Warning to all readers! If you don't like heartbroken tales or plots of jealousy, then don't read!

And My OC will make an appearance, don't like don't read

I remember that day, when three of us drove the mist away. And I found myself in love with Noa, but came the day when she left without saying goodbye. I wanted to look for her and tell her I love her but my family wanted me to be married to Mei, thought I care her like a sister. It's just not enough. On that wedding day, I ran from it and just kept running till drake castle. I saw Mei's look, she was heartbroken and hateful. But my journey for her must continue unabated. "Noa, where are you?"

I cried at the Genesis tree, "Why did Vahn! Why!" as leaves slowly fall to ground. I remember! "Noa! You harlot! You took Vahn away from me! I curse you till death!"

Then I saw something on the ground, it was a seru, a jet black one with two fangs on the front and wings on the black with two matching emerald eyes. A cold smile crept upon my face

I remember his indigo hair and gleaming cerulean eyes, he was caring and strong. I wish he was here, I love him and only him. I saw a handsome young blond with spiky hair pulled back and the same cerulean eyes of Vahn, who said he was the former prince of Sol and he also practice Biron's fighting style! Yet I don't love him. When I said no to him, he was surprised and shocked but I can see hate and jealousy from his eyes. He asked " do you love another man?". When I said yes he asked again "Is it Vahn, the savior of Legaia?" and I nodded, I could see tears streaming down his cheeks and he laughed and a frightening one. Even cort started crying in my arms! He said "Noa I know your past! We were meant for each other, don't you see! You were arranged to marry me! And I truly love you for you suffered a lot and still helped others! Please Noa, if he loved you why didn't he marry you once the mist is gone! He couldn't said anything else since I gave a resounding kick in his waist, he did a somersault to stop from falling off the edge, at least he's right about his Biron fighting style and decided he was no longer welcome and turned around but I chased him first and asked "what's your name?" and he said his name with a sob "Arthur, Prince Arthur of Sol" and disappeared

I ran from the garden with a heart full of hate and jealousy towards Vahn but I still love Noa, no matter what. I knew I'm not strong enough to defeat Vahn but I know a way to become stronger and defeat him. I walked to hidden forest neat the garden and found a small genesis tree but unlike the others, it was corrupted and dying. I touched the trunk and pulled a bone white seru with the shape of a blade with rune markings and it spoke to me " Human? What do you want human!" I replied, I know what you are Ra-seru"

And it replied with a hint of surprise "ho! You are very well informed but I know from just touching you that you're no the prince you claim to be, isn't that right. Genesis tree."

And I smiled " you are a true Ra-seru and your right I am a genesis tree"

Didn't see that coming did ya!

Here how it goes, Arthur was birthed in Sol's Genesis tree and try to guess how he was birthed there but not anywhere else, come on guess but if you can't it'll be revealed next chap. Bye!