Ever heard of a love triangle? Well this is worse, because everyone seems to want our cute Hyuga princess. Especially our favorite Uchihas... Be nice to me, this is my first time.

In this fanfic, children become genin at age 15.



Uchiha Sasuke was not the average teen. His entire clan had been wiped out by his older brother Itachi. He watched Itachi kill his own parents, forever scarring his mind. After the incident Sasuke decided, or was forced rather, to become stronger so he would be able to avenge his clan, especially his mother. Then he would be able to restore his mind to a normal state.

He distinctly remembers his brother telling him to become strong enough to fight him one day. It played through his mind daily and haunted his slumber at nights. He decided to separate himself from emotions to rid himself of weakness. Itachi had killed his best friend to gain Mangekyou and advised Sasuke to do the same.

Being cold and distant was the way of life for Sasuke. He decided it was better not to make any friends to prevent him having to kill anyone outside ninja work other than the beast of a brother he had. Of course that was impossible because Sasuke was human just like the other guy.

Although he tried not to show any affection, emotion or attraction, he didn't mind Uzumaki Naruto… that much anymore and even though he never said it, he was his best friend. Sakura was a huge pain in the neck but he had come to think of her as a sister because she always looked out for him, even though she pestered him every chance available.

Sasuke's sensai, was strong although he was annoying because e was always late for meetings ; using ridiculous excuses like helping a pregnant lady up the stairs or aiding an old woman cross the street. Also Kakashi was always reading orange books, namely Icha Icha Paradise novels, which aren't the fairytales we all know. Kakashi although silly at times had a dark past, but this story is not about him is it? Moving on…

Sasuke was a member of Team 7 as you probably know, He was still a genin, as well as all the other rookie of his age group because of Tsunade who thought it was best, seeing the incident with Orochimaru and the Third and trying to get hold of Sasuke in the process. She decided to delay the exams starting with rookie 9 to gain more experience instead of becoming genin by passing a simple clone jutsu.

No other village did this however, so Konoha was alone in this unorthodox idea. Being a genin this long had a benefit because enemies thought Konoha was too weak to produce good ninja so seeing genin kick their butts was a good element of surprise. It also made a stronger bond between teams which was what Sasuke was trying to avoid from day one.

After being turned down tenfold by Sasuke, the girls of Konoha, and other villages too, finally gave up on trying to get at him ( or so they said, because Sasuke was aware of the secret fan clubs and stalking ). The girls went for other boys but still tried to get he attention of Sasuke because they were now wearing tighter, shorter clothing.

Truth be told, the only person Sasuke would go for would be Temari, Tenten or Hinata. But Temari was with Shikamaru and Tenten was with Neji. He knew practically nothing about the Hyuga so he didn't really bother, although he was sure she was one of the prettiest girls in the village even though she tried to hide it. But it seemed as though Kiba was inching his way up with her. Ino had taken up Naruto and Sakura had finally taken up Lee. Not that it stopped them from trailing him occasionally.

So that Sasuke as one of the alone- but- not- lonely group. Oh well, he didn't mind because Itachi would make his life hell if he got attached to someone. So right now his life was as normal as it could possibly get in his current state. But that would soon change….


" So this mission will allow you to know more about each other and not just as comrades," said Iruka to entire class, minus Shikamaru who was sleeping as usual. " You will be camping for a month with new team mates to strengthen the Konoha bonds."

' Great '

" I will now assign the new teams. And Gai's team will join you as well and you will have no sensai for this month so you can function on your own. "

And so Konoha's new Rookie 9 was formed:

Team 7

Naruto. Ino. Shino

Team 8

Lee. Sakura. Kiba

Team 9

Neji. Tenten. Chouji

Team 10

Sasuke. Hinata. Shikamaru

Everyone was satisfied with the arrangement because they were with someone they were close to. Everyone except Sasuke. He was now placed with lazy Nara and shy Hyuga. 'At least they're smart.'

