The misfits and whoever if they show up belongs to who ever

X-factor except for Starfire belongs to Marvel, Star belongs to D.C comics

Okay when I started this originally I had no idea that red witch had brought x-factor in which is why my group is different

It was a nice day at the agency for Valerie Cooper until she got a particular announcement

"You want me to do what?" she asked as her supervisor handed her a bunch of papers

"We are starting a mutant team; this one is not connected to the G.i Joe team." "The higher ups decided on this after seeing the x-men and Misfits in action." "To be brunt we want you to be their Liaison."

"Are you sure sir?"

"I'm positive here are the profiles." "I better warn you some of them might be a little...bizarre."

"Understood." said Valerie as she started reading the profiles

Name: Alexander Summers (leader)

Code-name: Havok

Age: 17

Powers: can generate plasma blasts

Place of residence: Hawaii

Name: Koriand'r

Code-name: Starfire

Age: 16 in human years

Powers: has ability to shoot beams referred to as starbolts, has vast strength due to her alien nature

Place of residence: Gotham city

Name: Sooraya Qadir

Code-name: Dust

Age: 18

Powers: can turn herself into a cloud of a sand-like substance, and (under normal circumstances) control where this cloud goes, before reforming at will. At times she can move so fast in the dust form that she can strip the flesh from her enemies' bones.

note: is a former member of the x-men, she left due to a fall out with their founder.

Place of residence: Muir Island

Name: Celeste, Esme, Mindee, Phoebe, and Sophie Cuckoo (quintuplets)

Code-name: five in one

Age: 15

Powers: Telepathic hive-like mind

Place of residence: San Diego, California

Joshua Guthrie

Code-name: Icarus

Age: 14

Powers: large red feathered wings

Place of residence: Kentucky

"When do the arrive sir?" Valerie asked


"About right now." her supervisor replied as a bunch of yelling was heard

"Sir what about this Starfire person she isn't a mutant?"

"No she's from outer space and one of the last surviving teen titans, the rest joined the misfits a long time ago." "Why don't you go out and meet them?"

"Understood." said Valerie as she went to meet her new team

A few minutes later she came out and saw that five identical girls were arguing with each other while a red headed girl and a boy that had what looked like red wings watched along with a blonde teenager and a girl that was wearing what looked like a niquab

"Excuse me." Valerie said over the commotion and was promptly ignored

"May I have your attention please?"

"Fine." Valarie said as she grabbed a megaphone that was near by

"HEY LISTEN I'M TALKING HERE!!!!!!!!" Valerie yelled which finally got everyone's attention

"Thank you, now I guess you are the new recruits for this program."

"First let me introduce myself my name is Valerie, I'm the liaison to you guys, so in other words I'm the one in charge of you guys." "I have a feeling this will be interesting." "Well anyway I need to check to see if everyone is here, respond when I call your codename."




"Hello friend Valarie."

"Oh-kay, Icarus?"

"I'm here."


"Yes maam."

"Five in one?"

"Here." said five voices at once

"Please don't talk all at once it's creepy."

"Sorry." they said all at once again

"Why me?" Valarie groaned "Okay let me show you where you will be staying, due to space issues most of you will have to share rooms, five in one, three of you will share the first room while the other two share the next one."

"Yes maam." all five girls said at once

"I'm never going to get used to that am I?" "Dust you and Starfire will share a room."

"Understood." Dust mumbled

"Oh wonderful." Starfire exclaimed "Come friend Dust, we can perform braiding maneuvers on each other's hair or gossip."

"Why do I have the feeling of impending doom putting those two together?" Valarie mumbled "Anyway Havok you and Icarus will be sharing a room."

"Cool." said Icarus

"Gnarly." said Havok

"Anyway," Valarie interupted "You guys can start training tomorrow right now go ahead and settle in."

With that said the five members of the new team darted off to get their rooms set up."

"I know I'm going to regret this." Valarie muttered

A few hours later the members of X-factor were settling in some better than others

"Let's put this here." Havok gestured to a rack he wanted to put his surf board on

"No way my guitar goes there." Icarus argued

Meanwhile in the hall way Valarie was walking when she heard a voice and turned to find Starfire walking to the room her and Dust were going to share while carrying a mattress over her shoulder

"Hello Starfire where are you going with that?"

"Hello friend Valarie, there was only one bed in the room I was assigned and friend Sooraya suggested finding another mattress."

"Right." Valarie said as Starfire continued on her way with the mattress


"Now what?!"

"No way." argued Phoebe "I want the bed by the window."

"I called dibs first." Esme argued

"I said knock it off." argued Celeste

"SHUT UP." the other two yelled

"I wonder if I can collect hazard pay from this." Valarie groaned "These kids are almost as insane as the misfits and thats a scary thought."

End of chapter one

Next chapter: time for training

Valarie: you have got to be kidding me