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Sighing, the blonde looked up at the building looming over her. Taking another deep breath, she slowly walked toward the automatic sliding doors. As the doors slid open, she hesitated and looked back, not wanting to leave the world of busy, bustling streets that she was comfortable with. She wanted to be anywhere else at the moment, but she knew she had a duty to do. After all, she is Layla Hamilton and Layla Hamilton never backs down and runs away from any challenge, no matter how difficult it is to overcome.

Not hesitating another second longer, Layla stepped through the doors and quickly found the information desk. Two high school volunteers were softly talking to each other as they waited for their shift to be over. Layla elegantly walked over to the desk and coughed slightly to get their attention.

"Excuse me, but I would like to know how to get to room 394."

The two volunteers, realizing whom they were in the presence of stood there frozen, mouths slightly open and eyes wide open from shock.

Layla, already used to the various reactions people gave as soon as they saw her, stood there patiently until the female volunteer snapped out of her trance. Blinking a few times, the girl asked, while trying to be as professional as she could, "Um, ex-excuse me, c-could you please repeat the question again?"

"How do I get to room 394?"

"Oh just take the elevators right over there and take it to the third floor," said the volunteer as she pointed to the elevators to the right.

"Thank you very much."

Layla was just about to walk towards the elevators until the male volunteer blurted out, "Can I have your autograph?"

Both Layla and the female volunteer looked at him incredulously as the boy stood there blushing beet red. Quickly slapping him in the back of the head, the female volunteer laughed slightly. "Eh heh heh, just ignore him, he's new…"

Layla shook her head gently and chuckled, while taking out a pen and writing down her signature on a piece of paper. "Here, and thank you for the help."

The blonde slowly walked toward the elevators, and heard the boy exclaim, "Oh man, she is just so HOT," and the girl mutter, "Boys," just before the elevator doors closed.

Layla Hamilton always hated hospitals.

Practically growing up with visits to the hospital everyday, she was no stranger to the sad atmosphere constantly present in the building. Ever since she was a child, the hospital had always felt this way, cold, somber and hopeless. In fact, Layla reasoned, the hospital barely changed at all from the time when she was a crybaby visiting her mother.

The walls were still stark white, although if one looked very carefully, they would see the paint wearing down into a light brown from the time. There were still many nurses and doctors, either rushing around to their next patient or busily clacking on the keyboards setting up appointments. And there were still countless people sitting in the waiting room, each wearing a tired and hopeless expression on their face; expressions that Layla remembered her father wearing as he sat by her mother's bedside day in and day out.

Stop that. I shouldn't be thinking about that now.

Layla slightly shook her head to shake herself of her thoughts and preceded to find something to take her mind off of memories she really didn't want to think about at that moment. While absentmindedly glancing at the many flu shot posters and health care advertisements, the elevator finally slowed to a stop and with a light 'ding' the elevator doors slid open.

Layla quickly stepped out and immediately found the sign that pointed her towards her destination.

Heart thumping, Layla walked slowly down the hallway, maintaining as much elegant poise as she could. As she passed by the various room numbers, Layla found the hallways growing blurrier by each step and the closer she got to her destination, the more short of breath she became.

Finally the seemingly endless hallway came to a close as Layla stood in front of her destination, room 394. Reaching out to grab the doorknob, Layla immediately jerked back her hand from it as if it burned.

Stay focused Layla. Just do it. Stop relating back to the past.

Clenching and unclenching her hands, Layla took one last deep breath and turned the handle without a second thought.

Layla never did have trouble with words. She was confident and had enough self-esteem to breeze through whatever interview, speeches, and conferences the public required her to do. She was assertive and never was intimidated by the stubborn and ignorant paparazzi.

But why was it, in a cramped room, filled with familiar faces, that all Layla found she could whisper at that moment was "Sora."

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