" Okay everyone, " said Iruka. Your tents have been set up near the river for the convenience of baths and such. Also you have your own tents for privacy so you will all meet at the river tomorrow evening with your belongings. Have them in your tents by the time I get there to give further instructions. "

And with that, he dismissed the group.


The next day, all teams found their way to the campsite. Everyone separated to go their respective tents and packed out their stuff to make the tent a home for the next month. It was now Tuesday evening.

Sasuke found his tent between Shikamaru's and Hinata's among others.

For instance:

( UI )

( UN ) ( YI )

( HH ) ( US ) ( NS )

( IK ) ( RL ) ( HS ) ( AC )

( HN ) ( AS ) ( T )

All on the bank of the river.


Soon a meeting was called and everyone was sitting in a clearing not long after Shikamaru came strolling in and Naruto rushing to find a spot to sit.

" Now that you're all settled," said Iruka, eyeing Naruto and Shikamaru. "You will rest for the remainder of the day and begin training tomorrow. The order your tents are in will stay that way, no switching…."

Iruka talked the group's ears off for the next hour and dismissed them. Everyone departed in the mist of twilight as the stars made the entrance into the sky and the Half moon shone enough light to get around the campsite. Sasuke strutted back to his tent with his hands in his pockets among the others. Suddenly, four hands tried to strangle him to death.

" Ino, Sakura, get the hell off me," said Sasuke calmly but dangerously low. " Go smother your boyfriends leave me the heck alone or you may not like me so much when I'm done." He spun around sending the two girls staggering. " One of these days I swear I'll singe your hair off. "

" Itai Sasuke-kun, we only wanted to wish good luck," said Ino.

" And keep you company tonight, since it's so lonely to be in a tent alone," pitched in Sakura, mischief in her eyes.

" Hell no," said Sasuke. " You're annoying." He glared at them, they parted ways and went to their tents glumly, leaving Sasuke to go into his own tent.

' Damn, they're still throwing themselves at me although they have Naruto and Lee.' Thought the Uchiha as he sat on his camp bed. ' I've got to watch myself around those two. They just can't leave me alone, the little sl-'

" Sasuke-san," came a small voice

Just then the crevice of the tent opened and the light from Sasuke's freshly lit lamp shone on the face of.

" Hinata," said Sasuke, expressionless as usual.

" Sasuke-san, I just wanted to say hi. It's nice to be on your team," said Hinata softly. She had gotten rid of her stutter but she was still shy, unless someone made her angry or annoyed which didn't happen often. " I don't know if Shikamaru came to say hi yet, maybe he's already sleeping. " With that she giggled. " Anyway, see you tomorrow, Sasuke-san."

"Hn," came Sasuke's reply. ' Tch Sasuke-san makes me sound so old,' thought Sasuke as Hinata pulled her head and upper body from the crevice on her all fours. She seemed to know a lot about personal space, which Sasuke had to give her credit for. " Hinata," he called.

She peeked inside once more.

"Just Sasuke, no 'san' or 'kun'," he continued as watched Hinata blush several more shades more than usual permanent one. Somehow Sasuke liked it. Hinata poked her fingers together and nodded in agreement, mumbled 'goodnight' and disappeared from view.

" Hn," he said to the crevice of the tent.

Sasuke then remembered he to take another bath before he went to bed ( A/N: Yes he bathes. He may be nonchalant but not nasty ) or he'd not feel comfortable and have an even more fitful sleep. Sasuke took off the extra clothes and grabbed a toothbrush, towel and the works and was about to show himself the tent when he remembered it was still early and the others would still be roaming around. He peered through the crevice and sure enough, he Neji scouting using his Byakugan, Kiba rolling around with Akamaru and the other's walking around or turning in for the night. 'Strange, outside seems a bit too quiet than usual for some reason.'


' Maybe I thought too fast.'

