A Hero's Cry

Chapter 19

The End Of Voldemort

Severus let visions of Voldemort's hide out run past his mind, letting Harry get a grip on it. Even without his Dark Mark, he was unfortunately unable to speak about anything. It's as if he had a secrecy spell on him, one that wasn't a part of his Dark Mark. Also one that Harry was obviously unable to detect, and it annoyed Severus to no end. He gripped his wand, knowing what was going to happen. He threw a look of caution towards Remus, warning him to also be ready. Remus nodded grimly, Harry seriously thought it would be over with one spell. Both men were rather sceptical but knew Harry couldn't be talked down. He was as stubborn as Severus was, they were the perfect match but their stubbornness might not be a good thing in their relationship.

"Let's go," said Harry wand at the ready, he did the impossible, he apparated into probably one of the most secure places in the wizarding world. Not even Dumbledore had been able to breech Voldemort's defences.

And what could only be called the most boring and mind baffling finale battle in history. Harry did exactly as promised, with one little spell, two words, the man who had wreaked havoc on the world was dead.

"Avada Kedavra," said Harry, watching Voldemort's eyes widen before his entire body stiffened in fear as the green curse enveloped him.

"Now what?" asked Remus looking stunned. He couldn't believe it, just like that, Voldemort was dead. Where was the long final battle? With good and evil fighting each other. Where was the relief that they had survived and Voldemort had finally been brought down. Seeing it done like this, made him think maybe Dumbledore could have killed him all those years ago.

"Let's take him to the Ministry, I don't want Dumbledore getting credit for this," said Severus who looked just as stunned as Remus. Severus refused to believe that the prophecy had been true; he instead chose to believe it was sheer dumb luck. If he had not feared he would die when casting the killing curse on Voldemort - he would have done it years ago. Unfortunately Severus believed that the mark would have killed everyone, which obviously looked like a complete waste of thinking. Obviously. Unless no Death Eaters were in the hide out, which would be extremely unbelievable and unlikely.

"Do I really need to touch him?" grimaced Harry taking one look at his scaly face and looking sick to his stomach.

"No, I'll take him," said Remus grinning slightly. He was used to disgusting and dirty things; he had the stomach to do it. Especially near to the full moon, even if it wasn't right now. He grabbed a hold of the limp arm, and then grabbed Harry with his other. Severus wrapped himself around Harry, and showed him where he was going. They could have apparated themselves, but they had just gotten so used to Harry actually, being able to apparate them exactly where they needed to be. It was much easier and quicker, so they weren't shocked when they landed in Madam Bones' office. Although the same couldn't be said for the witch herself, especially when she got a look at exactly everyone that was in her office. Or more specifically - Voldemort in all his snakery, er glory.

"What on earth is going on?" shrieked Bones wide eyed.

"Hi, Harry Potter, no need to tell you who that is, now he's gone I'm going to get going," said Harry.

"Harry Potter?" gaped Bones her eyes if possible going even wider, his jaw on the floor in shock.

"Oh boy, I'm glad I never accepted my place at Hogwarts if this is how an adult acts," said Harry.

"Oh that's pretty mild compared to how some act," said Remus conversationally.

"How did…you, er, defeat him," said Bones squeaking the last word out.

"Killing curse, can we go now?" questioned Harry.

"Wait! Where have you been where are you going?" asked Bones immediately after Harry finished his question.

"I've been living my life happy, I wasn't kidnapped I was rescued from abuse. Now I want to go back to that life without it being threatened by Dumbledore." said Harry honestly.

"Dumbledore?" asked Bones confused.

"Yes," said Harry much harsher than necessary.

"Let's go we've done what they wanted," said Severus.

Suddenly a letter came into Bones' office with IMPORTANT written across it in Dumbledore's handwriting. Madam Bones sighed "What does he want now?" as she opened it her eyebrows shot up and a shocked look appeared on her face.

"What is it?" asked Severus what could Dumbledore want that made her so shocked.

