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Chapter One

It was the same damn dream. The one in which I'm hanging from a wall somewhere and there is a man in a hooded cloak standing there in front of him and he's touching him suggestively and whispering "Hush, Hush Sweet Joey it will soon be over." The damn alarm goes off and I scream as I tumble out of bed.

God, it feels like I just got to bed I'm so damn tired. When are the dreams going to stop? I get up off the floor and my body is covered in sweat and my heart rate is racing like I had been running for miles. I go to the bathroom and take a hot shower, get dressed and have something to eat even though I'm not really hungry and then I leave my apartment and hurry to find Yugi already at the bus stop.

Yugi is talking to me but I'm having a hard time hearing what he's saying. All I can hear is that strange man's voice saying "Hush, Hush Sweet Joey" and I think that I'm going out of my mind. We get on the bus and head for school with Yugi still talking to me and when I close my eyes I keep seeing that strange cloaked figure standing in front of me and I want to scream "Leave me the hell alone" but I can't without everyone thinking that I'm a lunatic so I have to sit there trying to listen to what Yugi is saying.

When we get to school the hellish feelings start to subside and I begin to fell like my old self again and I can't figure out why, why only when I'm in school does the voices leave and I can be normal again? I have to find out before they end up throwing my ass in some asylum somewhere.

Then Seto Kaiba walks into the room and I swear by everything that is holy he looks like he's glowing, that's right I said glowing. He sits down directly beside me and that's not even his desk and he closes his eyes and he's mumbling something but I can't hear what he's saying and then I feel like everything that has happened before never really existed, you know like it was some kind of stupid thing that my mind imagined.

Then he gets up and walks to his normal place and sits down and takes out his laptop and starts to type. God, it was so damn strange like I'm in twilight zone or something.

As we were all leaving this class to go to our next one, Seto approached me and in a very strange voice he said "Wear this, it will protect you." He handed me what looked like a pouch of some kind and when he slipped it onto my head and it fell around my neck it did have a real soothing feeling. Then he turned around and walked away as if nothing had happened. This day is really beginning to freak me out. What else is going to happen?

I begin to start thinking that all those dreams were just part of my imagination and I started enjoying being with my friends and that's something that I haven't done since well since I imagined having those dreams. I found out later that that was my first big mistake, letting my guard down because things only got worse as I started to leave school and make my way home.

As I got inside my apartment I went to get something to eat and like a fool I took off that thing that Seto gave me because it was beginning to make me feel weird and then it happened. It hit me like a ton of bricks and I went down and when I came to I was in that damn dream again and this time the hooded man was laughing and he was saying "Nothing my sweet Joey is going to keep you away from me nothing."

I tried to scream but nothing came out and then I tried to run, run from that man who I couldn't see his face because of that cloak but I couldn't move it was like I was frozen to the spot and no matter what I did I couldn't move.

Maniacal laughter came from the man and he just stood there laughing and laughing till I wanted to strangle him just to shut him up and then there was nothing and I was awake on the kitchen floor. I opened my eyes and there stood Seto and he had that pouch and he placed it back around my neck and in that strange voice he said "Never and I mean never take this off again it is the only thing that can stop him from getting you." Then he just turned around and walked off.

I stood up and got so sick to my stomach that I barely made it to the bathroom where I threw up and then I was so tired that I almost crawled to my bed and as my head hit the pillows I was asleep and for the first time in I don't know how long it was a peaceful sleep.

When I finally woke up it was to the sound of my alarm going off and I got up showered, got something to eat and went off to the bus stop and there was Yugi as usual and we rode the bus to school and this time I heard everything that he had to say and I loved this feeling.

What I didn't know was that it wasn't going to last very long. Some how who ever that cloaked man was he was going to get some help from somewhere and that pouch and I were going to part company and this time it would be ten times worse the it ever was before.

We were in the gymnasium and we were doing jumping jacks and different physical things when all of a sudden this really weird kid bumped into me and somehow that pouch came off my neck and I screamed and screamed and when I opened my eyes there was that same man and he didn't act like he was to happy, in fact he was madder then a wet hen and I was scared shitless because I didn't know what this manic was going to do to me, or if I'd even survive what was coming.

In my mind I didn't know that back at school my body laid on the floor of the gym and they called the paramedics and I was transported to the Hospital where the doctors didn't know what was wrong with me only that I was somehow in a comatose state but my vitals were strong, they needed to notify my parents who were dead so they called the only person that was on my medical card at school, they called Roland Hunter the head of security at Kaiba Corp. who was the only family I had but no one ever knew that he was my cousin, not even Seto.

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Chapter Two Coming Up...Was it really Seto or someone else and who is the hooded man???...