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Chapter 6: Past slightly revealed and plans made (for lack of a better title)

Some time later the group arrived back at head quarters to find an irate Valerie waiting for them.

"I was wondering the you would be back," Valerie said sternly "I was watching the news and imagine my surprise when I found out a bunch of mutants were involved in a mess at the mall, Havok come with me the rest of you return to your quarters until I contact you, Armor go with Dust, Starfire and Shego, Prodigy go with Icarus."

A few minutes later the groups arrived at their quarters.

"So how much trouble are we in anyone know?" Shego asked.

"That is a good question." Dust said as she removed her hood

"Hey Armor, your phones ringing." Shego said

"Thanks," Armor said as she answered her cell phone "Hi Mimori, what's up you're calling all the way from Japan." "Whoa hold a second what is going on, they are rounding mutants up, how are the others dealing with this, yeah that figures Kazuma and Ryuoh would do that, and Scheris is along for the ride, no I don't know where Ayase is if she skipped town, she probably went to her cousin's place in Juban." "Okay call me if you hear anything I'll let you know if she turns up, bye."

"What was that about?" Dust asked as Armor hung up her cell phone.

"Oh some friends of mine in Japan are mutants, there is a big mess over there right now, apparently there's a group called Holy forming to try and police mutants in Japan." "We met in boarding school Mimori who just called me is the only one out of us that's not a mutant."

"Attention all members of X-factor," Valerie said over the intercom "Report to the control room now!"

A few minutes later everyone arrived in the control room to find Valerie standing with Havok. Valerie seemed to have calmed down since earlier.

"Okay after getting the information of your escapades from Havok I have decided on your punishments."

"Can we get this over with already I have plans." Shego said sarcastically

"Don't start Shego now as for your punishments, you all are confined to base unless there is a mission or you commute, also you will be doing extra training sessions." "Are there any questions?"

"How long are we confined here for?" Dust asked

"Until I decide other wise."

"Well this sucks, I want out!" Shego complained

"You can't you are on probation remember?" Valerie groaned as she rubbed the bridge of her nose "Now is there anymore questions, not one more word Shego,"

Valerie didn't have anymore complaints "Fine dismissed!" Valerie ordered but before the group could leave a frazzled operative came running in.

"Turn on a monitor quick!" the operative muttered

When Valerie turned on the monitor X-factor was surprised to see what looked like Apocalypse and four others terrorizing an area

This is the scene from a few minutes ago, a group of mutants arrived during a meeting than started raising hell." A frantic reporter stated as he dodged things

"Oh Allah." A pale Dust said in shock as she looked at the monitor

"Friend Sooraya what is it?" Starfire asked in concern

"I know him," Dust said in fright as she stared at one mutant on the monitor who was using his powers to change parts of his body "but it can't be him he died on the last mission the x-men team I was with went on."

"Dust who is he?" Icarus asked out of curiosity before Havok gave him an elbow to the stomach to shut him up

"His codename is... was Darwin, he was the second member professor Xavier recruited for that team, he had the power of constant evolution, you do anything to him his body would evolve to adapt."

"But what is he doing with Apocalypse?" Mindee asked out of curiosity

"I don't know it isn't in his nature to do anything like this willingly."

"Dust are you sure he was killed?" Valerie asked

"Yes, after that disaster of a mission there were only me and two others left, neither of which is him."

"Hey I recognize him," Prodigy said as he pointed to one member of the horsemen that had bat like wings "isn't that what's his name from the x-men?"(1)

"Looks like it," said Armor as she noticed one of the horsemen was creating water and manipulating it "wait a minute" the armor wearing mutant said as she got a better look at the female mutant of the group "that looks like my friend Ayase, but she's supposed to be in Juban."

"The one that you mentioned when your friend called earlier?" Shego asked


"I'm worried now normally she isn't the type to get into confrontations and she normally would not pull this stunt."

