Okay, people have been asking me.

"Is there a sequel!?"


"Please write more!"

Okay. Honey's, there are NO sequel. The meaning of that ending is because it means it ended. I don't like sequels because in my mind, it seems to ruin the first story. (At least I do.) Professional books like Twilight is different. :P

But anyways, there will be no sequel to this story, but I still write other stories...come on. Don't tell me you're not interested in it just because the other ones are rated T. :[

One might change to rated m...-giggles- I already have three stories out, and I have to complete them first. BUT! If one of you readers want to do a sequel to Hidden Truth, go ahead. But ask me first, well more like tell me first ! xD I'd like to know ahead instead of finding a story using the history of my story blah blah blah.

The reason why this story is called Hidden Truth, is because all the truth was hidden and none was shown. Like how Bella had Emily and she kept it a secret, and how Emily always had a father but Bella kept that a secret and so much more.

Now, for my faithful readers: Please help me out and go on my profile and vote! I need to get to at least 20 votes to know what story I'm going to focus on next, and no there is no option for a sequel. D: Thank you for all reading Hidden Truth! I love you all.