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Ginny woke up with a start. Her eyes were still closed. She groaned, for her head hurt immensely. When she finally opened her eyes, she realized that she needn't have bothered. It was darker than night. She couldn't have seen the tip of her nose had she tried. She tried to move, but felt her whole body ache under the attempt.

It was cold as well. Very cold, in fact. Her whole body was shaking and Ginny realized that her clothes had been stripped off of her except for her jeans and blouse.

Ginny tried to move once again and found it a bit easier this time. She pushed herself up into a sitting position and leaned herself against the wall behind her. Feeling weak and vulnerable, she rested her head back against the wall and shut her eyes again, trying to remember what had happened.

They had all been sitting at the burrow, eating dinner, when all of a sudden they heard voices screaming. Death Eaters stormed the house and even before Ginny had managed to draw her wand, she remembered everything going black. And then… What had happened then? She couldn't remember. But for all she knew, she was now a prisoner of the Death Eaters.

Her theory was proven correct just at that moment. Somewhere from her left a door had opened, spilling in a big ray of light. Ginny had to squint until her eyes adjusted to it before she could make out anyone.

There were three figures in front of her; all tall, black-cloaked and hooded. She could only assume who these people were from their general looks, but couldn't identify them clearly. One of them, the tallest one, who she guessed was Avery, bent down and grabbed her by the arm in a bruising grip. He forced her up and without a single word pushed her in front of him and began to walk, never letting go of her arm.

Ginny knew better than to attempt to talk to these men. She knew it wouldn't bring anything. But her whole body shook with fear as the three Death Eaters led her through unfamiliar doors and corridors. She knew what was coming and was not looking forward to it. Finally, after about five minutes of walking, the men and Ginny came to a stop in front of a huge, oak door.

The shortest of them stepped forward and knocked exactly three times, then waited. The door swung open of its own accord, letting the men push Ginny into the dimly lit room.

This room was circular. There were more hooded figures standing against the wall, creating a circle of their own. On one side of the room, there was a throne-like chair that was lifted up onto what looked like a platform made of marble. Ginny knew exactly who was sitting in that chair.

"Bring her in." A high, cold voice ordered. It sent shivers down Ginny's spine and she could feel the coldness of the voice sink into her bones along with fear. The Death Eater who was holding her walked her forward towards the center of the circle and threw her to the ground as if she was pest.

"Ginnerva Weasley." The cold voice spoke again. Ginny didn't dare look up from the ground. "That is your name, am I correct?" She was trembling now. Her teeth were chattering, too. "Look up, girl." He told her, his voice attempting at soft. When she didn't follow his order, he snapped his fingers and she was forced to look up as if an invisible hand had grabbed her by her hair.

"That's it. Good girl." He said. The second Ginny looked up at his face, she felt his slits that he used as eyes fix on hers. She was sure he was using legilimancy on her at the moment. "But you are afraid." He said. "Why are you afraid, little girl? What do you think we are going to do to you?"

Ginny didn't reply.

"The Dark Lord asked you a question! Answer you stupid bitch!" Yelled a female voice from behind her.

"It's quite all right, Bella. She will respond eventually." Lord Voldemort assured. "Now, Ginnerva, as I'm sure, you are aware of the reason why we have brought you here?" He asked and when she still didn't reply, he went on. "Maybe you are not. Perhaps you are too stupid to understand such things at the moment." A few Death Eaters snickered. Voldemort continued.

"You were brought here, because of a simple reason. Your darling boyfriend made the serious mistake of letting himself have a little – shall we say – fantasy about the two of you. A fantasy to which I had complete access to and could thus gain very valuable information." He paused for a second and looked at her. "It seems that along with his two best friends, you are the one person he cares most for in this world. Do you now see why you are here?"

Ginny gulped. Of course she knew why she was here. Wasn't this the reason Harry had broken up with her in the first place?

"See, I intend to use you as a hostage. I will use you against Potter in attempt to once in for all destroy him. You are my key to his soul. You will be of great use to me." He paused once again, letting his words sink in. "In the meanwhile, you will be kept here in our hiding place. I have ordered my Death Eaters to keep you alive. Feed you and keep you in a living condition. But as for anything else they might decide to do to you – or with you – is completely up to them. I'm sure you can see what I am trying to say."

All the fear she had felt before, all the thoughts of what these evil people could do to her, had just multiplied by a thousand with the last sentence that came out of Voldemort's lipless mouth. How long would she be kept here? How long would they make her suffer until they finally killed her? A huge sense of hopelessness and despair filled Ginny. She didn't want to be weak, but at the moment that's exactly what she was.

