I know I haven't updated in a while or anything but I just lost the plot for this story. I absolutely forgot where I was going with this entire story. So now I have made up a new plot line...

Not exactly sure where it will end up just yet but I have plenty ideas for twists so hopefully it will still be a good story... hopefully...

Time froze for a moment as Gabriella watched them both stumble, their mouths open in a scream that was lost to her ears.

She felt a sense of utter hopelessness as they teetered on the edge. She knew she should do something, anything she could to try to help Taylor, but somehow she just couldn't do it. She couldn't motivate herself to move at all. She just stood and waited until time resumed.

Ryan's head snapped around. He looked down the hallway from which the sound had come. There was a scream, a scream that was both feminine and masculine, and his thoughts immediately flew to the girl he had just run into. His legs started to mindlessly move beneath him, taking him in the direction the scream had come from.

But before he had taken two steps, the scream was followed by a deep thud which was then followed in turn by a sickening crunch which seemed to resound in his ears.

He ran faster.

Gabriella heard the crunch and didn't even flinch. She did however find herself moving in the direction of the steps. She looked straight ahead of her, her eyes not moving from the same level, not giving in to the temptation of looking down at the two people at the bottom. She descended the steps, and only when she reached the bottom did she look down at them both.

Her face showed no indication that she had actually taken in the sight beneath her.

Taylor was lying with her neck at an impossible angle. Gabriella went to her side, ignoring Troy completely. She looked upon the girl as if detached, as if watching herself from a far off place as she did these things. She watched as she knelt beside the girl, she watched as she checked for a pulse and found only a weak beat, and then she watched as she did nothing.

Then she was brought back to it all with a whimper.

Her head snapped around, facing the source of the whimper. She felt anger rush through her veins, flowing to fill every muscle, every sinew, with a bubbling anger that seethed into a white hot rage as she drew herself up from the floor. She took a step forward, concentrating her stare on the writhing boy who was holding his arm close to him and whimpering in pain.

She looked down at him in utter disgust, her lip curling in anger and revulsion. He looked up at her, a look of complete desperation mixed with pain on his face and she felt her stomach churn.

"Please..." he begged, reaching out to her with his one good arm. "Please Gabs."

She felt bile rise in her throat at his use of her nickname.

"Please help me..." he cried out.

She lowered herself to kneel by his side, her face retaking her neutral expression. She reached out to hold his arm, running her fingers over it, seeing where it was sore. She had to work hard to suppress the little smirk that sprung to her lips at every wince, groan or flinch that came from Troy.

When she was done checking his arm she looked at him and he smiled at her.

"Thanks for this Gabs," he said sincerely. "Look I'm..."

He paused for a moment, looking into Gabriella's eyes. A moments warning was all he got, the slight twinkle that appeared in her eye a millisecond before she struck. He didn't even have time to scream.

She tightened her grip on his arm in an instant, making sure she was pressing all the sensitive spots. She wrenched it away from his body, pulling it straight then curling it behind his back as she made him sit up. She intertwined the fingers of her free hand in his hair, yanking his head so it faced to his left, where Taylor lay still, her neck twisted...

Troy tried to look away; to not look at the sickening thing before him but Gabriella's hand always yanked his head back to the same angle. He wanted nothing more than to close his eyes, but he couldn't, all he could do was stare.

Suddenly he felt hot breath warm his ear and little droplets of water splash on his shoulder. He knew it was Gabriella, and he knew she was crying.

"That," she spat at him, pure venom laced into every syllable. "Should be you."

All the fear and pain he felt disappeared in that moment. As soon as the last word has left her dry lips a strange numbness swept over him, driving out all feeling.

Then his nose started to burn as tears welled up in his eyes.

"Oh god," he muttered under his breath as everything sunk in.

"Oh god," he repeated, louder.

"Oh god," he repeated louder still.

"Shut up," Gabriella said to him harshly.

"Oh god."

"Shut up."

"Oh god."

Gabriella released him, letting him fall back onto his arm.

Troy didn't even notice the pain as his arm was trapped beneath his back, his entire body weight pressing down on it. He was too busy sobbing out the same two words.

"Oh god," he started in a sob but ended in a wail.

"Shut up," Gabriella said through gritted teeth, looking down at him from where she stood.

"Oh god!" he wailed out in sorrow, squirming helplessly on the floor.

"Shut," Gabriella said through her clenched jaw. "UP!"

She punctuated her yell with a sharp kick to Troy's temple.

Blood started to flow freely from his ear as he gave a last groan before lying completely still.

She looked down at him with cold, unforgiving eyes. She heard a door slam down the corridor and turned and walked back up the stairs, no remorse showing in any movement she made, reality having not quite sunk in yet.

Ryan heard the wailing and the yelling and started to sprint as if his life depended on it, not pausing to think about if it was a situation he really wanted to run head first into.

He burst through the doors and looked around wildly, trying to access the situation. Unfortunately for the first few seconds of looking, his eye line was too high and he remained blissfully ignorant of the carnage that lay before him. His eyes were finally drawn down by a deep groan that seemingly came from the floor in front of him.

"Holy..." a voice behind him started, never finishing, instead getting cut off by a large crash from above them.

Ryan whirled around to come face to face with Chad, then whirled around again as the crash from above was followed by a choked sob.

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