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09 - Ember Island's Theather

By: MrJensen, alias Last Butterfly

Toph shifted in her seat. The others all went to either the bathrooms or to get food or something else… while she groaned and said that she'd just take care of their seats so that nobody would try to sit there. She didn't know it's going to be a bad idea…

As she was just sitting there she closed her eyes, letting her bending vision look for anything suspicious… or at least interesting or something. But as nothing seemed to be out of place, she just turned her attention to see what the others were doing.

She felt Zuko pacing around, apparently waiting for Katara, who was still in the bathroom… she found it a bit strange though, but whatever… she knew that he always kept an eye on her to make sure she's ok. Especially since she's in her Fire Nation disguise... Toph smirked. Oh yes, she did not involve anyone, but she knew that the prince showed a slight change since that, which others might have not even realized… but she had better 'eyes' for this kind of thing than them.

Sokka, Suki and Aang finally got to the end of the line and now she felt them turning in their places and coming back.

She sighed. Ok, three out of five is coming. So now there's only…

When she listened to the other two of their group who was missing her eyes went wide. She expected to find the two of them together now… but… not… like this!

The two benders indeed stood beside each other, but instead of her stepping out to the corridor – as she thought and now rather wished for – it was him who walked in after her. And now they were in a rather small place… two pairs of arms embracing the other while their fierce movements made them almost look as one…

She pulled her feet up to the edge of her seating while hugging her knees, but as it turned out this damned theater's wooden seats were simply placed upon the stone stairs, and her bending showed only a slightly fuzzy image of everything she probably did not want to see.

She felt as two other figures walked towards the ladies bathroom, but hardly did they open the door their chat stopped then they let the door close rather quickly before hurrying away with their hands before their lips…

Then she saw as one of Katara's hands slammed to the wall, with her head tilted backwards… she even saw as Zuko's figure leaned towards her neck while they did not stop moving, and definitely didn't even plan to do so…

Gods…Toph leaned her forehead upon her knees as her face turned red. It didn't help either when in the next moment the cheerful voice of Sokka rang in her ears. "Hey Toph, we're back!"

She swallowed as she lifted her head, only to cover her still coloured cheeks. While he and Suki slumped down to the seats behind her, Aang sat down to his original place beside her in the meantime he was poising two big packs of popcorns in his hands. "Here…" he said with his mouth already stuffed with it. "Popcorn."

The blind girl held it for a moment before making a pout while putting it down beside her. "For some reason… I don't feel like it anymore…"

Aang looked at her with a raised brow and even Sokka leaned forward while he asked. "Really? But you were hungry on the first place…"

Toph turned to the side as she shut her eyes. Now the water tribe boy spoke out. "Are you all right?" She shrugged while not turning back, but Sokka leaned towards her other side then said. "You turned all red…"

"Well I…" She shifted in her place again as her bending could not just stop. She had accidentally seen this and that before in her life… when her parents had their alone time for example… but she always had a bed to sit on and she could get rid of these scenes… but damn! This time she didn't have that escape. "I… don't exactly feel too good… no…"

When Suki leaned forward though, her question did not ease her at all. "Would you want me to go to the bathroom with you?"

"No! Just not the bathroom!" She jerked in her seat then as she gained some weird looks, she made a cough and answered lowly. "I… mean there's no need for that! I'll be ok…" For a while the others were still looking at her and she made a weakened smile. "Really…"

She remained sitting the way she did, leaning her chin on her knees and while her cheeks really slowly returned to their normal colour the others had a low conversation, not to bug her… Still - when the two lovers' final moves ended with one last, eager kiss – she let out a deep breath, rubbing her forehead.

Right in that moment the lamps were turned off, and the crowd slowly turned their voices lower when Aang complained. "Where are Katara and Zuko?"

"Yeah…" Sokka frowned too while looking around. "Toph, can you see them?"

The edge of the blind bender's lips twitched because now that it was over the whole situation became rather funny. "They are on their way now…"

And indeed it didn't take long for them to return to their seats, they murmured some apologies as they passed before Aang, Zuko sitting beside Toph and Katara between him and the avatar.

Sokka leaned forward, asking his sister directly. "What took you so long?"

Katara let out a huff before looking back at him. "First: there was a long line." She said on a louder voice and as someone around them made a shushing sound, she went on a bit lower. "And second… when I finally got to the end of it, there was this girl who tripped just behind me, and managed to rip my dress…" She pointed at her upper clothing, which had a knot just below her right shoulder unlike before. "I tried to tie it myself but I've just made it worse and then…" As she got quicker, her voice became louder again gaining another shush from the side, and for a moment she glared at the voice's owner before saying the last. "So I had to ask Zuko to help me out."

The prince slightly tensed in his place as he heard his name, and especially as he heard the blind bender murmur beside him. But Sokka only raised an eyebrow before asking again. "And why couldn't you ask someone else?"

"I am Not going to ask a total stranger when we're trying not to bring attention upon ourselves!"

"But why were you late?"

Katara's hands found her hips as she scowled up at her brother. "Geez Sokka, I couldn't drag him in the lady's restroom while others were in there! Don't you ever use your head?" She said rather loudly, but she snapped her head towards the previous shushing person, who sank back in his seat before she whispered. "Now could I watch the play without you asking stupid questions? Thank you!" She turned back, facing the stage and couldn't help making a satisfied smile as she crossed her arms before her chest. Because Sokka only heaved a sigh, and didn't say a word as he leaned backwards in his chair.

As Zuko and the waterbender glanced at each other, even his lips curled up into a small smirk. His shoulders relaxed as he finally turned to see the play too.

In all the silence, Toph did not even look towards them, but she finally made a pout and as the prince sat comfortably beside her, she pulled on his sleeve once.

The scarred bender looked at her with a raised brow when she waved with her fingers – signing him to come closer. He leaned a bit towards her, but she only waved again, still not even turning towards him.

When he got close enough, Toph suddenly grabbed in his shirt, yanking him to her eyelevel before speaking through gritted teeth. "Next time before you 'help her' make sure No One can See you!"

Zuko's good eye rounded. "Oh no…"

The blind girl's angered frown turned into a smirk, hearing his voice, and she finally picked up her food too. "Oh yes. Since my feet got burned I can see Much better…" She chewed on a piece of popcorn with a wide grin as the prince seemingly flushed while he sank in his seat. "The two of you will have to be Really nice to me after all of this…"

Katara looked at Zuko, whose ears had a crimson colour, and when he glanced up at her and swallowed loudly she raised an eyebrow shifting her gaze to the person beside him…

When Toph made a wave with a wide grin, the waterbender paled. She leaned backwards and tried to become smaller while sinking in her place too. Oh no, no… she's going to tell… she'll warn Sokka… he's going to kill Zuko… and oh gods, what will dad say?

Before her thoughts could have driven her to despair she felt something – a slight squeeze upon her hand which rested between herself and the prince. She didn't dare to look at him now, but she let him hold her hand.

Their fingers intertwined upon the wooden seating, and Toph turned her head to the side, hiding that her smirk turned into something softer. Ok, maybe they'll have to be nicer…She thought picking up a handful of corns. But only from tomorrow…

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