a/n: CRIBS IS PIMPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sly cooper on cribs

sly opened the door to his manision.

'what up, bitches? it me sly fucking cooper. this is my fucking crib bitch" sly said.

"thsi is my fucking pool table. i had it made for me. bently was so pissed." sly said. benlty looked pretty fuckin pissed.

"wwwoa, this is my kickass guitar,i can play it better than slayer." sly said. the whole production team and the audience laughed.

"now to show you my 2 level pool. I got-

"FREEZE YOU FUCKING RETARD!!" camreltia said as she brust through the door.

"the fucking fuck??????????????????????????????????" sly said as she tackled him and put handcuffs on him.

"you are under arrest for stealing shit and fucking stuff."

"w-w-w-w-seriously?!? fuck! fuck! shitting fuck! fucking shit!! shit!" sly said.

"but we have uno fucking thing to show you." carmelita said. it was a piece of paper that said: PUNK'D.

"SHIT! HAHAHAHAHAH!" sly said.


"I just got PUNK'd." sly said as ashton koosher came out.

the end