"Take her away." He ordered and at once the same three Death Eaters jumped forward to escort her back to where she had come from.

Once they had reached the little cellar again, she was shoved in and thrown in the farthest corner from the door. It was then when the masks of the Death Eaters came off.

"Quite a pretty little girl, isn't she?" Said the tallest, which she had been right in guessing as Avery.

"Very. Doesn't look like her bloodtraitor father at all." Said the shortest, which Ginny still didn't recognize.

"But he is still her father." This time the third spoke and Ginny could've recognized him without even looking at him, for it was the silky drawl of Lucius Malfoy. Their eyes met and Ginny felt herself shudder at the intensity of his misty gray orbs.

"All the more reason to use her. It would be great fun to see Arthur Weasley's face after he found out his daughter was passed around like a cheap whore." Said the short man and him and Avery broke into fits of cruel laughter.

But Malfoy raised his hand and they both stopped. "That's enough. If that were to happen the girl would die. That would go against the Dark Lord's orders, so you can forget that plan right now." The other two's faces fell and they looked quite disappointed.

"Of course," Continued Malfoy, his mouth curling into a smirk and his eyes shining with evil amusement as they stared into hers. "I'm not saying we shouldn't have fun with her. We will have to be careful, that's all. Besides, this place does get a bit dull at times." His smirk grew and the two other Death Eater's smirked as well.

Ginny felt hatred bubble inside her veins. How could these men talk about her like this? She felt disgusted and wanted to punch these three in the face. She hated the fact that they were degrading her while looking her into her eyes, talking as if she wasn't there. Didn't they have any bit of conscious left in them?

"Now you two leave. I will make sure she cannot escape from here." He ordered. "The Dark Lord left me in charge with our prisoner so shall I find out that you have done anything to her without my consent, I will report you to the Master himself. Understood?" The two other men nodded, but still looked delighted at the idea of being able to rape an innocent girl.

Once the two had left, Malfoy turned to Ginny once again. He raised his wand and pointed it to her. Ginny winced and backed into the corner. Malfoy let out a little laugh. "Don't worry, girl. I'm not going to harm you." He assured her. He mumbled a few incantations, all things that Ginny assumed would keep her inside this little cell.

"Are you hungry?" He asked her after he had finished. Ginny shook her head. "Not so talkative tonight, Weasley?" He stepped a bit closer to her. "It's different facing the Dark Lord himself, isn't it? Makes you wish you never knew Potter, am I right?"

Ginny looked up at Malfoy with the greatest loathing she could master. "You disgust me." She hissed. Malfoy just smirked at her.

"What is your boyfriend doing now, do you suppose? Do you think he will try to save you? Play the hero and die trying?" He was merely inches away from her, having backed her into the corner as much as she could go.

"He's not stupid enough to fall for such a trick." She spat at him. But even as she said it, she knew it wasn't true. Trying to save her was exactly the kind of thing Harry would try to do. She could only hope, pray, that Hermione and Ron would stop him. There was no way he could get the both of them out of here alive.

"Not even you believe your own words, Weasley." He said his voice lower and softer. "You know exactly that Potter will fall into our little trap." He stood there for a while, looking at her and letting the truth of his words sink in. He watched her expression change from hate to fear, then worry. His mouth curled and he looked satisfied.

"If he does come," Ginny whispered. "I hope you're the first person he finishes off."

Malfoy's smirk grew and he let out a little chuckle. "We'll see about that." He lingered for another moment, still looking at her, then turned around and walked out of the room, shutting the door behind him.

In the few days that she had already spent here, her conversation with Malfoy had unnerved her more than anything else had so far. She was sure that wherever Harry was, he either didn't know she was missing yet or was devising a plan to rescue her. She hoped with all might that he wasn't planning on doing something as foolish as that, because he would be risking the whole wizarding population's future for her.

Luckily, the Death Eaters hadn't taken action after their talk that day. In fact, she hadn't seen a single Death Eater other than Wormtail in the last few days. He was the one who brought her food and water and the only person who ever entered her little cellar. She considered herself lucky, though, for she knew the things that could happen if the Death Eaters decided to have some 'fun' with her.

