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"Get in, you stupid bear!"

Kurogane gritted his teeth, trying to stuff the small yellow teddy bear into the already full duffel bag. The bear stared up at him with a sewn-on smile as if to say, 'Haha! You'll never make me go in there!' Kurogane shoved the bear into the bag harder, resulting in the loss of the bear's right arm.

"Damn!" Kurogane held up the one-armed bear and tried to jab the right arm back into place. Unsuccessfuly, of course.

He let out a string of curses as the door to his room opened.

"What happened to Ginryu?"

A pretty girl with long dark hair stood at the doorway, holding a plastic bag. Kurogane stopped jabbing the bear long enough to say, "What do you want, Tomoyo?"

His voice sounded harsh, but Tomoyo just kept on smiling.

"Ginryu's arm came off," she said simply.

"I know that!" Kurogane said sharply. He continued jabbing the bear, trying to ignore Tomoyo who was still looking at him from the doorway.

"I can sew Ginryu's arm back for you, you know," Tomoyo said, her face filled with amusement. "Jabbing the right arm back won't help."

"Whatever." Kurogane hesitated and reluctantly handed Ginryu back to the girl. Tomoyo smiled again.

"Don't worry," she said. "You'll get Ginryu back before you leave."

Kurogane grunted in his way of saying thanks. Tomoyo laid the plastic bag on his bed. "Wear this. We're going out tonight to celebrate your last day here." She walked out of the room, carrying the bear.

As soon as Tomoyo was out of the room, Kurogane peered into the plastic bag. "What the hell are these?"

He reached into the bag and pulled out a pair of black pants, a black jacket, a white shirt, a pair of black working shoes and, to top it all off, a pink tie. "She has gotta be joking!"

He was going to celebrate going to college by wearing a pink tie. How exciting, Kurogane thought glumly as he laid the tie on his bed with his new suit.

That afternoon, Kurogane decided to make the best of his remaining day at Tomoyo's house, where he currently lived. After packing, he began annoying Souma, Tomoyo's (suck-up) best friend.

"Go away, Kurogane!" Souma screamed as he lounged another water balloon at her. Water balloons had been Kurogane's favourite game since he was five, and he still kept a few balloons in his closet for emergencies.

Emergencies such as making Souma suffer.

At six o' clock, everyone was already starting to get ready for the dinner. Kurogane bathed, brushed his teeth, and dressed himself in the clothes Tomoyo had given him, including the pink tie.

Kurogane gelled up his hair, thinking about how much Tomoyo hated it when he did it. The young man was only doing this to spite her.

After creating more spikes in his hair, Kurogane trudged downstairs half-heartedly. "Wow, Kurogane! You look as handsome as your late father!" Tomoyo's mother pinched Kurogane's cheek lovingly. "If only your parents were here to see you! They would be so proud to see their son all grown up!"

Kurogane turned red at this. Tomoyo's mother often made him feel like a child. Tomoyo's father bustled into into the hall they were in, holding keys. "I'll go start up the car," he said happily. After complimenting Kurogane, he flew out of the front door, smiling to himself.

At last, Tomoyo stepped into the hallway, looking very pretty in a flowy red dress. Her eyes widened at the sight of Kurogane. " You look so handsome, Kurogane!" she said, beaming up at him.

Kurogane's face grew hot. "You look… pretty too," he muttered gruffly, not meeting Tomoyo's eyes.

"Where's Souma?" Tomoyo's mother asked, looking at her daughter. Tomoyo shrugged.

"She couldn't come."

Kurogane almost smirked with glee. No Souma, no talks about saving the environment. Souma was a big tree-hugger and Kurogane hated it when she launched into one of her 'Save the environment' speeches.

Kurogane, Tomoyo, and her parents then all piled into the car and drove off to their destination.

Tomoyo's father stopped and parked in front of a fancy-looking restaurant. The restaurant was packed when the party of four walked in. The manager showed them to their seats- a table right beside a window which looked out to a beautiful vast lake. "It's beautiful, isn't it?" Tomoyo whispered to Kurogane.

Kurogane merely grunted.

The four of them placed their orders. Tomoyo and her parents began chatting to one another while Kurogane entertained himself by inspecting the other customers around him. Most of them consisted of families and Kurogane felt a pang in his chest. His eyes wandered towards a table where three people sat.

A tall man was sitting at the table, reading the menu with a slight hostile look on his face. Beside him sat a lovely-looking girl with long fair hair. She was talking animatedly to the boy across her. The boy's blonde hair was messy, and he was a bit on the skinny side.

