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"So where did you really go this afternoon?" Dawn asked.

We were back in my room getting ready for the dance. It was only Dawn, Eevee, and me sitting in our room. Brock and Ash were getting ready in the other hotel room.

"I went to get a small gift."

"For Ash?"

"Yep, I wanted to get him a Valentine's Day present."

"So what ever happened to 'He's not my boyfriend'?"

"Well a little incident this morning made me rethink my opinion of him." I respond with a slight blush forming on my face as I remembered the incident.

"Oh ho, so something did happen in bed last night. So what was it?"

"First and foremost, it's not what you think. It's just that when I woke up this morning, I found myself wrapped in his arms." I couldn't even try to hide my embarrassment of the situation as I spilled it all to Dawn. I found myself unconsciously poking my index fingers into each other.

"Wow Ash really is getting bold."

"Actually, not as much as you might think. He did it in his sleep so he didn't do it consciously, and he might have had some help." I looked over at Eevee. She just gave me an innocent 'who me?' look. Dawn followed my gaze.

"So it really wasn't him that did it."

"Well my guess is that she and Pikachu gently persuaded him to move over while he actually put his arms around me. But that wasn't only thing which convinced me to change my thinking. While there was no comparison for the feeling of actually being held by him, what actually convinced me was when he woke up. When I felt him starting to stir I decided to test him, to find out if he actually did like me more than a friend or if it was just some mistake on his part. So I pretended to stay asleep."

"So what happened then?"

"To put it simply, he passed." I couldn't stop myself from smiling as I said that. "When he woke up he didn't pull away at first, he actually held me tighter. We stayed that way for only about five minutes, but to me it seemed like hours."

"So it looks like the feeling might be mutual."

"Well that's exactly what I'm hoping for."

"By the end of tonight you should hopefully have your answer to that question."

"Ya," I gave a small sigh, "I guess we should finish up, we need to make sure that we look our best for the dance."

After about an hour Dawn and I were both almost ready for the dance, we just had to put on the finishing details. While she was putting on the last of her makeup I had to get the opinions from two close friends.

"So what do you guys think? Will Ash like it?"



I was in the bedroom with Eevee and Vulpix on the bed, watching me as I prepared for the dance. They were my two closest Pokèmon as I traveled though Johto, so I held their opinions very highly. I looked back into the mirror to get another look at myself. I had on my dress that I bought as well as the shoulder length white gloves to go with it. And my mom was right; the jewelry that she gave me looked beautiful. I decided to have my hair down but kept it pulled back out of my face with some Beautifly hair clips.

"Well I'm glad that you guys like it. I just hope Ash does as well." I walked over and sat down on the bed next to them. "The more I think about this the more I want to make sure that Ash likes this. At this point I don't really care too much if I like it. Is this normal?"

They just looked at me, looked at each other, and gave me a really confused look.

"I should have figured that you two couldn't help me too much in that area." I sighed trying to come up with an answer to my current predicament, but there were more important things to worry about right now. "Sorry to say this Vulpix but you need to go back to your Pokèball now. The guys will be here soon and we have to be ready to leave as soon as they get here." Vulpix wasn't too happy to return to her Pokèball, but while she my be stubborn she has never disobeyed me. Besides I didn't need her getting jealous of Eevee's new accessory.

"Well one last thing and you are ready for tonight." I said looking down at Eevee. I got up to go get her new collar and came back to put it on her. "There, perfect as can be." Eevee, being the show off that she is, just had to put on a small twirl to make sure that I knew she looked beautiful. Even in times like this she knew how to make me laugh. "Alright I get it, you look great, now come on Ms. Pokèqueen, let's go get Dawn." So she jumped up onto my shoulder as I headed out of the bedroom.

And with near perfect timing a knock came at the door. I went to go answer it knowing fully well who was on the other side. I opened the door to reveal Ash, Brock, and Pikachu standing in their tuxes. Well only Ash and Brock had a tux on, Pikachu just had a cute little black bow-tie. Both the boys looked great in their outfits, Ash had on a basic black tux while Brock was sporting one in white. As soon as he saw me Ash's jaw nearly dropped.