She had been there, she guessed, about five days when she was brought out of the cellar to 'wash up'. She was escorted by two Death Eaters she didn't know at all. Hearing snippets of conversation here and there, she figured out that she was in Malfoy Manor. Just then she began to realize how luxurious this house was. Everything seemed to be made of marble or gold. Turkish carpets were laid out in the halls and she could only guess how breathtaking the rooms must be.

She was brought to a tiny bathroom somewhere on the first floor. It was probably one of the least luxurious places of the house, after her dungeon room. The two pushed her inside and looked at her expectantly.

"What?" She asked. Surely they wouldn't want her to –

"Undress, little lady. Don't be shy." Croaked one Death Eater, his voice raspy as could be. He scratched a laugh and the other joined.

"Yeah, what are you waiting for?" The other asked. More laughter.

Ginny was unsure of what to do. She would in no way undress herself in front of these men and shower before them. She had much more pride then that. She was just about to protest when they were interrupted by a fourth figure.

"What's the problem, Mulciber?" Malfoy asked, taking in the scene of the room.

"The little whore won't take off her clothes." Asked the one with the scratchy voice. "She's refusing to shower."

Malfoy rolled his eyes. "You two can leave. I will take care of it from here." The two Death Eaters looked very disappointed, but didn't protest. Sulking, the two went off, leaving the two alone.

"I am not taking a shower in front of you." Ginny protested at once.

"You have no other choice, Weasley." Malfoy replied calmly. "You might get some ideas if you are inside here all by yourself. I will not have that. Please proceed to take off your clothes or I will do it for you."

Ginny was shaking with rage. But seeing no way out of it, she mustered up as much dignity as she could and began to unbutton her blouse slowly. Her eyes found his and didn't move away, even as she slipped the blouse off her body. Next came her jeans. She unbuttoned them and slid them slowly off her petite thighs. Malfoy was watching her intently, though his eyes never left hers either. There was an expression on his face that Ginny couldn't quite make out. She proceeded to take off her bra, and that was the first time she turned around. She slipped that off as well but hesitated on her panties.

"Your knickers too, Weasley." Malfoy purred from behind her, his voice low and smooth.

Ginny froze, and then continued with them, too, all the while cursing herself for giving into this. Finally, rid of all her clothes, and what felt like her dignity as well, she stepped into the little shower cell. It had no curtains or doors to it, so she was forced to take a shower without any hope of covering herself.

During the whole progress she could feel Malfoy watch her intently, never taking his eyes off of her. She felt disgusted and dirty, even as she was rubbing away all the filth on her body. But there was something else, too. Something she couldn't quite put a finger on. She felt as if, for a split second, she was enjoying the fact that she was being watched, but recovered from that absurd thought immediately.

Once her shower was over, Ginny turned around to face Malfoy in all her glory and looked at him. "Towel?" She asked.

"Don't be stupid." He replied and with a flick of his wand she was completely dry and dressed. Ginny sighed and waited for him to grab her arm and lead her back. Yet for some reason, he did not do so. He flicked his wand at her again, and this time she felt robes bind her by her arms, pulling her forward. He brought her down to the cellar again and shoved her in and turned around to leave. Ginny was quite surprised.

"That was it?" She asked as she found her way into her corner again.

Malfoy turned around and looked at her. "What?" He asked.

"No torture? No mental abuse?" She asked. "You're just going to let me off that easy? And I thought I was being held captive here."

She seemed to have hit a nerve, for her walked over to her quickly and had pinned her to the wall with his hand by her throat. "Am I mistaken, or are you asking for abuse, Weasley?" He asked.

"No. Just simply surprised at the fact that I've been here almost a week and haven't been touched or hurt one bit." She replied confidently.

"Well, if that's what you want…" Malfoy whispered, drawing his wand. Still holding her against the wall by her throat he whispered "Crucio!"

Ginny felt like a thousand knives were stabbing her all over her body. She screamed and screamed until the unbearable pain subsided from her body, leaving her shaking and heaving to catch her breath.

"Satisfied?" Malfoy asked. When Ginny didn't answer and just tried to catch her breath, he packed away his wand again. He pushed up against her roughly and forced her head to the side. "Don't test me, Weasley." He hissed in her ear. "I was merely trying to get away from you because quite frankly, you have no idea what watching you take a shower made me want to do to your little body. But I'm not like the other Death Eaters. We Malfoys do not rape. Especially little bloodtraitor whores like you. So consider yourself lucky."

Ginny was trembling uncontrollably and the second Malfoy stepped away from her, she sank to the ground. He gave her a dirty look and walked out of the room, leaving Ginny fragile and confused.