As if he could feel Kurogane staring, the boy turned his head towards him. Even from afar, Kurogane could see that the boy's eyes were a clear sharp blue.

Damn. Why is he looking at me like that?

The boy smiled at Kurogane- a somewhat mischievous smile. Kurogane glared back and the boy turned around to resume his conversation with the girl.

Feeling bored again, Kurogane inspected the table beside his. A girl was talking excitedly to a man who seemed to be her father. "I can't wait! I can meet new friends… it even has a pool! Don't you think it's amazing, father?"

Her father smiled and nodded. "Amazing," he agreed, "isn't it, Touya?" He turned towards the sulky-looking boy beside him.

"Yeah…" the boy called Touya said sarcastically. "Super."

A waiter approached Kurogane's table table, holding a tray. "Your drinks," he said in a sophisticated voice. The waiter placed Kurogane's drink in front of him.

This is what you call a 'banana smoothie'? The black-haired boy began poking his drink with a straw. The drink was a soft pink colour and smelled suspiciously of strawberries. Kurogane tasted it.

Yup, definitely strawberries.

Another waiter approached their table. This time, he was carrying food. Tomoyo clapped her hands in delight as the waiter placed a big plate in front of her. Kurogane stared at his sushi. It looked quite feeble beside Tomoyo's stuffed crab.

"Ittadakimasu!" Tomoyo cried out, beginning to tuck in. Everybody else followed suit, all except Kurogane. He felt someone watching him and he turned to look. The skinny, blonde boy was staring at him with interest.

Kurogane was just about to glare at him when the boy, to Kurogane's shock, blew him a kiss. Kurogane turned away quickly as red patches began to form on his cheeks.

"Why aren't you eating Kurogane?" Tomoyo asked suddenly. Kurogane peered at her out of the corners of his eyes.

He grunted at her and said, "What do you care, Tomoyo? It's none of your buisiness."

"You look really red. Are you hot? Do you need some fresh air?" Tomoyo seemed concerned. Kurogane hated it when she did that. He felt the blonde boy watching him again.

"You know what?" he said, getting up. "Maybe I do need some fresh air."

The young man walked steadily out of the restaurant. "He must be nervous about tomorrow," he heard Tomoyo's mother say.

Kurogane sunk into one of the benches outside the restaurant and let out a huge sigh. He took off his jacket and loosened his tie. The dark night's sky was cluttered with stars and the moon was shining brightly upon the country of Jaselow.


Kurogane took a deep breath. It was Tomoyo. As usual. He scooted himself to one side of the bench, letting Tomoyo sit beside him. "What do you want?" he said sharply.

Tomoyo stared emotionlessly at him. There was a long pause. Tomoyo was first to break the silence.

"Kurogane…" she trailed off, looking at her lap. Kurogane could see her playing with her fingers. "I…"

"What?" Kurogane was getting impatient.

"I… I…"

"You, what?!"

"I… I… I broke up with Watanuki-kun!" Tears began running down Tomoyo's cheeks and into her lap.

"You came out here to tell me this?" Kurogane sputtered. "Oh, for crying out loud!" He began rambling but stopped when he saw Tomoyo's tear-streaked face. "He wasn't just a boy, huh?" he muttered gruffly.

"Oh, Kurogane!" Tomoyo threw her arms around Kurogane's neck and to the young man's horror, leaned her head against his chest. Not exactly Kurogane's idea of 'fresh air'. Kurogane held his arms stiffly at his sides, not knowing what to do. Tomoyo sobbed harder and harder, damping his shirt.

"Oh, Kurogane!" Tomoyo cried again. "You're so sweet!"

"Sweet?!" Kurogane repeated. "You've gotta be joking!"

"You understand how I feel!" Tomoyo sobbed harder.

"For God's sake! Of course I don't!" Kurogane said. "I've never fallen in love with a boy!"

Tomoyo's sobs ceased and she looked up. "You haven't before?" she asked, surprised.

"Haven't fallen in love with a boy? Well, obviously…"

"No! Not that. I meant that you've never fallen in love before?"

Tomoyo's question stunned Kurogane. What kind of question was that? Why were they talking about that anyway? The black-haired boy turned away, refusing to answer. Tomoyo understood and let the subject drop. "We'd better get back inside," she said in a rather shaky voice.

Kurogane agreed and both of them got up. The young man put his jacket back on and buttoned it, trying to hide the damp stain on his shirt. He then proceede towards the restaurant.


