Okay. Um hi guys. This is just a micro-mini one-shot about when Bella is finally changed. In our lovely Eddie's POV. So enjoy, kay

My cold hand grasped hers. I died over and over again seeing her in the worst pain of her life. Ever. For these past three days, she'd writhed in pain, screamed in agony.

And I was so nervous. Would she regret asking me to change her when she realized what precisely, she had become? A monster? A creature of darkness? Or worse yet, when she had to hone her self control to be around people? Even her relatives? I dreaded when she awakened, finally walking dead.

I had observed the changes as they came: the slow of her delectable, rushing blood, the gradual paling of her beautiful, fair skin, the dark purple circles that now resided under her eyes, the slow perfection of any blemishes on her skin, her deep, soulful, chocolate brown eyes turning red, and her human frailties disappearing. She was losing her humanity, slowly but surely.

This is what she wanted. To become a predator, whose prey is first and foremost, humans. Like she was. No. A voice in the back of my head said. 'She wanted to be with you, forever.' I sighed. The voice continued. 'And, besides, you know how you reacted when you thought that she died. Or even when you left her for "her own good". You were suicidal.'

Finally, interrupting the fight in my mind, I heard a low, musical voice.

'Edward?' my angel said.

'Bella!' I was overjoyed. 'Are you alright, my love?' I asked her.

She smiled seductively, but didn't answer. Instead, she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me to her with her new strength.

'I'm MUCH better than "alright", now that we can do this.' She said softly into my ear.

And then she kissed me, holding nothing back. I hesitated for a split second, before remembering: I didn't have to take extra care anymore, my soul mate was my equal in strength now!

We kissed for a while, not exactly having a time limit, before she pulled away.

I looked at her with concern. 'What's the matter? Too much?' Please don't let it be too much.

She looked thoughtful. She bit her lip then looked into my eyes.

'No. . . . . ' she trailed off.

'What then?' I asked, confused.

'I was just wondering. . . If maybe. . . . . . I could go cliff diving?' She asked me, looking bashful.

I grinned, relieved. 'Of course Bella. We have all the time in the world.'