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Chapter 4

Atobe twitched in annoyance as Oshitari and Shishido renounced their daily glaring match. It was starting to get him very frustrated and immensely annoyed, especially when he demanded them to stop, but they had ignored him. God, he felt like chewing their heads off and spitting them into a very deep ditch. Anyway, Atobe being Atobe, he just remained calm and tried not to chew their heads off. But it was still hard for him to keep a calm facade.

Mukahi sighed and turned to Atobe, and regretted it as he saw the facial expression that the narcissist wore. In a few words, you could describe it as…

Fucking scary…

"O-Oi, Atobe, you look like you want to murder somebody…"

"Well, Ore-sama does…" He gritted his teeth. "…want to kill a few certain people right now."

Mukahi gulped. Never in his whole time at Hyoutei had he ever seen Atobe this pissed before. Even the time he had accused him of secretly molesting Echizen Ryoma, he wasn't as pissed as right now.

Oh god…Yuushi and Shishido are going to die soon…

"W-well, if you kill those certain people right now, we would most likely lose in the Nationals…"

"Fuck the Nationals…I just want to wrap my hands around their necks and kill them!" Atobe said, imitating the action of strangling somebody.

"…" Oh shit,

"Aww, Kei-chan, calm down and let's go to the Shishido-kun's kitchen for a while. I feel like eating some Pocky." Jirou said, dragging a still fuming Atobe away.

Mukahi sighed in relief as he saw Atobe's figure disappearing out of Shishido's bedroom door. "Wow, I really wouldn't want to piss Atobe that bad in the future…" He walked around Shishido's room, feeling oddly nostalgic being back in here. He remembered bits and pieces of things than he and Shishido had talked about, or had lounged in deep silence, enjoying each other's company. It really did feel weird being in the room again. He engraved his eyes into the room, feeling a ghostly smile creep onto his face.

And soon later, he felt a pair of intense eyes looking through the back of his head. The intensity made him tense, and then shudder. He turned around and faced Oshitari's eyes that seemed to gleam in anger. Mukahi suddenly felt a bit ashamed of smiling like this in Shishido's room while he was in Oshitari's company. Luckily Ootori wasn't here because of his violin exams, and he really couldn't stand another pair of eyes like Oshitari's. Although, he wasn't sure if Ootori was capable of glaring or sending hatred through his eyes, either way, he was just glad that he wasn't here.

Oshitari could feel the fire of jealousy flicker a bit in the pits of him, but slowly cooled it off by glaring at Shishido. The glaring wasn't irritating for him anymore, but it felt good, able to make the other party angered by his presence. It felt good that he was crawling underneath Shishido's skin, just like what the latter was doing to him. And it felt so damn good that every time he talked to Mukahi in Shishido's presence, he could see that his eyes were trying to burn his head, but he had obviously remained under control, not wanting to be angered by Mukahi. Oh joy, he was secretly enjoying every moment of it like a sadist. And if everything went well, Mukahi wouldn't realize that he still liked Shishido before the three months was over, they would revive Shishido's memories and everything would be normal.

Oh, he would definitely make sure of that…

"Ah, Mukahi-kun," Adding leering emphasize on the name, Oshitari glanced at Shishido who was most likely trying to burn his head into oblivion. "Are you able to come over to my house right now so that we both can finish the project together?"

Mukahi looked curiously at Oshitari, wondering what project he was talking about. Oh yes, now he remembered the secret code. Freaking code kept on confusing him. Yes, Oshitari wants him to follow him to his place to talk…or possible God knows what Oshitari plans to do. Mukahi was about to answer when Shishido suddenly interrupted him.

"Actually, Gakuto was going to accompany me somewhere tonight. We'll be there for a while so I don't think Gakuto will be able to meet for your project." Shishido said, suppressing a small smirk.

"But this project will be 2/3 of our Science Test. I'm sure that you don't want Mukahi-kun to fail because he has to attend your selfish needs." 15-love, Oshitari.

The need to suppress the smirk was gone, and was now replaced with the need to take his crutches and beat Oshitari endlessly with it. The idea of using Gakuto's grade against him!

"Fine…" Shishido gritted his teeth then turned to Mukahi, who was watching the conversation with a wary face. "Its okay, Gakuto, we can do our plans next week or something."

Mukahi nodded before smiling at him, and then left the room, side by side with Oshitari.


"WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU THINK YOU WERE DOING, YUUSHI?!" Mukahi shouted, aiming a careless kick towards Oshitari's stomach. Oshitari dodged with breeze.

"I was merely trying to finally get some time with you after a long week of troubles." Oshitari said.

"That's some way of trying to get me alone with you, Yuushi. You could have just called and asked me to meet you, but instead, you make a fucking argument with Shishido and lied about a project that doesn't fucking exist!"

Ouch. Oshitari did not entirely expect this when planned on getting Mukahi alone with him. Could the worst possibilities already taken place? Had he already begun realizing that Mukahi himself was slowly falling for Shishido again? No.

"I'm sorry Gakuto…but," Closing the distance between them, Oshitari stroked Mukahi's cheek apologetically. "I just missed you and I didn't know what came over me. I really have been trying hard to control myself but I can't help it when Shishido drapes over you."

Oshitari saw Mukahi's eyes slowly soften, but it still held its angry and defiant glare. Okay, the speech didn't work to calm him down. Maybe he should go for the alternative. Leaning down, he captured the redhead's lips in soft kiss. Soft turned into rough and passionate, and the next thing he knew, Oshitari had Mukahi pinned, moaning underneath him while they were on the couch. Yes, the alternative worked. Like every other arguments, it would always end up on the couch, him on the top and Mukahi at the bottom. But he sensed that tonight felt a bit different from all the other nights. Mukahi's body felt hesitant…uncertain as to what they were doing. Was he feeling guilty that he should be accompanying Shishido to whatever, but was instead on the couch with his real lover? If it Mukahi was in any situation to feel guilty, it should be during the times when he smiled or laughed with Shishido.

Yes, he should make him feel guilty right now. Make him feel the wrenching guilt after spending 'oh-so-happy' moments with the idiot, Shishido. The more he thought of this, the more passionate he was with Mukahi, the more moans that were coxed out of Mukahi and finally, the more fuel that supplied his swarming thoughts. Yes, more…

He could now hear the whispers of Mukahi saying, "More…more…"

Yes, Oshitari thought, 'I will give you more.'

And continued the night with sensual pleasures…


Um, yeah…