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Summary: Bella is 16 years old, she is a normal girl but she seems to ignore everyone else as she grew older. First, Jessica Stanley left her, then Mike Newton, Tyler Crowley then Angela and so on. Edward Masen is the most popular boy and football player in school and is dating Lauren, the most popular cheerleader. What happens when there is a bet for Edward, with the bet including someone name Bella Swan?

Hidden Truth

Chapter 1: Bump here Bump there

Bella's POV

I looked over at Alice, then at the board where Mr. Banner was teaching, then back at my best friend Alice. Even though I was the most boring person in the world, and I practically ignored everybody, Alice Cullen is still my friend, my best friend.

Alice is a popular girl, she is short and looks like a pixie but she is 'super hot' and 'sexy' towards the guy's eyes. Although, Alice is really pretty and she has curves where they were supposed to be, while I'm just plain looking and people can't even see my curves because of the baggy clothes I wear.

I'm a junior in Forks High, my name is Bella Swan and nobody really knows me, except for the teachers and Alice. Other then them, I'm just an invisible person and if you say my name, they would just say "The chief has a daughter?"

Oh yeah, Charlie… my dad is the chief of the police station and everybody knows him, everybody in Forks know each other, but they just don't know me. I yawned softly, and laid my head back down on the table wanting to take a nap. It didn't matter though, even though the teachers know I'm there, they just don't know where.

The bell rung only moments later, and Alice was gone. Even though she was smart, and she was my friend, she was still a cheerleader and she had her things to do. We always hang out on Sunday's or at night, when she wasn't hanging out with other people. I was also the first person to find out she was dating one of the football player, Jasper Whitlock, but of course, Lauren thinks she was the first one to find out.

I got up and out of my seat and went to my locker. I looked around, and there was Emmett Cullen, which of course is a cutie & a hottie. Though, he is like a big brother to me, he's Alice's older brother and is a senior in Forks also another football player. He's really kind to me when we are at home, but during school times, like Alice he ignores me and I ignore him like I never met him before in my life.

If he ever treated me horribly in school, afterwards he would call and apologize for about four to five hours each time. He's a silly person and we all love the way Emmett is.

Emmett is dating Rosalie; she is also one of the cheerleaders. You can probably say, half the football team is dating half the cheerleaders. Well, I guess you can say more than half. Rosalie Hale, a blonde and is really beautiful. Rosalie knows me too, and like my other two friends, doesn't talk to me in school. Those two, are madly in love and Emmett even proposed to Rosalie but no one in the school knows except for Alice and me.

I bet, you are wondering how such popular people came to know a simple plain old Bella Swan? Well, my dad and their parents are good friends. Carlisle and Esme are like my second parents and I love them so much. I've known the Cullen's since I was born and they the same. In fourth grade, I moved to Phoenix to live with my mother for 2 years, and during that year everything changed for the Cullen siblings.

Renee and Charlie divorced when I was 7 years old, and I remembered what happened and such even though I was young. Renee loved me, but she had to go. She couldn't stand Forks any longer, but Charlie and I love Forks.

While I was in Phoenix for those 2 years, I loved it there. It wasn't raining all the time, and it was actually hot during a summer day. It was awesome, well it was really fabulous until mom found a guy to depend on.

Every night, I would be home alone and mom would be out dating a different guy each week. I may have been young, but what I was doing in Phoenix, no not doing. Seeing is a better word for this situation was not the best thing a young child should be shown to.

I caught my mom having sex with those guys, just thinking about those images make me shake and want to cry. Yeah, those guys were hot, but catching your MOM doing it, wasn't the best thing I had in mind. After a while, she stayed with one guy and his name, was Phil.

In sixth grade, I came back. Everything was different, and my best friend didn't have the ability to talk to me during school. But we still talked through AIM, phone and met up a lot more. I didn't get into their popular lives, and even though those two were upset at first, they got over it and it became a routine to what we did.

I smiled at the two, and they smiled back and the only reason for that, was no one was around us to see. I continued my journey towards my locker, and I was thinking about the couple only really soon I ran right into a locker and I fell back while the locker hit the person.

"What the hell?!"