"May you look great!" He got out.

"You think so?" I asked giving a little twirl.

"Of course, when did you get that necklace?"

"It was a gift from my mom. Do you like it?"

"Of course, it brings out your eyes well." He seemed to stop as soon as he said that and started to close himself off again.

"Don't worry about him May, you look great. Is Dawn ready?" Brock said, always coming to his rescue.

"Yep, I'll go get her and then we can leave."

As I walked back into the room to grab Dawn, I saw that she had apparently just finished up her makeup and was coming out of the bathroom.

"They're here. And if I do say so myself they look perfect." I whispered to her so that the others couldn't hear us.

"So what did Ash say?"

"He was able to say that I looked great and that my necklace accents my eyes. He then embarrassed himself enough that he closed himself off again."

"Don't worry he'll learn. Come on, they're waiting for us."

We got back to the door where Brock was whispering something to Ash; he stopped once we got close.

"You look great too Dawn. So now that everyone is ready, shall we go?" He gave a quick nudge to Ash.

Ash then held his hand out to me, and as he spoke his voice trembled slightly, "Forgive me if I don't do this right but, will the lady accompany me to the dance?"

I looked down to see Pikachu imitating his trainer towards Eevee.

"I would be honored to accompany you." I say accepting his hand. "Now enough with the formalities and lets just go have some fun!" And with that I started to drag him out of the hotel and down to the dance hall.

By the time we approached the place where the party was going to be held it was already past sunset and there was a large crowd hanging around the entrance. They were swarming around the trainers that were trying to enter the ballroom.

"Well it looks like when they said it was exclusive they meant it." Brock said.

"Ya they aren't even letting the reporters in." Dawn added while starting to pull to the back of our group.

"We just have to ignore them and move right on through." Ash gulped.

"Ya right, you know as well as I do that they are going to have a field day when they see us walking up. I'd be willing to bet that most of the other couples here only have one famous trainer among the two, while both of us are fairly well known." I said as I held on to Ash a little closer, I could feel him tense up a bit. "And not only that but they will be assuming quite a bit off of this."

"Um, right…" He then gave an audible gulp. "W-well do you think we should try to slip in to keep from being seen?"

"No, we should just do like you said before, walk in and ignore them all. We just have to try and keep them from making too many assumptions about us."

"So are you two going to just sit here and talk all night or are we going in?" Brock said as he interrupted us.

"Let's just get this over with." Ash said with a hint of determination.

"Well at least this distracted Ash from the fact that I was holding him closer than ever. I just wish that you would relax a bit more and enjoy this as I am. By the end of tonight I'm hoping that I no longer have to be alone, and after I ask you I will finally have my answer. I just need the right moment."

So we did just as Ash suggested, we split up into singles and made our way though the crowd. Dawn and Brock had little trouble getting to the entrance; the reporters there were distracted with more famous people, people like Ash and I. I don't know how many times I was asked "What does it feel like to place second in the Johto Festival?" or "So who are you bringing to the dance tonight?" and the worst of all "Is there anything special between you and your rival Drew?" By the time I reached the door I wanted to strangle nearly everyone there.

Ash must have been able to tell the security guard at the door who he was with because by the time I got there the guard just motioned for me to move in. After I got through the doors and left the commotion behind me I made my way to the ballroom to find my friends.

When I opened the door to the ballroom I could see Ash, Dawn and Brock near the food table so I went over there to meet up with them. When I got close enough I could hear Ash talking.

"You two are extremely lucky that no one noticed you. I was getting asked so many questions that I almost forgot my own name. Its times like these I almost wish that I didn't win the Sinnoh league."

"Almost? That doesn't sound like the Ash I know." I say as I walked up behind him.

"Well at least the guy let you in without the ticket May. There are advantages for being a famous person like me." He joked while straightening his posture.