" Give that back you retard!" came Ino's voice as she pursued said retard who was cantering away from her with what looked like a root that was probably a diet root. He'd seen Sakura with those roots that had now become the way of most kunoichi. " I only brought one root with me until I hunt for more in the morning, so give it back!"

"Not until you eat some ramen," shouted Naruto looking back. Before Sasuke could blink…


Naruto ran headlong into a tree and sank to the ground twitching . Ino caught up and snatched the root from his grasp.

" I'm on a diet, 'Narutard' so I'm not eating any friggin' ramen and that's final," said Ino and dragged him by the scruff of his collar to his tent and a faint 'thud' was heard and a few 'ITAIs' then Ino was seen pacing to her tent chewing on the root as though it was licorice as a pink tinge was on her face. Then Naruto popped out his head from the crevice of his tent, looking around nervously with a wide grin and pink on his cheeks as well.

' Damn' though Sasuke. 'What a weird pairing.' He decided to wait until nobody was out side and there was no movement at the campsite to go to the river.

Hinata used Byakugan to see outside her tent. Sure enough, everyone was sleeping or resting. It certainly took long enough because she had been waiting for four hours for the other genin to settle down so she could go have her bath. She was surprised Kiba had not come to talk to her but saw he was sleeping.

She scanned each tent to be sure she was safe to leave. Hinata watched everyone. Her eyes lingered on Naruto in his tent longer than needed. He was really out of it until morning; drool oozing out through the noisy hole in his face some would call a mouth. Hinata blushed and moved on, knowing she was peeking on Ino's boyfriend. She continued her scan moving to Kiba. Hinata though he looked cute with his hood down, snuggling with Akamaru in a peaceful sleep. Somehow, Hinata felt a little flutter in the pit of her stomach.

Thinking she was just hungry, she took a rice ball from her sack. Eating, she continued her peering; Shikamaru, Tenten, Shino, Chouji- he was pigging out on chips-all the way down to the tent next to hers. Sasuke's tent was empty. 'Probably out training' she though since she could sense none of his chakra.

Since she though he was too far to see her go to the river, she gathered her soap and stuff and pinned up her hair. Then she tiptoed towards the river.


Itachi was not type to stalk anyone but he ad orders from his leader. No harm whatsoever must come to the girl except for the last task. Kisame was not even with him this time, so Itachi was paired with Deidara.

"She's pretty, yeah," said Deidara.

Itachi was not interested in the girl's looks. He wanted to catch her, carry her to the hideout and pluck her eyes out and get it over with.

"Shut up, Deidara. Let's see if we can get this done so we can trap her and go back,' said Itachi, watching every move said girl was making. 'Pretty is one way to put it.'

The girl certainly was graceful and he skin glowed in the light of the half-moon. She was not like the noisy brats he had seen on the campsite as he was stalking her earlier and she definitely was not the little twigs scuttling around the camp chewing twigs either. The girl was most different.

Itachi and Deidara trailed to the river and were now hiding in a nearby tree. The girl sat on a rock and removed all her clothes except her bandages around her chest which was not small at all. She did this hesitantly as though to not make too much noise.

"Oh yeah," said Deidara, clearly enjoying his task at hand. "I would tackle her anytime, yeah."

Itachi was somewhat annoyed with that comment. "Shut up Deidara."

Deidara smirked. "Common, don't be such a killjoy, yeah," he said. "Even you can see the girl's cute and got goods."

'There's no denying that' though Itachi. He couldn't help but look at the girl. Although she was bigger than the other girls he had seen at the campsite, she was toned as though she put in extra effort. Her legs were very shapely with her hips and when she turned around poised to bail off the rock she was standing on, her hips and butt were worth a double take. She looked like a human version of an hourglass with her tiny waist. 'To bad she hides all that in the baggy clothes' thought Itachi as the girl jumped off the rock and pierced the water, disappearing from view.

He would never admit that soon though.

