A/N: With the obviousness that the Naruto manga is approaching its climatic finale this idea popped into my head. I'm not going to elaborate, and let the Prologue speak for itself. I doubt this will be a long fic and hopefully it will turn out like I'm imagining it will. Well enjoy!

'normal thinking' (Also for Zetsu's white half)

"normal speech" (Also for Zetsu's white half)

'Biju thinking' (Also for Zetsu's black half)

"Biju speech" (Also for Zetsu's black half)


Last of the Jinchuuriki

By: Frace

Prologue: Alone

It all started with the not so happy ending to the mission that Teams 7 and 8 set out on to locate Uchiha Itachi. When it finally seemed that they had caught up with the murderer of the Uchiha clan, they were met with disappointment. All that the group of Konoha-nin managed to find was a hidden Uchiha compound, whose innermost sanctum was coated from floor to ceiling with blood, with a large, dried pool of the life-giving substance in the center. It was impossible to distinguish if the blood was that of the elder or younger Uchiha, but if the presence of the mutilated corpses of three unknown ninja that they initially found outside the compound was any indication, it was more than likely the latter, much to the chagrin of those present. From that point, the trail went about as dead as Hidan should've been after what Shikamaru did to him, so with much reluctance, the eight Konoha-nin made a beeline for home, not expecting in the slightest what awaited them.

About twenty kilometers away from the village, Kiba and Naruto picked up the scent of smoke, and from an extremely large fire at that. Everyone immediately stepped into high gear, with the blonde Jinchuuriki leading the way. It was about one hour later when Konoha came into view, only to the horror of the ninja speeding their way through the forest, to see large plums of pitch black smoke rising into the air. As they decreased the distance between them and the flaming village only one thought was on everyone's mind, 'AKATSUKI!!'

Moments later when they landed just outside the gates of the once glorious village, they froze in awe of the destruction. From where they stood, the whole village seemed to dance beautifully, yet tragically as the flames blazed. Where the glorious Hokage Monument once was were now shattered heads of the former village leaders with Yondaime and Godaime's heads being completely destroyed. Then the eight shinobi spotted the six figures in the midnight black cloaks adorned with crimson red clouds surrounded by the corpses of Teams Gai and 10, the two remaining Sannin, Jiraiya and Tsunade, and even… Sasuke?!

"My otouto has grown," began the last of the Uchiha coldly, "but it appears that he lacked the hatred required to deal the finishing blow." That's when the eight remaining Konoha-nin realized that the left sleeve of Itachi's cloak was gone, along with his arm.

Instantly, an enormous pulse of killing intent and demonic chakra burst from the enraged Uzumaki as hot tears poured from his now crimson, slitted eyes. His spiky blonde hair grew unruly as his whisker marks lengthened and thickened while the rest of his facial features grew extremely feral. In a voice that was half his own and half the Kyuubi's he cried, "YOU BASTARDS!!! YOU'RE GONNA PAY FOR THIS!!! FIRST GAARA, NOW ALL OF KONOHA?!"

"Calm down, Naruto!" the cycloptic nin shouted at his former student. "There's no way we can take on six Akatsuki at once; it would be best if we-"

"Retreat?" a spiky, auburn haired man with an extreme amount of piercings all over his face finished. "It's highly unlikely you will be able to do so, for we need Uzumaki Naruto to fulfill our goals. As for the rest of you," he stared at the eight opposing shinobi with his extremely unusual grey eyes, "You are expendable; is that not correct, Madara-san?"

A man about Naruto's height who wore an orange spiral mask with only a hole for his right eye to see through stepped up and said emotionlessly, "Hai, though the destruction of Konohagakure may cause us some minor setbacks." The odd man then paused before saying, "It is unfortunate though, that one of the three great Doujutsu Kekkei Genkai will soon cease to exist."

With nothing else said, four of the Akatsuki charged, while Zetsu disappeared into the ground and Madara remained motionless. Pein went immediately for the blonde Jinchuuriki who was beginning to form the second of the Kyuubi's chakra tails, while the blue haired female turned into countless paper origami butterflies as she neared Kiba, while the injured Uchiha and large shark man went after Kakashi and Yamato.

Before he even realized it, Naruto lost consciousness after Pein slammed a seal hard into his gut that bore resemblance to the one that Yamato used to contain the Kyuubi's untamable demonic chakra as the battle raged on.

Kiba and Akamaru were the first to fall, when Zetsu immerged from the ground and ripped the large white dog's right foreleg off after clamping down on it with the Venus flytrap-like fixture on his head. This was followed a split second later as the many paper butterflies that fluttered about became deadly spears that impaled the last of the Inuzukas and his faithful companion.

With the Kyuubi container unconscious, the auburn haired Amenin assaulted the two Konoha kunoichi with a jutsu whose name he didn't cry out, but seemed to originate from his eyes as it caused a flash of blinding white light. Pein watched callously as the Hyuuga heiress and pink haired medic dropped to the ground, with stiffened, terror-stricken faces. In a futile attempt to avenge his teammates, Shino attacked the pierced man only to perish in the same manner a moment later; the buzzing of the uncountable insects that used the Aburame as a nest dying with their host.

