Chapter 1 - Remembering

He ran through the rain, avoiding anything that would make him late for school. This was definitely not his day to get soaked through the pouring rain.

Firstly, he was only able to a few hours of sleep. It took him all night to do his homework and just HAD to get woken up 5AM in the morning by a call from Atobe, who was bored and needed someone to talk to since everybody else had ignored his calls.

Secondly, his breakfast was burnt by the maids and he had to wait another 20 minutes for his meal, making him extra cranky and hungry this morning.

Lastly, his chauffeur wasn't able to send him off to school, so he ended up running for the bus. But the bus got stuck in traffic this rainy morning, so he ran, which was the fastest option to get to school.

Oh yes, this definitely wasn't Shishido Ryou's day.

Shishido had reached the traffic light in front of Hyoutei and all he needed to do now was cross the road and face Shito-sensei's snide remarks about being late and soaking the class with his wet clothes.

"So close, come on, turn green!"

And finally, it turned green.


He crossed the road but stopped when a black car was racing down the road, completely ignoring the red light and then…



"It isn't like Shishido to be this late for class. It's already third period and he should've been here a few hours ago." Oshitari sighed, checking his watch every few minutes.

"He isn't sick, is he?" Jirou asked. For once, he was completely awake during class break instead of napping away his life.

"I don't think so. Ore-sama called him 5'AM this morning, he sounded cranky but he was fine."

"Well, then why the hell is that Baka-Shishido so late for class?!" Mukahi whined.

"I'm sure Shi-…" Atobe stopped when his phone started vibrating. He looked at the Caller ID and frowned. "It's from Shishido's mother."

"Well then, answer it!" Mukahi said.

Atobe flipped open his phone, "Hello? Oh hi, Shishido's Mother. Wait, calm down and stop crying, I can't understand you. WHAT?! SHISHIDO GOT HIT BY A CAR?! Hai, Ore-sama will come down there with everybody else as soon as possible. Bye," Atobe closed his phone and faced the others, who were staring at him in shock.

"Shishido…got hit by a car?" Mukahi said slowly.


"Well, come on! We have to go to the hospital, NOW!"

"…calm down, Gakuto…" Oshitari sighed.

"I can't calm down! Come on, we have to get Hiyoshi and Ootori to follow us to the hospital!" And with that, he ran out of class without hesitation.

"Why is Mukahi-kun so worried? Jirou asked.

"Even though Shishido and Mukahi fight a lot, they still share a bond." Atobe said.

"Yeah, let's go, I don't think it was a safe idea to let Gakuto go to the other's classroom…" Oshitari said.



All 7 of them were in Atobe's limo, on their way towards the hospital Shishido was in. Everybody was worried, especially Choutarou and Mukahi. Choutarou seemed to be slightly lifeless, gazing out of the foggy window. Mukahi was muttering things about killing the driver that hurt Shishido. Oshitari and Atobe were confused at Mukahi's behavior. Jirou was latched on Atobe's arm, and Kabaji and Hiyoshi remained quiet. Hiyoshi didn't even bother saying "Gekkokujyou" during the whole ride.

When they had reached the hospital, Mukahi was the first one to reach Shishido's room, interrogating the doctor that was in charge of Shishido.

"Is Shishido ok?! Will he live?! Can he still play tennis?! What are the injuries?! Who's the driver that hit him?! I'm going to kill the driver!" Mukahi said, flailing and scaring the poor doctor.

"Gakuto…" Oshitari placed a hand on his shoulder to calm him.

Mukahi took one deep breath ad sighed. "I'm alright now…"

"Doctor-san, could you please explain the details about Shishido's condition to us." Atobe said calmly.

"Yes, well…He's in a coma state right now but Shishido-san is very lucky to still be alive after the impact the car had made. His injuries include 3 broken ribs, a broken left arm, a fractured knee, a fractured right arm, a dislocated elbow, a crushed ankle, a broken hip and head injuries. Even though he's alive, I doubt he would ever be able to play tennis." The doctor said in a voice of sympathy.

"You said that he had head injuries. Would this affect his mind on any way?" Oshitari asked.

"You see, he might have a memory problem but I'm not too sure how much of his latest memories are gone. He might think it was 4-5 years ago and if he's lucky, he would think that it was last year."

Choutarou clenched his fists. Jirou touched his arm, which seemed to have calmed the younger boy down. Mukahi seemed to have slightly paled.

"When can we see him?" Hiyoshi asked.

"You can see him right now but I don't think he would wake from his coma state soon. But I'm sure that if you talk to him, he would respond, showing you that he's alive and somehow well"

"Arigatou, Doctor-san" All of them said and walked through the room, one by one.

They saw Shishido, lying on the bed with his arms and legs in casts. If he weren't in a Coma State and Shishido was able to respond verbally, Mukahi would be laughing at him.

"Shishido-san, get better quickly, ok?" Choutarou stroked his right cast.

"Shishido, you better not give up on Ore-sama and the rest of the team. We all need you…" Atobe said.

"Baka, you better wake up soon so that I won't be bored in class without you." Mukahi smiled faintly and walked out of the room.

"Shishido-senpai…Gekkokujyou…overcome this hurdle…" Hiyoshi said.

"Shishido-kun, wake up so that everybody will be happy again, ok?" Jirou said and slightly ruffled his hair.

Kabaji and Oshitari just nodded goodbye and followed everybody else who was about to leave the room.


It has been one month since Shishido's accident and things weren't getting any brighter. The only response that everybody was getting from Shishido was his heavy breathing.

"Oi, Baka, when are you going to wake up and end everybody's waiting?" Mukahi said.

"Mukahi-senpai, we just have to be patient…" Choutarou said, holding Shishido's hand. The doctors had taken out his casts last night since his bone had mended faster than other patients.

"Ne, Ootori, the doctor said that he might not be able to remember anything from this year and last year…," Mukahi said. "…which means he might not be able to remember you and Hiyoshi…"

Choutarou felt a twinge of pain in his chest.

"And if that happens, I'll make sure that this Baka will remember you." Mukahi smiled

Choutarou smiled back.


Two weeks later…

"SHISHIDO WOKE UP FROM HIS COMA?!" Mukahi screamed at Atobe.

"Aa…" Atobe clutched his head in pain from the sudden outburst. "His mother just called and said that he woke up this morning. He also doesn't remember anything about the accident."

"When can we see him, Atobe-buchou…?" Choutarou asked.

"We can go to the hospital after school, agree?"


And for the rest of the day, Mukahi and Choutarou seemed to be in equally high spirits.


They were in front of Shishido's room, talking to the doctor and asking him questions.

"Shishido-san is fine right now but…" Everybody gulped at the suspense the doctor was giving them. "…he thinks that it's last year so his memories from this year are lost but not gone …"

Choutarou slightly flinched and Mukahi seemed to have the colour drain from his face.

Jirou noticed this. "Mukahi-kun, are you alright?"

"Y-yeah, I'm fine…" Mukahi stuttered.

They all walked in the room where Shishido was, reading one of his mangas. He looked up from his manga and smiled at everybody, but mainly at Mukahi.

Mukahi sat on the side of his bed, still pale in the face.

"Gakuto, are you alright?" Shishido asked, worriedly.

Since when Shishido called him 'Gakuto', everybody thought.

"I'm alright, Shishido…"

Shishido frowned. "I told you to call me Ryou from now on, Gakuto." He leaned forward and kissed Mukahi.


End of Chapter 1…



"Yuushi…" Mukahi gasped. "…this means…"

"I know…" Oshitari sighed.

"How long do we have to pretend, doctor-san?" Atobe asked.