"Famous huh?" I flicked his nose which surprised him enough that he stumbled backwards and fell backwards onto the floor. He then broke out laughing. "Now that's the Ash we know." Just then a low rumble could be heard and he stopped laughing instantly.

"Ya that's definitely the Ash we know," Dawn said while trying to hold in a laugh.

"Okay then its decided, let's eat first. Otherwise Ash won't be able to concentrate on anything else but his stomach." While I said that Brock started to help Ash up, and we headed off to the buffet tables.

"I might as well help get Ash's mind out of the gutter so he can concentrate on other things tonight, namely me."

After we got our food and sat down, Ash was not was not eating like his normal self. He took long enough to eat, almost as if he was trying to delay something.

"Well now that that's out of the way, how about we actually dance." I finally say to him as he finished yet another portion. By this time Dawn had already dragged Brock away from some girl with the help of Croagunk and forced him to dance with her.


"Yes Ash, usually you dance at a ball like this. Why, can't you dance?"

"Hey I've been told I'm a good dancer."

"So is the mighty Ash Ketchum afraid then?"

"Of course not." He said while taking my hand as we walked out to the dance floor. As we were walking I could hear him mumble softly, "I just wasn't ready for this yet."

As he pulled me out to the dance floor I caught a glimpse of Drew with some girl off to the side. I could tell that he was furious as he looked at Ash and I.

"So he was able to find somebody to go with him, I feel sorry for her. Oh well, time for some payback." I thought.

So I just pulled myself closer to Ash, partially for my own comfort and to make Drew even more jealous as well. Looking back I could see Drew fuming over what he saw, crushing the juice cup in his hand. Even as the girl he brought was having a hard time trying to figure out what he was getting so mad at. I could also see Eevee and Pikachu giving each other looks and trying to hide their laughter. "Yep, they definitely have had a hand in what's been going on. I guess I should thank Pikachu too, but that can wait until I can get a definitive answer from Ash."

Well Ash wasn't lying; he really was a good ballroom dancer. But then the song changed to a slow dance. After how he reacted to what happened this morning I decided it was best not to push my luck too much. As much as I wanted to continue, the last thing I would want is for him to start to disapprove of me for any reason.

"Ash if you don't want to participate in this I would understand." I say to him while trying to hide my disappointment.

"It's okay May. I promised that I would be your partner for this dance and that is what I'm going to do."

"Thank you Ash," I whisper as I wrap my arms around his neck. I looked up at his face and could see that he was blushing and had his eyes closed. "At least he isn't as nervous about being this close to me anymore, I just wish we could do this more often." So I let my head rest on his chest while I melted into his arms and let the rest of the room disappear, as if we were the only two people there. With my eyes closed I started to picture the way we looked from the rest of the audience, the moon shining down on us illuminating faces that showed only pure bliss. With us dancing as close as can be, nothing mattered anymore. Time and space became irrelevant as we danced through the night.

"Um May? The dance is over."

I finally looked up from his chest and realized that he was right. Apparently I had gotten so caught up in my little fantasy that I didn't even notice that the song had come and gone. I quickly let go of Ash and turned my back to him to try and hide my blush that was just starting to form.

"Sorry." Was the only thing I could get out.

"Sure no problem May." He said with a smile.

We had another couple of dances after that one but none of them could compare to that slow dance. Maybe it was just my imagination running wild or maybe it was just that we actually held each other while both knew exactly what was happening, but that moment made what happened this morning look like chump change. At least we weren't the only two that stopped dancing, after about a couple hours or so most of the trainers had clumped into groups and started to talk about their different achievements and strategies. I could see Drew in one of the groups of coordinators bragging about his wins. I really didn't need for him to see me and get drawn into another squabble so I grabbed Eevee and headed out to the garden. What I found there was a fountain surrounded by several flowerbeds, and the moon just starting rise over the horizon. The place was absolutely beautiful. But my mind once again went back to what I was planning for tonight.

"Well Eevee I still haven't found the right moment to tell him. Right after that dance would have been the perfect time, but instead I get embarrassed and can't say a thing. Why does this have to be so difficult?"

