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The two pairs of eyes locked on each other again as the two figures met on the dance floor. Phoenix smiled, and then nervously opened his mouth to speak. Not a word managed to escape him though, as his favourite dance partner snatched his wrist and spun him around with as much liveliness as had been done before, and before he knew it they were both back in full swing with one another. Though he wished he could have been the one leading instead (why did it always have to be him being controlled?), he followed every command from their body movements obediently.

Keeping eye contact, Phoenix could hear the musical dynamics rise and the tempo increased as he started stumbling to keep up with his lovely's ever-growing complicated footsteps. He was fortunate, though, that every time he felt as though he were to trip, her hand on his waist was right there to either guide him along or be ready to catch him if he were to fall.

Maya was lost, entirely in awe of the sight before her. Honestly, she had not thought that Phoenix had lied at all, but she knew he would have exaggerated some areas—he was known to do that with lame stories sometimes, or so she figured. She could not help but look around at some of the people around her and then back at Phoenix and his 'buddy' in the giant hall and slightly tilt her head to the side.

"Nick…?" she mumbled, watching, and still trying to remember where she had seen this 'mysterious woman' before.

Phoenix smiled again, and, determined to find out who the lovely lady was, he gripped her hand tighter—and what a rather large hand it was! He was in the middle of trying to push it along so as to gain what he felt was his proper position of 'leader' when he saw the other pair of eyes turn fiery; she twirled him fiercely around again, and throwing both arms around his waist, his body roughly collided into hers. There was a split second where they stared at each other, Phoenix with a more confused and shocked expression than he would have liked, and his partner's a delighted (and quite seductive) one.

As if Phoenix's eyes could not have grown any wider at that moment, they widened more as she raised a suspicious eyebrow, and slightly pushed him away. She brought him close again, though with a bit more personal space—which had not bothered Phoenix in the least as he was sure that this lady's chest was…a bit more flat than it should have been. Not that he was looking (or feeling, for that matter), but somewhere something had felt a little…odd about her body.

He stole a glance at Maya, who blinked confusedly at him. He was expecting her to be doing something more along the lines of cupping her hands around her mouth and yelling to him, "You can do it, Nick!" or cheering him on in some other strange way, but she was not.

So, probably now would have been about the time for Phoenix to start worrying, but the thing was that he was too entranced by this new lover of his—was it even safe to call her that?

The woman in question then squeezed him closer again, and as she did so, a little white flower was seen falling from her costume. As it hit the floor, the answer Maya had been looking for finally came to her and she clapped her hands to her mouth, unsure of whether she should start laughing or screaming.

"Niiiiicckkk!" she hissed, as though hoping he would somehow hear her.

The next few moments for Phoenix were a bit of a blur, but went something along the lines of this: despite the strange body shape for this young lady, he allowed his own arms to wrap around her and, stepping in a way that felt ever-so-much like that cute couple from Dirty Dancing (though Phoenix was sure they looked nothing like those folks from the movie), they both came to a very dramatic halt in the middle of the room, arms and legs wrapped around each other in some way (it would not be wise to ask about it, really).

Staring intensely into each other's eyes, they both simultaneously freed a hand, running it up along the side of each other's body and to the face where they hesitated. They then allowed the other to remove each other's masks…

Phoenix froze; Maya choked; Phoenix's dance partner…

"M-M-M…" Phoenix could barely get the name out, he was tripping over his own words, "Max Galactica?!"

"H-hey! You're that lawyer!!" an even more surprised Max spat back at him, looked around, and then quickly gave Phoenix a rough shove away from him. He fussily straightened out his costume and Phoenix was sure he saw a shudder course through him as he did so. Phoenix blinked, hot with embarrassment, and took a couple of steps backward. He was about to turn around and run back to Maya when a hand grabbed his wrist; he followed the grip, turning to face Max again, who shifted his eyes in a scheming way.

"You know…if you put the frog thing back on, we could make this good…" he muttered.

"What?! N-no! What…wait, what do you mean?" and Max leaned in to whisper possible suggestions, seeing as how they were already the centre of attention and had already pushing the boundaries of PG-13-rated dancing. Phoenix's eyes widened at the incredulous prospect and he backed away, screaming again, "WHAT?! No way!" However, Max kept a firm grip on him, grabbing the other wrist and holding him still to speak to him face-to-face.

"Sweetie, you're not making this any easier…come on, I can show you a couple of magic tricks if you'd like," he added a wink to sweeten the deal; Phoenix turned ghostly pale, and then stopped breathing when Maya leaped into the conversation.

"Magic tricks?! Can I see, I want to see what kind of tricks you can do, Max!" she ecstatically hopped about on the tips of her toes, apparently ignoring the fact that Phoenix was just in a 'romantic situation' with him only a minute ago. Max almost fell backwards himself this time, sputtering incoherent phrases while Phoenix buried his face in his hands.

"Maya…noooooo!" Phoenix groaned, and Maya raised an eyebrow suspiciously at the two of them. Before she could say anything else, Max embarrassingly hung his head low and stalked off, dismissively waving at the two of them.

"J-just nevermind, my sweeties! It's too complicated! Go have a nice night, I have to go back anyway!"

Maya began to groan and Phoenix grabbed her arm, head still hanging low.

"L-let's just get out of here, okay, Maya?" he asked, and she reluctantly agreed.

The End.

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