"So is Apocalypse kidnapping mutants for his horsemen like he did in the past?" Havok asked

"That is a good question." Valerie said

"Darwin I could understand because of the nature of his powers but why would the kidnap Armor's friend?" Dust asked

"I don't know," Armor admitted as she watched Apocalypse and the horsemen with him leave the area "Ayase isn't strictly trained in her powers we don't know the full scope of her powers."

"Okay what do we do now? Havok asked as Valerie went to the communication station

"I am going to call the X-men; they have dealt with Apocalypse before maybe if the teams join up something can be worked out to stop Apocalypse."

"Oh joy," Dust said sarcastically

"Dust, care to share?" Valerie asked

"Sorry I didn't leave the X-men on the best of terms."

"Dust, this is not the time after this all over you can complain."

"Yes ma'am."

A few minutes later Valerie was staring at the computer image of Professor Xavier

"Hello," Valerie said politely "my name is Valerie Cooper I'm representing the government mutant team known as X-factor."

"Oh yes the team my students tangled with, the professor said warily "if you don't mind me asking what is this about?"

"As you no doubt have heard Apocalypse has returned, we have a common enemy and I thought it would be best if our teams worked together to stop him, one of your former students is involved I believe his name is Darwin." This caused the professor to go pale

"He's alive?"

"I believe so if this information is correct also I believe another mutant you are associated with name Warren Worthington is involved as well."

"Why don't you and your team come over to my mansion and we can pool resources?"

"Agreed we will meet soon." Valerie said as she signed off the connection.

"Okay listen up!" Valerie ordered "We are going to head over to the X-mansion to collaborate on plans so please try to refrain from fighting with the x-men that means you Shego."

"Sure blame me." Shego complained

Sometime later the group was in the aircraft hanger

"Okay are we all ready?" Valerie asked as the group nodded which included a reluctant Dust.

With that said the group piled into the aircraft and headed towards the X-mansion.

"Is it okay if I'm worried?" Icarus asked

"No more than the rest of us." Armor said as her cell phone rang again "Akira hi, what's up? I know I heard your sister is missing I'll let you know if I hear anything, I can't talk right now I'll call you later bye."

"Sorry about that," Armor said as she hung her cell phone up, "that was Ayase's brother he's worried sick."

"So what song was that?" Shego asked

"Transcending Times He likes that song, the one from Mimori is Eternal Blaze." (2)

"So what powers do these friends of yours have?" Dust asked out of curiosity after Armor had turned off her cell phone

"Well let's see Kazuma has some type of armor on his arm, not sure how to describe it, Ayase can do stuff with water, Scheris can heal." (3)

"Everyone we are here," Valerie said as the plane started to land "Now remember what I said earlier no fights with the X-men and no bringing up old grudges."

"Welcome to the x-mansion," Professor Xavier said as he sat in the hallway with Cyclops and Jean "I talked to you on the video monitor earlier." Just than he spotted a familiar face "Hello Dust it's been a while."

"About two years, professor."

"How are Surge and Flashback doing?"

"Noriko is still catatonic and Flashback recovered most of her memories except for what happened at the end, she's working with some other people out in Florida."

"Why don't the rest of you go hang around, Havok and Prodigy stay here." Valerie said trying to break the tension in the room.

A few minutes later the members of X-factor were wondering around the mansion.

"That's still here?" Dust asked in a fit of giggles as she pointed to what looked like two indents in the wall that had been filled in.

"What was that from?" Boom Boom asked as she came walking up "I could never get a straight answer from the professor."

"We had this one member of the team I was on years back, we called him Wither I guess his power would be similar to Rogue's only instead of absorption it would decay, getting back to the story Wither because of his powers was a bit of a pervert and had the habit of living vicariously through whoever helped him in his escapades. "Well one time him and another guy Rockslide, decided they were bored and tried to stage a panty raid while the professor was gone, anyway he tried to steal flashback's underwear she has the power of Psychometry anyway they forgot she was really good with a three section staff and long story short chased them around the mansion till both Rockslide and Wither collided with the wall and than the staff collided with their heads a few times."

