Okay, so this is Rosalie's point of view. Enjoy.

Why did he love her? What did he see in her, that wasn't present in me? What was he thinking telling her our secret? An outsider... Someone mortal.

I couldn't shake this feeling... Like we were going to suffer to keep him happy. It was illogical and stupid, and I wanted no part in it. Edward was in love with a naïve human.

"Stop it, Rosalie." Edward growled through his bared teeth. He entered my room, and stood across the threshold from me. Taking a protective stance. As if he could stop me.

I smiled. Sugar. Sweet. "What do you want from me?" Edward was trying to remain composed, from the verbal onslaught of my mind.

I turned my back on him. Walking to my dresser. He just stood there. I could feel it.

"You're right, Rosalie." Edward consented quietly.

I rounded on him. "What?" I demanded in a cold, detached tone.

Edward snarled. "This isn't worth it." He answered just as coldly.

I laughed. A high, mocking tone. "What? Somebody finally knock some sense into you?" I bantered back.

Edward laughed and shook his head. "No." He replied his voice carefully composed.

Sneering, I responded. "What then?"

"You. Who cares what you think." I flinched back as if I'd been slapped.

Edward stood there staring at me, his ocher eyes unforgiving. "No..." I breathed.

Edward smirked and nodded. "Yes..." He breathed.

No. No way. This wasn't happening... He'd already hurt me so much! Why was he doing this again! It was insane, and this time, I was sick of it.

"Look at me, Edward." I demanded. He did as I told. Edward looked at my eyes, bright topaz, my face and the rest of my exposed skin, snowy white, then at my hands, balled into fists, able to do more damage than humanly possible. "This isn't normal." I whispered. Edward's face held this "all knowing" look, like he knew what I was saying before I said it. That wasn't possible, my head was filled with a vicious verbal onslaught, only fit for Edward.

He nodded and grimaced. "I know." He replied quickly. I shook my head. "It won't work... It'll never work... You crave her blood... You won't have the restraint..." I babbled and ranted, watching Edward get madder and madder.

"Shut the hell up." His voice was a whisper, but it was deadly calm.

"Edward! You don't seem to understand." Reaching behind me, I quickly grabbed my hand mirror off my vanity. "This," I crushed the mirror between my hand,"isn't normal." I whispered.

"I KNOW!" He roared at me. I stumbled back a few steps and took up a protective stance.

I started shaking, crying. Small tear less sobs were racking my body. "You don't though."

His face was a mask of blatant disbelief. "Whats there not to understand?" Edward murmured. He was used to being smart, and knowing everything before it happened. I was used to being the blond, but this was going way too far. I was in no place, to take any crap from Edward. "Edward! You told her! She knows we're all vampires!" I spat the word, like it was venom and had poisoned me.

Edward stood there. Unmoving. His eyes trained to my floor. "She guessed." He murmured pathetically.

I snorted, and looked out the window. "Ya. She guessed. She guessed you drink blood, and that you could lift a van with a finger. Ya, Edward. She guessed." I laughed. A cold, menacing sound. Edward stood there, staring dejectedly out the window.

"Its too late.." He whispered. I stopped moving, guessing the inevitable.

Turning back to him quickly, I lost it. "Then what the hell do you want from me?!" I roared at him.

Edward stepped forward. Ready to defend his "mate." "I love her, Rosalie. There is nothing you can do." He whispered fiercely.

I shook my head, listening to Edward cuss at me. He'd never gotten this mad... He'd never been this willing to defend his supposed "mate." This dumb girl he watched sleep. I was losing it. Emmett and I loved each other! Why was I so shocked Edward had finally found a mate?...

Thats why. Edward was mine. Carlisle wanted us to be together, the way Emmett and I were. I still felt like he was mine... I felt like I should have this ownership claim on him... I wanted Edward to want me...

I wanted to be human, with Emmett, and have little kids... That looked just like Emmett... I wanted a house and matching beds for the kids, and I wanted to eat food! NOT DRINK BLOOD. I wanted to feel.. Normal.

I didn't want to hurt this family more than I already had.. Its was selfish and stupid... And vain... It was, essentially me.

"Do what you want." I whispered as I shoved past Edward out the door. "I don't care."

Edward stood frozen to his spot. "But.. You do." He murmured.

I kept walking. "Get out of my head." I mumbled, knowing he would. I stalked out of the house, clearly pissed, and took off. Past our house, past Forks, past civilization, into the forest where there was no fine line between human and animal...

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