My Halloween contribution for the year 2007! As well as the first chaptered fic I've done in at least three years.

My best friend and I had a conversation awhile ago, discussing a certain pairing. It was full of laughs at first, but something has gotten me interested in it. Keep in mind, this fic you're about to read is merely for laughs. The pairing should be pretty obvious to pick up and if it's not…then damn am I good (or not, I could care less right now).

I wrote this fic under the influence of songs like "Into the Night" by Santana (err…Chad Kroeger), "We Danced Anyway" by Deana Carter, "Thank You Baby!", "Forever and For Always", and "When You Kiss Me" by Shania Twain. That's key, folks. (no it's not)

Love and Halloween Don't Mix

The hall was crowded, hot, and humid; the cold, wet air outside did not help the humidity levels in the least. The music was not necessarily loud, but strange—the this-is-too-fancy-to-be-a-rocking-party kind of strange. Everyone danced in their own, unique styles, and that would have been nice if it were not for the fact that the general scene made everyone look like they were part of a circus…actually, that would not have been as bad as everyone already physically looked like they were part of some kind of circus. So many strangers so close to each other; that was the fool-proof recipe for an uncomfortable atmosphere.

So why was Phoenix here? He could have been at home, being interrupted from his television every quarter of an hour to answer the door to find either a bunch of goblins, ninjas, ghosts, and hobos (if he was lucky, sometimes a real one). After pretending to be scared and/or being threatened to hand over the bowl of sugary snacks, he would retreat back to his sofa and wait for the next group to show up, or, he would try to ignore the endless ringing of the doorbell and pray that the neighbourhood delinquents would refrain from egg-bombing the building. Again.

Instead, he was here at a masquerade party, clothed entirely in a green frog suit. He could barely see out of the holes in the head which were supposed to be eyes of some sort. He squinted, trying to see through the people in hopes of finding Maya, whom of which decided to run off; Phoenix was betting that she went on a quest to devour the refreshment table, wherever she was. He could already hear the blood-curdling cries of a few hundred potato chips in the vicinity. How had he gotten here again?

"Come on, Nick, it'll be fun!" Maya begged, tugging on his arm.

"But I've got--" he started to argue.

"Worry about it after!" demanded the young spirit medium.

"…I don't even have anything to wear besides an old frog costume," he answered, paused when he saw the ecstatic look on her face, and then groaned in defeat.

Right. Phoenix stepped carefully between the people—not knowing who was who also made the place uncomfortable—he was particularly afraid of someone pulling out a knife and stabbing him because he stepped on their dance partner's foot. He tried to keep a search out for Maya…what was she even wearing?

Phoenix buried his face in his hands, pondering how much of a mess this would be as Maya said, "I'm going to go as….."

He now realized that that was most definitely a bad time to have divided his attention. He was sure she said something about her dressing as some movie character, and somehow he was sure it was going to have something to do with a samurai. He was sure he would find her; she and her behaviours were eccentric enough that he would know her anywhere.

However, Phoenix was somewhere in the middle of the room when something a little…interesting happened…

And that's the first chapter, folks. It's short, yes, but it's only the introduction, so what do you do? Hopefully it's enough to entice the readers (I'm trying too hard).

Alright. I'll be posting the second chapter…soon. Within the next week at least as my goal is to have this all done by Halloween night.

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