Kakashi watched as the young ninja around him dropped dead within a matter of minutes, carelessly dropping his guard as the murderer of the Uchiha clan charged him and for the second time, trapped him within the horrifyingly twisted realm of Tsukiyomi. When the genjutsu ended and the cycloptic-nin wavered, Itachi spoke coldly, "To think my otouto put up a better fight than you, Kakashi-san, makes me wonder what happened to that ice cold student that was trained by the Yondaime Hokage himself." And with a nearly invisible motion, the crimson eyed man ran his aged ANBU katana through Kakashi's heart and left lung and watched callously as he dropped to the ground with his transplanted Sharingan still flaring.

Yamato was the last one to fall as he prepared to catch the wielder of Samehada in a Mokuton jutsu, only to watch the still motionless Madara disappear and reappear with his right hand in the ANBU Captain's gut. "And thus, Konohagakure's existence," Madara paused and looked the inheritor of the Shodai Hokage's Kekkei Genkai in the eye with an impassive Sharingan as he charged an incredible amount of lightning enhanced chakra to his hand, "ends."

As the last ninja of Konoha fell, there was a small 'poof' from the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki's direction. All the Akatsuki turned their eyes on where Uzumaki Naruto had fallen unconscious to find nothing but dissipating smoke. There was a rough cough, as the fading Kakashi spoke his last words, "You power hungry bastards… will never find him… Tsunade-sama, Jiraiya-sama, and I knew… something like this would eventually… happen." He took a deep, ragged breath as the last bits of life faded from his eyes, "Naruto will find a way… to grow stronger… strong enough… to crush you… and your twisted dreams," and with that, Hatake Kakashi passed on to join Konoha in the afterlife.

Kisame slammed his zanbatô, Samehada, to the ground just missing the head of the silver haired ninja's corpse, and roared "Great! We wasted a whole damn day destroying this place, only for the Kyuubi-brat to go off and hide like a damn coward!"

"Calm yourself Kisame, he's alone now," Itachi said in usual monotone voice.

"I truly didn't expect Kakashi to have something like that up his sleeve, but you're right Itachi, Naruto has nowhere to go seeing he'll refuse to endanger anyone else," Madara explained callously.

The blue haired woman then said, "The only problem being, Madara-san, is that we have no clue where the Uzumaki has been sent."

"There is nowhere on this earth-" Zetsu's white half began.

"Where he can hide from us, not anymore," the black, seemingly robotic side of the plant man finished.

"Then we shall return to Ame until you locate him Zetsu," Madara ordered, "I expect results with the week."

The plant man merely bowed lightly before dissolving into the ground as the other five Akatsuki shunshined out of existence.


Naruto awoke sometime late that afternoon in a very dense forest, with only the memory of Konoha burning to ashes plaguing his mind. As he sat up, his black Konoha hitai-ate fell from his forehead into his lap. The blonde Jinchuuriki looked at the worn, black cloth of the hitai-ate solemnly and thought, 'I guess I'm the only one left.' For what had been the first time in a long while, Naruto hugged his knees against his chest and wept.

The now homeless Jinchuuriki didn't know how much time passed as memories of his numerous friends, comrades, and precious people flashed through his mind endlessly, only furthering his grief. 'Sakura-chan, Sasuke, Kakashi-sensei, Iruka-sensei, everyone… I'm sorry," Naruto cried inwardly. After what seemed like an eternity to Naruto, he wiped the now steadying tears from his puffy, bloodshot eyes and stood up, only to drop to one knee as a spasm of pain shook him from the core of the Shiki Fuujin seal.

'Wh-what the hell's going on?! Kyuubi-teme is there something wrong with the seal?!' The blonde called to his tenant as another wave of excruciating pain wracked his body. Naruto was now down on both knees with his arms hugging his abdomen tightly as he waited for the demon fox to answer his call. When another wave of pain ran through the Jinchuuriki's body a moment later and there was still no reply, Naruto roared, 'What the hell's happening with the seal kitsune-teme?!'

Still no reply came as the teenage shinobi painstakingly struggled to his feet even as his body began to be racked with nearly constant pain. The blonde's cerulean blue eyes, now squinting from the enormous amount of pain he was enduring, looked forward into the dense brush as he had only one thought on his mind, 'I've got to find a village fast; I don't think I'll last much longer at this rate. Maybe I can find out where I am too.' With that set firmly in his mind, Naruto stepped forward slowly, trying his absolute hardest to just remain conscious.

The Kyuubi container trudged through the forest like that for nearly an hour until his keen nose picked up the faint smell of food cooking. 'I don't know how far this village is, but I've gotta get there or else…' An image of a flaming Konoha flashed through Naruto's already stressed mind for a brief instant before fading away. 'No! I'll keep going and avenge everyone. I'll stop those Akatsuki bastards from doing whatever their fucked up goal is with the Biju!' With his resolve finally augmented, the blonde Jinchuuriki limped painfully onward towards what he could only hope was someplace where he'd be able to find some sort of refuge from the Akatsuki that he knew would be hot on his trail before long.


Unknown to our semi-rejuvenated blonde, in the very village in which he was slowly lumbering towards, was an old, redheaded acquaintance that was believed by many to be long dead. Ironically, nearly all of those who had believed this foul mouthed woman to be among the dearly departed were now dead themselves. As this once fiery spirited woman slept in a realm where only nightmares existed for her, she was completely oblivious to the cruelty that fate had in store for her and the life altering events that awaited her.


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