A Hero's cry

Thank you Jessica for editing this for me!!

Chapter 1

Harry Potter at the age of one and a half was placed upon his Aunt's doorstep. No one even bothered to knock, or even ask the Aunt if she wanted her sister's child. The child lay there all night before a screech woke the little boy up.

For the first couple of months Harry would constantly scream for his mum, his horrible Aunt would come and tell him they were dead. Harry did not understand; all he knew was that he was hungry and had a very sore bum. Which was blistered and red with sores, sometimes something Harry didn't understand would sooth his wounds.

Over the years all he knew was pain, fear, hate and extreme loneliness. He had no friends and did not know any happiness at all. He was allowed to go to school, the only reason they do is because they are scared the social services came. They knew they would loose Dudley if they found out how they treated Harry.

Harry hardly knew his own name, only his teacher ever called him that. His cousin, Aunt and Uncle called him Freak and he did not understand why.

Things did happen around him, more often than not now of days. He was eight years old and it had now been seven and a half years since he had been dumped on the Dursley's doorstep. His magic was getting more and more out of control.

He was beaten every time he showed signs of magic, Harry heard his Uncle talking about beating it out of him. However, today had been one of those days. He was in his dark stuffy cupboard and pleading with someone to come and save him. Harry knew it was wishful thinking. He would never be taken out of there, but he had no idea his cry for help had alerted someone.

You see this person was neither a Wizard nor a Muggle they had their own gifts. This person was a mutant, he was a very powerful one too, and he ran a school for people like them. This said person was Professor Charles Xavier, and he was speaking to the teachers at this very moment.

"Are you ok?" asked a concerned Jean.

"A mutant has called for help, he is very badly hurt from the sounds of it, I don't think he even knows he has done it, he is very powerful." said Charles.

"At the school?" asked Jean looking worried.

"No," said Charles before spacing out again.

He came out of his trance like state, and said "He is eight years old, and is currently in England, he cannot stay there, and we must go. He will loose control over his abilities if we don't go."

"Should we get storm and go?" she asked.

"I think that's best," said the Professor as he wheeled out, Jean followed him, knowing the Professor would call for the others through his mind.

It was not long before they were joined.

"Storm, Cyclops we are going on a little trip to England to collect a mutant" said Xavier.

"Can't he wait until the next year?" she asked, frowning. Everyone that was due to join the school had joined.

"He is too powerful, if he doesn't get control over his powers soon he will loose control over it, this would be bad for us. He is in a lot of pain if he is able to call for us from here" said the Professor.

"We should go right away then" said Storm.

"Shall I pack some things?" asked Jean she was the doctor at the school.

"Yes," said the Professor.

They were all on their way before they knew it, no one worried that the others were gone. They all knew that they could look after themselves, and the school continued on wondering what was happening.


They took their plane to England making sure it was near to where they wanted to go. Being closer Jean and Charles could hear the cries much more now. They were both telepathic this mutant could be a telepathic or was just able to communicate with them. It would not be known until they actually speak to the child.

"Come on" said Xavier wheeling out of their plane.

"How much further?" asked Storm, hating the odd looks she was receiving from the people around her.

"Not long now" said Charles as they continued.

"Wait, this child is abused, for his abilities I can smell the hate and fear coming from those living here. Perhaps we should not bother them until we know for sure" said Jean.

"Very well" said Charles as they got to number four Privet Drive.

Opening the door, they found the cried of help were coming from a cupboard. They all looked angry, when they all realized what was happening. Opening the door they found the child they were looking for, Jean felt his head, and said,

"We need to get him back now, he needs medical attention" said Jean looking concerned.

"Very well, get the child and we will be gone" said Xavier.