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Chapter Three: A Simple Ending...

Derek had managed to foist his duties as head usher (a position Stefan had been under the delusion Derek would be glad to have so as to feel important and connected and very much a part of the wedding) on some distant relative of Stefan's. Instead he was sitting in one of the pews reserved for their family and close friends near the front of the church. Marti, Emily, Victoria and Kendra (surprisingly) were all bridesmaids and presumably just waiting at the back of the church for the music to cue the start of the wedding procession. Casey's dad was going to give her away but at the last minute Casey had insisted that Nora give her away as well and so Nora too was at the back of the church waiting. George and Edwin, having dutifully completed their assignments as ushers were next to him absorbed in conversation with some MacDonald relatives in the seats behind them.

The music started up and Derek groaned silently and wondered if he'd actually have to sit through the entire ceremony while Casey actually married someone else. He'd been prepared to do it before the kiss. Sure he'd been a little upset that Casey was getting married but it had honestly not been that big a deal. Yes, he'd been attracted to her. But how could he not? She was beautiful and smart and sexy and fun and nobody knew how to push his buttons like she did. But that's all it had been. An attraction. Or so he thought. He'd seriously believed that most of the reason for their attraction to each other (and yes he knew without a doubt that it ran both ways), the root of the underlying sexual tension between them, the reason they had never been able to fully view each other as siblings was because they both harbored the secret question of "What if?"

And so he'd gone back there, he'd deliberately provoked her to help answer the question for both of them, once and for all. He'd had every intention of kissing her to get the answer. The problem was that he'd expected a completely different answer. He'd honestly thought that the answer to 'What if they kissed?' was well, nothing. They'd get it out of their systems, squelch the curiosity, find out the sexual tension was merely due to all the taboo surrounding their situation and finally move on with their lives. Maybe they'd even finally start seeing each other as brother and sister and not just friends whose parents happened to be married to each other.

What he'd gotten instead was a shock. Kissing Casey had been like nothing he'd ever experienced before in his life. The moment his lips touched hers he knew that she'd never be his sister. Was it true love? He wasn't sure yet, but something in him told him that it very well could be. He was amazed that the simple act of kissing her had done something to him. He could feel his body reacting just to the memory of her lips pressed against his.

He was instantly ashamed at his physical reaction. In church, Derek? He mentally chastised himself, In church, really? He couldn't help it though. He felt his loins vibrating…wait! No, it was his pants that were vibrating. They were literally vibrating. He quickly realized it was his cell phone going off and he reached into his trouser pocket (while silently celebrating that he wasn't a complete heathen, something Casey and his mother would probably frown upon) and pulled out his phone. He flipped it open and his trademark smirk began to play at the corner of his mouth as he read Casey's text:

I blame u 4 this! U asked me that damn question,

gave me the spiel about no1 else being 'The One'

4 me becuz of some repressed feelings 4 u and

then u kiss me and leave moments b4 my wedding!

I have 3 min b4 I'm supposed to walk down that

aisle and I'm crawling out a window. U better

be in a car outside the window or I'll kick ur


As he finished, a second text came through:

PS the doors are locked by now so u'll have

to be creative

Derek couldn't remember ever moving so fast in his life. One moment he was sitting in his seat watching the first group of what he remembered to be a very large wedding party marching even slower (if that was even possible) than he remembered from the rehearsal; and the next, he was bribing a security guard with cash to let him out one of the side doors on the pretext that he was hung-over and needed to hurl and doing a mad dash towards his car. He drove around to the place he figured would be behind the bridal dressing room and started pulling up around the corner just in time to see a giant ball of white fluff fall, rather inelegantly, out the window. He drove up to the sidewalk in front of the window laughed as the pile of lace, satin, petticoats, and fifteen feet of train accented with beads and topped off with a tiara began to pull itself upright. The pile of white fluff that now vaguely resembled Casey in a wedding gown gathered up her shoes and purse and began to storm towards the car.

"Hey Spacey, looking good. You wouldn't happen to be running out on your own wedding, would you? Need a lift?" He asked as soon as she pulled open the door to his Mercedes. She narrowed her eyes at him as she tossed her bag and shoes into the back.

"I hate you so much. For the past eleven years, you've always found ways to complicate my life," she grumbled as she began folding herself and the many facets of her dress into his car. He simply laughed before asking her, "Where to?"

"I don't know," she snapped. "But we gotta go. Like now."

She looked nervously towards the church as Derek shifted the car back to drive.

"Okay. Anywhere but here coming right up," Derek said as they pulled onto the main road.

They were silent a full five minutes before Casey finally turned towards Derek and said, "A fortune cookie, Derek? Seriously? You couldn't have lied and said you got it off a Hallmark card? Or from some proverb by Confucius?"

"Would you really believe me if I told you I'd been reading Confucius?"

"Okay, point for you," she said begrudgingly. "I still can't believe I just crawled out a window on my wedding day because you kissed me."

"If memory serves, I believe that technically, you kissed me."