"What's going on?" asked Harry confused; they had just been talking about finally leaving. Now both Remus and Severus were watching this woman intently.

"Dumbledore's handwriting," said Remus at the same time as Severus said "That's Dumbledore's writing,"

"Huh and why are we still here?" asked Harry.

"Just a second, I want to know what he's up to," said Severus staring intently at Bones she had good mental defences.

"Apparently thirty five students in Hogwarts have dropped down dead. Not just dead but apparently died with the dark mark on their arms." said Madam Bones a tired look in her eyes.

"Thirty five?" choked Severus shocked.

Remus just closed his eyes in sadness - so much loss.

"It's bad; no doubt every Death Eater has died as well, which means my office will be flooded with workers. I suggest if you do not want seen, then you go and leave now." said Madam Bones.

"Good idea!" exclaimed Harry, he didn't want to be seen by any more Wizards or Witches come to that.

"Let's go then," said Remus.

The three of them held on to one another and apparated back to America.

"Do you need a potion?" asked Severus keeping a tight hold on Harry.

"No I'll be fine, I just need to sit down," said Harry.

"What's wrong?" asked Jean coming in going straight to Harry.

"Nothing, just your son defeating Voldemort," grinned Remus proudly.

"You did what?" shrieked Jean wide eyed.

"I'm fine, mum, please," sighed Harry.

"You might have been hurt!" said Jean.

"But I wasn't, I'm home and the wizarding world is safer," said Harry. "And I won't be leaving again. Sev has everything he owns here now, and so does Remus if he does stay."

"Oh that's good," said Jean relieved. "I'm glad I'm not going to have to worry anymore."

"Yup," said Harry he was actually glad too, it really weakened him apparating to and from America.

"So it's over?" asked Jean for confirmation.

"Yes," said the three wizards at once.

One Year Later

"How did your classes go?" asked Remus coming into the staff room, to where both Harry and Severus were. Together wrapped up in each others arms glad for the break. Harry taught others how to harness their gifts, it helped that he knew what their gift on instinct. Remus taught them physical fighting, defence for when they couldn't use their powers. Severus showed them how to brew potions, and he let the older years actually invent their own.

"The usual," laughed Harry.

"They are never as much trouble as the students at Hogwarts," said Severus.

"As usual Sev, you're right!" said Remus helping himself to a cup of coffee.

Suddenly Harry went tense, his eyes closed, his teeth gritted.

"What is it?" asked Remus rushing over abandoning his coffee.

"Someone needs help," groaned Harry. "They are hurt."

"Did you get it too?" asked Jean and Xavier coming in both looked as though they had a serious migraine.

"Yes," said Harry.

"It's like the time we saved you, maybe its time for you to repay the favour," said Xavier.

"Yes it is." replied Harry.

Three months Later

"How's my favourite nephew?" cooed Remus.

"He's your only nephew," snorted Harry. "He's fine, still a little jumpy and scared but it will fade with time." Harry could hardly believe that the boy had managed to call him for help. It was obvious he was going to be very powerful, and who better to raise him than Severus and Harry. The little boy had been six months old when he called Harry to him. He was now nearly ten months old, and was getting used to his new life away from abuse.

"I'm glad," said Remus, unfortunately Cole was still wary of most adults. He was slowly but eventually getting used to him. Harry and Severus had saved him so there was a bond there, that wasn't with him and Cole.

Cole Matthews was his name of course with being adopted he was now Cole Matthew Potter-Snape.

"Yeah, me and Sev have decided to go part time, until its time for him to start school," said Harry.

"Good idea," said Remus nodding his head.

"It's a good job you and Sev are here, his magic is really powerful, his wizarding powers at least." said Harry, he was better at his mutant powers than his magical ones. Apart from apparating but thankfully, Cole wasn't able to do that yet. Hopefully not any time soon either.

"Well he won't be able to learn anything for a few years yet," said Remus honestly.

"I know," said Harry.

The End

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