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Chapter Nineteen

Today Joey is going home with his daughters and Seto is there with him when Ishizu comes to see them one more time. "The Nurse will bring your discharge papers and then you can take your daughters home. Is there anything you want to talk about before you go?" She asked them.

Joey just asked "You said something about immunizations when do they start?"

Ishizu gave Joey the same list that she had given Bakura that had when they were suppose to bring their daughters in for their check-ups and then she said "Go home and enjoy your daughters and if you have any questions you have my phone number."

Roland came to get them and as they were putting their daughters in their car seats for the ride home, Seto smiled at Alyssa's face and he said "Our daughter has given us a little surprise." Roland laughed as they took the little one out of her car seat and Seto changed his daughter and then as she was put back into the car seat she started fussing and Seto said "Guess you'd better get us home, this little one wants her bottle and I know that before we get home they both are going to be screaming." And he was so right.

When Roland opened the front door Mokuba had just came downstairs from visiting with Ryou and Bakura and their little ones and when he saw his brother and Joey and their babies he ran down stairs smiling as he said "Alright their home."

Both Alyssa and Ashley were screaming because they both wanted their bottles and when Helga heard the little ones she came out of the kitchen and asked for the formula and bottles and she hurried back to get the bottles ready for them. Later that evening when everyone was settled down, Ryou, Bakura and their daughters came downstairs and there in the living room was Joey, Seto and their daughters and Mokuba said "It so good to have all of them home."

Helga and Roland stood watching all of the young men taking care of their little ones and she said "They've all grown up so much since all of this started, haven't they?"

Roland put his arm around her and he said "Yes they really have and I'm proud of all of them for stepping up and wanting to have their babies. This old place hasn't heard the sound of so much laughter in a very long time and it sounds like music to my ears."

They all have survived the first years of the baby's lives and all of them are happy to have their babies in their lives. Oh, yeah. Shadi and Ishizu have determined that if they want Joey and Bakura could have other children but for right now they are content with raising their daughters and maybe in the future they will have other children but for right now no.


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