ghosts and their revenge plans were more predictable, it would make their life easier.

"Isn't that just peachy?" Dean exclaimed. Sam could tell by the puzzled look on his brother's face, that Dean was not sold on the whole "spirit inciting a riot idea."

"Well Sam, I guess we stick to the original plan, and just add another salt and burn to our lovely chore list!" Dean huffed out impatiently.

Sam spotted one of the inmates, that he knew as Nate on the other side of the yard watching the guards. Sam knew Nate was one of the leaders, here in the prison. As Sam looked on, he caught Nate's glaze, and sucked in a breath when he thought he saw the man's eyes glow. Sam hoped what he had seen was from the sun glaring down on them, and not a spirit possession. The spirit of Tyler Benson possessing Nate and starting a riot today would not help their cause.

Sam motioned to Dean that Deacon was in position so that they could start their fake fight when the brothers heard grumbling coming from the other side of the yard. A large group of inmates with Nate in the front, were moving their way taking out guards as they moved forward.

"Sam we have to protect Deacon!" Dean yelled as he ran towards Deacon to try to shield him from the approaching crowd.

Sam moved forward and heard Dean shouting to Deacon and his partner to run , and get help. Just as Deacon turned to leave, an inmate grabbed him by the collar. Dean took the man down with a punch. Sam grabbed Deacon's sleeve and yanked him towards the gate. After Sam got Deacon and his partner through the gate, he turned around to see if he could help Dean. Sam could not breathe. A group of three inmates had Dean cornered, and one had a shank held above him.

With one powerful thrust, it went through Dean's chest.

"Dean!" was all Sam could scream, as he ran towards his brother. This could not be happening, not Dean, not now. Sam needed to get to him, if he could just get to Dean, everything would be alright.

Sam lurched forward, and fell to the ground grabbing Dean's body in his arms. There was too much blood, and Dean was so pale.

I need to see if he is breathing, Sam thought, but before he could act on his thought, his world went black.