That voice, everybody knew that voice. No one can ever forget that ever so "dreamy" voice of his. He's the captain of our school football team, and was voted most gorgeous and cute guy in our school for four years straight.

"I'm sorry!" I quickly apologized and bowed at him, I looked up at his emerald eyes and he was glaring at me.

"Hmph." He turned around, and went back to what he was doing and I quickly walked away from him, not wanting to get him even angrier.

His name, is Edward Masen. He has beautiful green eyes and a face all the guys envy him for. If he smiles once, half the population of the girls would fall, shriek or faint. I don't get it though, but who cares really what I think?

I was just plain old Bella Swan, and no one would ever take a second glance at me.

Edward's Short POV

I looked through my locker, grinning at the pictures of Lauren in her bed, without any clothes. Man oh man, look at those perfectly shaped breasts. I never knew Lauren would do this for me, but I'm glad she did anyways. She would always refuse to show her body to me, something about being fat and I really couldn't believe, Lauren would give me pictures of her naked. Looking through the pictures, I couldn't find any unwanted fat on her body, I wonder why she was so insecure.

I sighed softly, and put them away. My stomach growled, and I had a hard-on. I sighed softly, silently wishing that Lauren would let me fuck her.

I took out a book, and all of a sudden my locker door ran right into me. Now, you can never see that happening in real life, and only in TV movies like that Cinderella one with Hilary Duff in it, no one really expected a person to be dumb enough to run into a locker AND someone else get slammed by the locker door.

I looked at my arm, and hissed slightly at the sting and I could see some of my skin was peeled off, but that was really little, yet it still stung. I got up from the floor, and slammed my locker door shut.

"What the hell?!"

In front of me, was a girl. A girl I never saw before, and a girl that is not worshipping me right now. I watched her as she got up, her body was not seen at all. UGH! All those hideous clothes, she was probably those geeky girls or those emo ones that like to cute themselves and then cover them up with those dark hoodies.

"I'm sorry!"

Her voice seemed very familiar, but I couldn't put my finger on it. I didn't really want to talk or know her, geeky girls were just not my type.

"Hmph." I simply huffed, and then walked away from a girl I never saw in this school before. But what really surprised me, was that she wasn't following me.


Bella's POV

"Bella!" I looked over to where my name was coming from, and I could see Alice running towards me, still in her cheerleading uniform.

I stopped and smiled at her, my hair practically covering my face didn't really help her though. "Hi Alice!"

Alice stopped in front of me, then frowned slightly. Even though she was frowning, she was still so beautiful. "Oh Bella, you need to look more like a girl, right now you look like those punk kids in school."

I blinked once, twice and another time. "Is that bad?"

"Bad?" She laughed. "No! That's horrible!"

I sighed, and I knew where this was going.

"We're going to go shopping!"

"We're going to go shopping."

We both said it at the same time, and I always knew what she would come up with when she didn't like my outfits. But really, shopping with Alice is fun, unless you're her doll for the day.

She linked her arms onto mine, and we walked towards the Cullen's mansion. When we arrived there, Emmett and Rosalie were all over each other, and kissing madly. The sounds they made were weird, but what would I really know. I was still a virgin, and I didn't have my first kiss yet.

"Emmett!" Screamed Alice, " Rosalie, would you like to come shopping with us?"

As soon as Alice asked that, Rosalie looked like she just simply push Emmett off of her and was quickly at our side. "Let's go dress up Bella!"

I moaned softly, smacking my forehead.

"Oh come on Bella, the prom is coming up, and you promised to come." Rosalie said to me, pouting softly.

"But you're forcing me to go to the prom! I don't even have a date, so I can't go."

"What about Mike Newton?"

"The basketball player?"


"Alice, I don't want to go to the prom with just anybody."

"Bella you know you are so beautiful! Why do you hide such beauty under those horrid horrid clothes?" Alice asked, pouting softly.

"Alice…" I began. "…you sound like a person from the 1800's." I finished, before I started to crack up with Rosalie who already began.

Alice pouted even more, but then the pout disappeared and instead it was an evil grin with mischievous hints in her eyes.

"Oh no…."

"Oh yes…"

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