"Are you serious? Your lips were right there." She demonstrated the distance with her thumb and pointer finger.

"Ah, but you pulled my head down closing the distance."

"You planned this!" she accused.

"Actually, I only planned on kissing you," Derek conceded.

"So you admit it?"

"I admit to planning the kissing," Derek clarified. "And while I did take advantage of your obsession with the question, the obsession part was your doing. And as for the whole 'Runaway Bride' thing? That, that was all you."

"How can you say that? You kissed me. You just admitted you'd planned it all along."

"Okay, yes, I planned on kissing you. But only because I thought it would finally free us from wondering. I didn't know that –" he searched for the words.

"– there would actually be something there," she finished for him.


"That's what I was afraid of actually. That we'd finally kiss and after all that dancing around it…there wouldn't be anything," Casey admitted.

"So what? You figured we'd just never find out? That we'd just always wonder about it so there was always the possibility?"

"Yeah, actually. I mean, I know it sounds stupid now but we never talked about it. We never brought it up. I knew it was there and I knew you knew it was there but it was like this secret and we had this unspoken agreement to just never talk about it. And to be honest, until that kiss, I just thought it was like a harmless crush, or something. You know? No big deal, nothing I had to worry about. It was just there. But I guess it's not it's…something else." With that, they lapsed into a comfortable silence while Derek drove on.

"So," Derek said after a while, peering over at Casey. "What happens next?"

Casey didn't answer right away and Derek looked over at her. She seemed to be lost in thought and Derek wondered if maybe he shouldn't have asked that just yet. She had just run out on her wedding and, being Casey, probably had a million thoughts running through her mind. He forced himself to look at the road even while he was secretly afraid she was regretting what she had just done. Suddenly a slow smile spread across her face and she turned her head to look at him. He briefly chanced a glance over and caught her eyes.

"What?" he asked, smiling and turning back towards the road.

"Well, before we got engaged last year I saw this article about me and Stefan on some tabloid. You know how all my past major relationships were with athletes, like we were talking about earlier? It talked about all of them actually, except for Sam. It mentioned Max going to Notre Dame to play football, Shawn and the Olympic trials and then of course Stefan and soccer."

"It left out Sammy? Poor Sam," Derek commented.

"Sam is a surgical intern. I'm sure he'll survive not being mentioned as one of my string of athletic paramours in some tabloid."

"Sorry, do go on," Derek mocked. Casey rolled her eyes but went on anyway.

"So basically it called me some serial athlete dater. It said I was continually trading them in for better models and wouldn't be happy until I married a successful, professional athlete."

"Now that wasn't very nice."

"I know! This was of course right before Stefan signed that huge deal and suddenly became David Beckham. Obviously he was already known enough for me to get in the tabloid but it was nothing like it is now. Anyway, you know he proposed a few weeks after signing the deal and so it made it seem like the article was right…only, I just crawled out a window to avoid marrying him."

"Uh-huh?" Derek prodded, knowing where it was heading.

"And I hopped into some flashy Mercedes."

"Your behavior shocks me. It really does." Derek was openly smiling now.

"Me too," she exaggerated. "But that's not even the most shocking part."

"Do tell."

"The shocking part was who was driving the Mercedes."

"I hear a twist coming," Derek predicted.

"Oh yes. It seems it was driven by none other than the newly appointed team captain of the Rangers. You know, the hockey team?"

"Didn't Gretzky play for them?"

"You may be right," she replied, unable to keep the grin off her face.

"But the new captain you say? I think I know who you're talking about. What was his name again? Something Venturi?" Derek asked, fully committed to their little game.

"Yeah, Derek Venturi, I believe."

"So I guess you're going to end up with a professional athlete after all?"

"I guess so," Casey smiled.

"Then I suppose I have a question to ask you."

"Geez, cuz the last thing I need is you asking me more questions?"

"It's a simple question, promise."

"Hmm…where have I heard this before?" she asked, looking at him skeptically.

"No, really," he insisted. "It's only four words long. It starts with 'Will you' and ends with 'marry me?' But before I decide I want to ask you that I think I'm going to have to pull over and kiss you again."

"Are you?" Casey asked, trying to calm her excitedly beating heart. "And why is that?"

"I need to make sure," Derek said he pulled the car on to the side of the road and shut the engine off.

"Make sure?"

"Yeah, make sure it's true love," he replied. Turning to face her and cupping her cheek with his hand."

"A wise person once told me that true love wasn't something you had to question. If it was true love, then you just knew."

"Then I suppose I know," he said, leaning in closer towards her. "I knew the moment I saw a white ball of fluff fall out a window."

"And I knew the moment you said you got the question from a fortune cookie," she returned, closing the gap between them even more.

"Really? Because I was thinking that wasn't one of my better moments."

"No, it was. It was a classic Derek moment."

"Then I guess I should ask you that question. But I think I already know the answer."

"Are you sure you're going to get the answer you're expecting this time around?"

"I'm pretty sure."

"You know what? I am too." And with that, he leaned in even closer and without any doubt or hesitation, he kissed her.

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