Chapter 1

wonder if this has happened to my friends. I don't think so but who knows anymore. But hay I guess that's life. I guess when I was little and my grandpa molested me I guess that was norm-…well I guess not. I guess that doesn't happen to everybody. And I guess not everybody was beaten by there dad. But hay I guess that's life.

My name is Aubrey-August Sofia Davis I'm 16 and I live in a small town I North Carolina. This is my story. I guess is started when I was born, because as I'm reminded almost every day by my dad, the day I was born he took one look at me and I quote said "I don't want her." And that's where all this started when I was hardly a minute old. He didn't want me. WHY?! Why didn't he want me?

From there it only got worst. As I got older I guess in his eyes I became more and more of a mistake. And when I was 2 that's where my grandpa came in. he's my grandpa im sup post to trust him but he tried to rape me. But my mom came in. it's a good thing too. And that's one of thoughs memories you try so hard to forget but It just wont leave. I always feel so dirty and I just want that memory to go away. To leave me alone! But nothing ever can.