"Vee." Eevee licked my hand; she could sense my slight depression and was trying to cheer me up, I have come to depend on her even more with this love thing going on. And when I get down like this she is always the first to catch on and try to get me back to my normal self.

"It's okay Eevee; I know you tried to help us. But it's me that has to make the decision in the end."

"Eevee." Having failed with the first try she then got into my lap and just cuddled into me.

"Well you are persistent," I said with a smile. "Don't worry; your efforts won't go to waste. I'll be able to tell him eventually."

"May? Are you out here?"

I looked up from Eevee to see the person that has been on my mind the whole day walk up towards us with Pikachu sitting on his shoulder.

"So this is where you were." He sat down on the bench next to me. "I was wondering what happened to you, you just disappeared on us."

"So were you worried about me then?"

"Um…well, ya I guess you could say I was." He looked down at his feet as he said this. Pikachu jumped down off of his shoulder into his lap, Ash then seemed to relax a bit as he started to rub Pikachu between his ears.

"Oh, I didn't know you cared." I gave a small giggle.

"Hey I was serious." He sounded a little hurt as he said it.

"I was just joking, but seriously, I am glad you feel that way." I looked down at Eevee and she looked back at me and gave me nod. "Um Ash, don't you think it's beautiful here?"

"Huh?" He looked at where we were sitting and finally back at me, as his eyes met mine he than looked right back down at Pikachu. "Ya, it is. I've never seen anything like this before."

"Well now's as good a time as ever, here we go."

"Ash I have something to give you." Looking back down at Eevee I tried to use her as my inspiration.

"You do?" He asked finally looking back at me. "What is it?"

"Um this," I say pulling out a small pink heart shaped box with a blue ribbon tied on it and give it to him. "Happy Valentine's Day."

He took the box and couldn't take his eyes off of it. I could see that his face was blushing madly, and he wasn't the only one. I could feel my face heating up as well.

"May, I don't know what to say."

"You could try thank you." I said quietly.

"Right, thank you May. Thank you very much."

"Alright Ash, you can open the box now; you are starting to act a little weird." I say with a small laugh.

He just looked at me and then started to open the box. As the ribbon came off he opened the lid. As he looked inside his eyes grew huge.

"Wow May, you really didn't have to do this."

Inside was a custom made and decorated Pokèball surrounded by Pokèmon shaped chocolate.

"Well do you like it?"

"Of course I love it! Thank you very much, this means a lot to me."

"I have one other thing for you Ash."

"You do? If it's as good as this, I can't wait to see what it is."

"Alright but before I give it to you I need you to close your eyes."

"If you say so." He closed his eyes and prepared to receive the second gift.

"Well this is a little sudden, but it's now or never."

I slowly moved closer to his face. I never have felt this nervous about anything in my life.

"Well here it goes."

I was just inches away from his face. I could feel his breath as he waited patiently for me to give him his second gift, although this gift wasn't anything that could be just wrapped up in a box. But before I could make a move I could feel something wet touch the back of my ankle. This surprised me and I jumped a little, straight into Ash's waiting lips. When our lips finally met I could feel him tense up, but after that odd feeling that surprised me I found myself instantly relaxing as I closed my eyes and savored this new feeling. His lips tasted sweet, almost like candy. This feeling was better than I have ever felt before, far better than when I gave him the peck on his cheek it even was better than the dance. After a few seconds I forced myself to pull away, my body trying to resist the entire way. When I finally opened my eyes I looked up at Ash, for some reason expecting the worst. His eyes were wide open staring at me, those irresistible auburn eyes.

"May, I…"

"Well Ash I wanted to figure out how you completely felt about me. These last few days I have been having many confusing things running through my head. With this I was hoping that I would finally be able to answer all of those questions. You're more than just a friend to me Ash, I love you."

"May, I…I don't know what to say."

"Don't worry Ash, actions speak louder than words. And even though I think that I might know your answer I still think that now is a good time to come clean."

"Come clean about what May?"

"I know about this morning."

He made an audible gulp, "And what about this morning are you talking about."

