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Summary: Seto returns to Domino after 5 months to find that Joey is in prison for killing a loved one. All Joeys friends have turned their back on Joey. Seto ony has 1 month to prove Joey's innocence if he can.

Chapter One

He had only been gone for five months and everything has changed. He went away to make some connections for his company and when he left everything was going fine. He was in love with the boy that had captured his heart. Now everything was wrong. The one that he loved was in prison for murder. Everyone had turned against his love and it didn't look good for him. How could things change so fast in only five months?

Seto Kaiba and his brother Mokuba were just coming back from their five month stay in America. Seto went there because he was trying to gain a string foothold in the America's gaming world and it was looking good. After five months of deliberations he and the Game World of America had come up with a deal that would triple his profits in three years time. He was happy but all he wanted to do was get back to his lover Joey Wheeler. They have only been together a year before Seto took off.

Seto wanted to take Joey with him, but Joey declined because his sister was coming to Domino and Joey wanted to spend time with Serenity. Seto knew that Joey didn't have much time with his sister so any time he got with her he took.

Seto had tried to keep in touch with Joey the five months he was gone but sometimes he forgot. He had told Joey three months ago that he didn't know if he could be in touch with him and Joey didn't mind. That is why Seto loved Joey he was always so forgiving. Of course, Joey had a temper and that is what drawn Seto to Joey, his fiery temperament. Their rivalry had become a very passionate romance. Seto was never bored when Joey was around. Joey was also very protective of those he loved and would do anything for those he loved. That is why Seto could not believe what he heard when he retuned to Domino and the only one to greet him was his body guard Roland.

When he saw that Joey was not there Seto knew something was wrong. His heart sank into his chest. He looked at Roland, his body guard knew what he was asking, and he had to tell him the awful news.

"Mister Kaiba, sir this is hard for me to say. Mister Wheeler is in prison. He had been there for the last three months. He is in prison because he has been charged for the murder of his sister. I have made arrangements for you to see him in the morning." Roland said. He saw his employer look at him and he swore he saw rage.

"No way would Joey kill his sister. He loves her. He has been set up because he is my lover. Everyone knows that. Someone is trying to hurt me through him. I won't allow it. Get our people on it now. Joey will be out of that prison by tomorrow morning!" Seto shouted and it echoed in the parking lot.

"Sir, He confessed to it. He never said why but he had pleaded guilty and I have people looking into it, but it doesn't look good. Serenity Wheeler was killed two months ago in the apartment where she was living with her brother. Her death was at 2:34 am. The person who killed her did not break in to the apartment and the only other person in the apartment was Joey. When he was asked about it he said he did it but like I said he never said why." Roland told him what had happen that awful day.

Seto stood there in shock. He even forgot that Mokuba was there until his brother squeezed his hand. He looked down and saw tears in Mokuba's eyes. Serenity was a good friend to Mokuba and now she is dead. How could this happen? It couldn't have been Joey, it just could be. Seto knew that because Joey loved Serenity as much as he loved Mokuba and he could not kill Mokuba. Seto looked at Roland.

"I know Joey did not kill his sister. I will find out what is going on since I have morons working for me. Now I want you to take Mokuba home I have some people to talk too. Have a car meet me at Solomon Mutou's Game Shop in two hours." He said as he walled away as Mokuba shouted his name. He looked back and looked at him and Mokuba ran up and hugged his brother.

"I believe you too, I know you will find out who is responsible for this. I love you big brother." Mokuba then ran back to the limo and got in and it drove him home. Seto's heart ached as he watched the limo take his brother away. He didn't know how anyone could believe Joey killed his sister. He was going to find out answers if it was the last thing he would do.

Joey sat alone in his prison cell because he was considered a threat to the other inmates. He could not believe where he was and how he got here. No one would belived him if he told them, not even Seto and that hurt the most. Everyone else had abandoned him because of what he had done but he had to do it. He tried to explain it to them but they didn't listen. He wished that he could take it all back but he couldn't. He did what he did and now he had to pay the price, his life was going to be taken for the death of his sister. His sentence was in one month. That all the time he had in the world and now no one would hear his story. He had failed, he was a failure and now more then his life hanged in the balance.

Tears ran down his face as he thought of her. How could Joey do this? He loved her and now she was gone. He and Joey did fight about them going out but he proved himself to Joey. He and Serenity were made for each other. He knew that he would marry her, but now that dream was gone and he didn't know why. He could go and ask Joey why he did this but what would that do? He looked at her picture and sobbed, how could Joey take away his love. Duke Devlin was a broken man as lay on his bed trying to get over the love of his life.

In the dark, someone laid and shivered. Why has this happen and would, they get out. What was going to happen? The door opened and the person is dragged out of that room and dragged into another. The person had no memory, no idea what was going on and no hope.

A man laughed as he watched his plan break up so many lives and he would never be caught because he made sure there would no trace that would lead back to him. He just had to stand back and watch the ones he wanted revenge on lives go to shambles. He got up and left the room and placed his bandana back on. He had to go and make sure that his 'wife' was doing well.

At lot has happen in the last two months. A murder, a confession, and a community of friends lost in the chaos and now mystery man. What is role in this and what is going to happen next? The only way you will now is to stay tune for the next installment of GULITY?

Next Chapter: Seto talks to Joey's friends and visits Joey himself but it doesn't go well. The mystery man tries to help his 'wife' remember him and the mystery person is revealed.

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