Kurogane stopped and turned around slowly. "Hmmm?"

Tomoyo was smiling. "Thank you," she said.

"Whatever." Kurogane opened the door for the girl and went in after her.

"How are you feeling now?" Tomoyo's mother greeted as the two of them reached the table. Kurogane noticed that she was talking mainly towards her daughter. Tomoyo was smiling again.

"I- we're fine, mother," she replied, turning to Kurogane. "Right, Kurogane?"

Kurogane grunted in reply.

They got home rather late that night. Everyone had gotten drunk and Kurogane was the only one who seemed less drunk than the rest. He fished the car keys out of Tomoyo's father's pocket and drove everyone home.

After making sure Tomoyo's parents were safely inside their room, Kurogane went back to the car to collect Tomoyo.

"Oh, Kurogane…" Tomoyo said sleepily as he carried her upstairs to her room. Kurogane laid her on the bed.

"Oh, Kurogane… Can you tuck me in?"


Kurogane swiftly pulled Tomoyo's blanket up to her chin. He was just about to walk out when-

"Kurogane, can you undress me?"

No. No. No. No! NO!

"I don't think that will be necessary, Tomoyo," Kurogane said in a hard voice. Tomoyo's face settled into a frown.

"Why not?" she slurred. She sat up and began tugging at her dress. It took a while for Kurogane to register what she was doing.

"NO!" Kurogane slapped her hands from her dress and pushed her back down. "Never try to undress in front of me!"

"Why not?" Tomoyo asked again. "Watanuki-kun didn't mind."

Kurogane froze. He stared at the girl with shock. She did not just say that. Tomoyo cocked her head to the side in a confused manner.

"What wrong say I?" she asked. Her eyes drooped heavily. The alcohol must be really getting to her, Kurogane thought.

"Sleep," he said in a stiff voice. He pushed her down (again) and tucked the blanket under Tomoyo's chin. "G'night," the young man said stiffly, and before Tomoyo could say anything more, he walked steadily out of her room, closing the door behind her.


Kurogane woke up to the bright sunlight piercing into his eyes. "Aargh!" he moaned, shielding his eyes and rolling over on his bed. The young man fell to the floor with a thud.

"Damn it!" he hissed, getting up.

The black-haired boy could already hear the bustle going on in the kitchen downstairs.

After a quick shower and throwing on a shirt and a pair of jeans (He's not really fashionable), Kurogane trudged downstairs into the kitchen.

Tomoyo and her family were all seated around the table. Tomoyo's head was in practically in her pancakes, and her mother had her head buried in her arms. Only Tomoyo's father seemed to be wide awake.

"Dreadful hangovers!" he greeted Kurogane, gesturing towards his wife and daughter.

Kurogane nodded once and sat down beside Tomoyo. He poked her on the head with a finger. "Hey, you okay?" he asked gruffly. Tomoyo raised her head to look up sleepily at him.

"No," she groaned, putting her head back into her pancakes.

After getting Tomoyo's face clean from strawberry syrup, everyone piled into the car, with Tomoyo's father at the steering wheel. Kurogane's luggage was safely piled up in the trunk of the car.

They finally reached the airport at a quarter to ten. Tomoyo's father helped Kurogane place his luggage onto a luggage cart.

At last, they reached the place where Kurogane was supposed to be. A crowd of older teenagers bustled around, saying goodbye to their families. A few of Kurogane's high school friends greeted him with big smiles.

We'll see you at Tsubasa!" one of his friends called. Kurogane managed a grim smile in return.

Tomoyo's father placed a hand on the young man's shoulder. "Well, this is it," he said, smiling sadly. "The time for you to finally step out of this small world and become a man."

"We'll miss you," Tomoyo's mother said, coming up to them. She tripped on her feet, but Kurogane managed to catch her. The woman laughed nervously and hugged Kurogane's waist (He was a very, very tall guy). The young man patted her gingerly on the back.

Tomoyo stood on her toes to kiss Kurogane on the cheek. "Gambatte kudasai," she said in a rather sad tone. "Good luck."

Tomoyo shoved a parcel into Kurogane's arms. "I've repaired Ginryu for you," she whispered.

Finally, the plane to Tsubasa arrived. After grunting goodbyes to Tomoyo and her parents, Kurogane boarded the plane.

He sat next to a nervous-looking teenager who looked like he was going to pee in his pants. The teenager smiled nervously at him. Kurogane sighed and leaned back into his seat.

This was gonna be a long ride.

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