"I thought I heard a familiar voice," Wolverine said as he walked up "chatterbox, it's good to see you it's been a while."

"Hello Wolverine." Dust replied

"How's sparky and Mer Mer doing?"

"Noriko is still catatonic and Flashback has most of her memories back."

"Good to know."

"Mer Mer?" Icarus asked out of curiosity

"A lot of us for one reason or another had trouble pronouncing Flashback's name so we just would call her by her codename since Wolverine was the only one who could pronounce it right."

"So what happened to the previous X-men team I didn't even know there was one?" Boom Boom asked as unnoticed the rest of the current x-men team walked up.

"Chatterbox you want to tell it or should I?" Wolverine asked.

"I'll tell it," Dust said "there isn't much else to tell we were a team a few years back, it consisted of me, my foster sister Noriko we called her Surge, Mer Mer Chen, who had the codename Flashback, Wither, Rockslide, Mercury, Darwin, Sway, and Petra."

"This is getting interesting." Iceman said right before Cannonball shushed him

"Anyway," Dust continued "We went on this one mission to stop this mutant that was causing havoc, we fought him and it was a disaster, the mutant annihilated Petra, Sway and Rockslide, and than he vaporized Mercury and turned Wither's power on himself, Noriko tried to stop him and he did something, we still aren't sure since the mutant was a telepath, but he hit Noriko with his powers and she's been catatonic ever since, Flashback went after him next and he just swatted her aside knocking her out."

"How did you escape?" Kurt asked

"It was because of Darwin," Dust said sadly "He ordered us to retreat I grabbed Noriko and Flashback, I thought he was right behind us but when I looked back he was fighting the unknown mutant as the area started crumbling, that was the last I ever saw of him." "When I came back Moira found out and was furious she pulled me and Noriko out and took us both back to Muir Island."

"What about your friend?" Rogue asked

"Moira treated Flashback as best as she could but when she woke up, some of Flashback's memories were gone, Moira seems to think that the trauma of the events caused those memories to be repressed."

"So how come if Wolverine knows this story he wasn't there?" Jamie asked

"Wolverine wasn't part of the team yet, the professor was undergoing sessions with him to help control his inner animal." "Also before you ask Storm was still in Africa at the time, actually before these events occurred the professor was planning to go pick her up."

Just than Valerie came back into the room followed by Cyclops and Jean.

"Okay everyone we have a plan."

"So let's hear it." Said Shego

"We will go in two teams one using quiet powers and the others with destructive and long range powers," Valerie replied "the first group will look for information on helping the captured mutants and the second group will provide a distraction."

"Any questions?"

"Can we trust X-factor?" Jean asked "We don't know hardly any of them and Shego has a record."

"I trust some of them," the professor replied "I scanned some of their minds other than some odd thoughts about mustard and some teenager that had a problem with water, everything was normal."

"Than let's discuss this plan," Dust said "what information do we have on these mutants Apocalypse has working with him, it's best to find out their powers ahead of time."

"That is a good idea," the professor said as he laid out some pictures "The first one is or was Warren Worthington who was known as Angel because of possessing feathered wings." The professor said gesturing to a picture of a mutant with wings "the second," he went on "is known as Darwin he has the power to adapt his body to anything." "The next one is known as Lorna Dane and has the power of magnetism similar to magneto, I'm not sure about the last one,"

"Her name is Ayase," Armor said "we went to boarding school together i'm not completely sure of her full power level it is either she can turn objects her hair touches into water or she can just manipulate water and summon it no one is completely sure, we had a few mutants at that school and everyone's powers varied in level."

"Well than let's go." Wolverine said as both groups got up to leave

End of Chapter

Note: sorry about the hold up had writers block which is also why I ended the chapter the way I did.

1. Since I have someone else as Archangel Warren will be using one of his alternate reality forms

2. Eternal Blaze was a Jpop song I heard and liked, Transcending Times was the first theme from Mobile suit Zeta Gundam which anyone who is a uc Gundam fan or a Gundam fan in general should check out

3. A nod to the anime S-cry-ed.