"The only goods I see are in the sockets of her skull," said Itachi. "And I will be a killjoy soon if you don't shut up, because I'll murder you and wipe the smirk off your face."


Sasuke whirled around. He had heard a splash and sensed chakra but it was calm so he did not feel threatened, hoping the person just wanted a drink of water. He sensed other chakras but they were not directed at him so it posed no threat to him…yet. Sasuke was perfectly hidden among some rushes along the river in case someone looked in his direction. He was alert but kept his chakra to a minimum so he would not be detected easily. Sasuke drifted this was and that, then leaned into the water to wet his hair and then scooped up some to splash on his face. The water was cold was soothing all the same. The half of river was in his view under the light of the moon. He saw ripples in the water a distance away and after a couple of seconds saw a water drenched head emerge to the surface along with bare shoulders. 'Oh shit' thought Sasuke. 'Please don't be one of those little sl-'

A light sigh was heard that he recognized as Hinata's. 'At least she won't try to drown me and hand me on her wall' Sasuke mussed. He watched her splash playfully in the water and disappear again bubbles surfacing. She returned to the top then floated on the water; her hair had come out of the bun and was swirling around her head. She was a lot more attractive than those flat chested bimboes that were constantly chasing him. 'Wow, to think she liked Naruto and now Kiba' he thought. 'The dumb f-'

Giggles were heard from Hinata as she wiggled her toes, feet outstretched in front of her.


"Ah," sighed Hinata. It had been a fairly warm day so the river was very refreshing. She sensed chakra near but it was more than one so she figured it was just some of the others at the campsite. She hoped she was not making too much noise as she splashed the water playfully. She ignored the feeling of being watched and continued to swim around some more. Hinata them swam towards the rock with her soap.


Itachi cursed himself for looking at the girl so intensely. She was young, probably the same age as…but he could not stop watching her. He saw no such creature as the Hyuga heiress.

" It will be sad to break her, yeah," said Deidara beside him.


Sasuke searched for his soap among the rushes quietly, even though he was just about done when Hinata arrived. His back turned, he washed again, not paying Hinata much attention as he did so. She swam around humming and soaping, inching closer to Sasuke unknowingly. He heard a ' thunk' and saw she dropped her soap. 'No finding that now'

Sasuke found himself thinking about her. She was not like those other females-and males in the village who swooned every time they saw him. ' Heck, she doesn't even look my way.' Maybe he should change that. Hinata should notice the Uchiha Sasuke. In fact, he dared himself to swim over to her and make her notice him. ' It's not like she'll try to molest me like one of those little sl-'


Hinata spun around instantly to find she had painfully collided into a rock among some rushes she had drifted to.

" Itai," she moaned, wincing. First her soap dropped now this. Her cheery self would be ebbing away soon, but she sighed and leaned against the rock she thudded on, closing her eyes and relaxing.


Itachi watched the Hyuga carefully. Of course he could snatch her up like a rag doll and removed 'the goods' before she even got the chance to blink them at him but he was ordered not to hurt the girl in anyway yet. He saw her bump into the rock she was now leaning on. He hoped she had not hurt herself. 'WTF!' thought Itachi. 'I'm going to pop her eyes out later and I'm here hoping she didn't hurt her back.'

As if everyone's senses were on cue tonight, Itachi felt chakra other than Hinata's. It felt familiar but he ignored it since it was too weak to bother himself with and wouldn't hinder his plans.

" We should take this chance to tackle her, yeah,' said Deidara smirking. " I'd love to see those pearls up close and steal a feel."

Crimson eyes seared the peaceful girl's frame, ready to swipe her up as soon as possible and get the stupid mission over and done with.

" Wait until I say when," said Itachi calmly. Deidara nodded smiling sadistically. ' Hyuga-hime' though Itachi. ' You now belong to m-'

"Sasuke!" came the scream of a certain Hyuga…….

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