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Chapter Three

Seto was in his office going through last week's finances when Roland walked in with a package. Seto had paid top dollar to get Serenity's autopsy report. He knew that Serenity was alive. He didn't know how he knew it, but he knew that Joey did not kill his sister. He just needed a place to start and he hoped that he was looking in the right direction. Seto knew because Joey pleaded guilty he would be sentence by a judge and not a jury, this meant that evidence wasn't used.

Seto had bribed the coroner for the report, which wasn't hard to do because the coroner had gambling debts that had to be paid. Once Seto had, the report he would hoped it would help free Joey from prison. Seto open the report and read it thoroughly so he didn't want to miss any details. He read the report repeatedly and he found what he needed. He knew it was not enough to release Joey from prison but it was a start.

Claire had wakened up again and she noticed that Keith was out again. He didn't seem to be there much and she didn't mind that. She knew that he wasn't telling her everything about herself so she couldn't believe him. Claire knew that the girl she saw in the mirror was not her. Her reflection was that of a stranger. She didn't know how she knew that she just did. She remembered someone from the dream she had that night. It was man, the one she loved. He smiled at her and told her to come home, but where was home.

She got up and walked around the small home. Nothing remaindered her of who she was. There were no pictures of her at all; there were no pictures period. That seemed odd to her. Claire saw the clock and noticed it was one o'clock in the after noon. Something told her that she had to meet someone from lunch. She always met him for lunch. She didn't know why but she got up and started to leave but Keith was coming in.

"Where were you going?" He asked.

"I believe I was going to meet you for lunch. Don't we always have lunch about this time?" She asked. She felt fear as she felt his gaze on her.

"Yes, but we have it here, so tell me where were you going Claire?" He asked again.

"I told you I thought we were going out for lunch. I am sorry Keith, but I am having a hard time remembering. I will ask you next time." She told him as she left the room. She felt defeated. Keith watched her walk away. He knew that if he didn't get her under control the plan he and his boss worked so hard on would be in shambles and he would be to blame.

Keith followed Claire back inside and when he did he grabbed her arm and turned her around. "Listen to me, your brother and his friends are looking for you and if they find you they will hurt you. You need to stay here to remain safe. I can't lose you Claire." He then kissed her hard on the mouth and he left the house again.

Claire knew something wasn't right and when he kissed her, she knew that she had to get out of there. The only thing is that she didn't know where to go. There was also doubt in her head because what is Keith was right and her brother and his friends were after her. She was confessed but she knew that she couldn't rely on anyone because she couldn't trust anyone but herself and that was something else she was beginning to doubt.

Joey had received another letter. He read it and tears ran down his face. He hated the person behind the letters. He wished that he could just tell everyone the truth so he could stick it to his tormentor. He hated what has happen to his life and the lives of those he loved and cared for. Joey was lost in thought when the guard told him he had another visitor.

"I told you that I don't want to see anyone else." Joey said in a whisper.

"Well to bad, your visitor wants to see you. Now get ready you know the drill." The guard said. He opened the cell door and got Joey ready to see his visitor. He didn't like Joey, in fact the guard hated Joey because he had a daughter that was Joey's sister age. He made sure to tell Joey that he soon would die for murder of his sister. The guard had Joey ready and led him to a secure room so he could visit his guest.

Joey's eyes went wide when he saw who was there to visit him. The man just smiled. He gestured for Joey to sit down. The guard led Joey to a chair and secured him to the chair then the guard left the room.

"I know you are wondering why I visiting you, well it has to do with why you are here. I know that you didn't kill your sister and you know that as well. I also know that you have been getting letters telling you all about her new life. I just wanted you to know that with one little favor to me I can have you out of here and back with your sister and the murder convection will be off your record what do you say to that." He just smiled as he played with his hair.

"How do you know about Serenity and the letters Si…?"

"Let's not use names here, lets just say I orchestrated all of this and I can make it all go away. All you need to do is talk to your precious Seto and ask him to give up 51 percent of his company and you will be free and back with your sister. You don't have to be here or die for a crime you didn't commit. What do you say?" He asked Joey.

Joey stared at him. Did he really think that Joey would just help him take over Seto's company? Yes, Joey wanted out of prison and he wanted to be with Serenity, but he would not sell Seto out. He would just have to live with the life he had, a life that would be over soon.

"Listen to me you freak, I will not help you at all. I don't care if I do die at least I'll know that Seto's company will be safe. You can take your deal and shove it up your ass." After that Joey singled to the guard, he was done and he was taken back to his cell. His visitor left but he would be back soon. He knew that Joey would soon cave in he just had to ump the antae and he would have Kaiba Corp.

Joey wanted to contact Seto but he couldn't allow anyone else he loved to be hurt. His knew his sister was out there but had no idea where. Joey was between a rock and a hard place and just wondered which one would be the first to crush him and what was left of his world.

Across town, Seto was developing a plan to save his love and prove that he is innocence and that Serenity was still alive. He still had no idea how to do that and he was now realizing that he would need help. He was Seto Kaiba and he never needed help but this was something that he could not do alone. The limo stopped and he was in front of the Kame Shop again. He hoped that Joey's old friends could help him for Joey and Serenity's sake. He opened the door and walked in sat down. He waited for the others to get there. He just hoped they would help; he needed them as well as Joey. He hoped that they would listen. He just watched the clock and waited.

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Next Chapter: Seto shows the others what he had found, some believe him, some don't, Joey visitor comes back, Claire worries that someone in her old life needs her and Keith decides that he and Claire need to move out of Domino before her memory returns.

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