"You don't have to hide it Ash, I woke up before you and was awake the entire time."

"You were?"

"Don't be scared Ash, it was while you held me that I finally knew how you felt about me, even if you weren't sure yourself. And to tell you the truth I was able to completely understand my own feelings about you this morning after that. I'm in no way disappointed with how you acted."


I put a finger to his lips to keep him from saying anything else. "As I said actions speak far louder than words." I moved up to kiss him again. As our lips came into contact again I felt him give into the kiss and pull me into a hug as well. "He does love me. After all of that, he really does love me. But even if his actions are enough to convince me of his true feelings, part of me is still wants to hear him say that he actually does love me." As our kiss deepened I could feel his tongue rub along my lips. As I started to loose control I parted my lips slightly and let his tongue slip in. The taste I had experienced before just became stronger and more desirable as the kiss continued to get deeper. We stayed that way for what seemed like hours, two friends sealing a new brand new relationship together.

When we finally pulled apart again we were both gasping for air.

"Wow Ash that was amazing. I never knew that you would be such a good kisser."

"Beginner's luck I guess." He responded while blushing yet again.

"Well some things will never change."

I moved closer to Ash and he brought me into an embrace.

"Even though I said that actions speak louder than words, I would still like to hear you say them Ash."

"Say what now?"

"You know, you are extremely dense. And you can be very frustrating at times." I said pulling away from him and putting my hands on my hips. I tried to keep from getting too mad after what we had just did, but he just smiled at me, that same smile that I could never resist. Any anger and frustration that I had just felt seemed to get washed away as I looked at him. "Sigh, but I guess that's just part of the reason why I fell in love with you." I say with a small laugh.

"I know, and thanks to you I can finally say how I feel." He took a deep breath before continuing, "May, after all this time I have come to understand the feelings that I have had for you. These past few weeks I have been overcome with these strange emotions whenever I'm around you. And while I had no clue exactly what happened this morning, all I knew was that I felt like the luckiest guy in the world having you in my arms. I wished that I could have stayed like that forever. All of today I have been wondering what that exactly meant, when I asked Brock he tried to explain it to me but none of it completely answered my questions. While I'm not sure if they are all completely answered I know I can at least ask this question, May would you be my valentine?"

"Of course Ash, I would be happy to."

He brought me into yet another kiss but nowhere near as deep as the last one.

"Thank you May. I'm glad that I asked you to the dance. Because I…I love you May."

"I love you too Ash."

And with that we brought ourselves back into each other's arms, but midway through we could hear small cheers coming from right below us. Looking down I saw Eevee peak out from behind my legs, Pikachu right next to her.

"That's right; I almost forgot that we had an audience." I say as I picked up Eevee who currently had a large grin on her face. Pikachu followed with a similar grin.

"Ash meet the matchmakers who were responsible for this morning's occurrence, and most likely far more than just that."

The two Pokèmon put on a look of triumph as we just laughed.

"Well I think that they deserve something for their efforts, don't you agree May?"

"Yes I do, but first I think that we should finish what we started."

"If that is what you desire my lady."

"So they finally find out their true feelings for each other."

"Yep, knowing Ash for as long as I have, I would never have thought that this is how he would get his first girlfriend."

Unbeknownst to the new couple below, a balcony from the ballroom looked right over the garden, and watching them was their two friends.

"So what do you think will happen now?" Dawn asked

"Well needless to say this will change our traveling group. And we might have to get used to seeing that more often." Brock said with a laugh. "But at least we won't have to worry about all that blushing anymore."

"Ya and Drew won't be anywhere near here anytime soon." Dawn added

"Well I think that we should let them be, would you like one last dance?"

"Sure, why not. Besides they will most likely be out there for a long time."

And that's the end of my third story, hope everyone liked it. For a second there I thought that it would be no where near as good as my last two, but after a few revisions I feel comfortable with the results. Not sure if there will be a fourth story yet, guess only time will tell. Thanks for all the people who reviewed and the rest of you who just read this.