Twilight Sun

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Summery: Midna makes a deal with a Gerudo. TP with elements from OOT.

The vast landscape of the Twilight Realm, now free from Zant's tyrannical reign, was dark in the never ending twilight. The image gave out a peaceful residence; something that Midna discovered didn't exist in the Light Realm.

Restored to here original position of Twilight Princess, Midna stood on one of the balconies overlooking the Realm, reminiscing about her time with Link.

A sigh escaped the Princess' mouth as she stared across the horizon, where the demon-like twilit kargaroks flew free, bellowing to each other in their horn-like language. Her eyes wondered, focusing upon a pair of the creatures frolicking together in the forever dying light. She smiled, recalling the time when she had taken control of one of the beasts, and used it to fly to the Zora's Domain, her on its back and Link held in its claws.

She sighed. 'What I wouldn't give for those adventures to never end.' She thought moodily. 'If only I could leave my duties as a princess behind…' Midna sighed again before she turned and walked back into the palace, shutting the door that lead to the balcony behind her.

Bare feet quietly padding the cold stone floor, Midna made her way to the throne room, passing a variety of closed chambers in the process.

She paused. One of the chamber doors was open. Taking a quick glance at the elaborate design above the entrance, she quickly surmised that it was the room holding the royal treasury, a place only the royal family could enter.

Yellow red eyes narrowed as Midna pressed up against the wall, slowly making her way to the opened chamber. Energy sparked across her body as she called upon her magic, the glowing runic symbols on her body growing brighter with the power that flowed through them. Carefully, she peaked around the corner, hoping to locate the intruder and surprise him. No one could be seen though, so she hesitantly entered the chamber, an ominous feeling growing in the pit of her stomach.

Eyes searching for her prey, Midna ignored the riches around her: treasures her Gerudo ancestors had pillaged in the days before their banishment to the Twilight Realm.

The chamber doors shut behind her, bars coming down over them to prevent entry or escape. Midna wheeled around, gaping at the now closed and barred doors, the ominous feeling growing to cover her in a blanket of fear. What was this? Some trap Zant placed during his false reign?

She quickly banished the thought. Whoever was behind this, it wasn't Zant. He could enter the thrown room about as easily as he could destroy the Mirror of Twilight. Ganondorf maybe? Technically he was the King of the Gerudo, but still…

Midna glanced around her, shifting the energy surrounding her body into a circular mass of energy that sat in the palm of her hand.

The princess caught movement out of the corner of her eye. She quickly wheeled around, only to find the space unoccupied. The sound of laughter came from behind her, causing her to once again whip around, firing the energy that had been gathering in her palm in the process.

The result was an explosion of a small amount of treasure stored in a corner of the room. A gasp sprang out behind her, followed by an upset feminine voice scolding her.

"Do you know how much effort went into getting all that!? What in Majora's name is wrong with you?"

Midna slowly turned around, another blast gathering in her hand. "Well maybe if you would stop playing hide-and-seek with me I wouldn't have to blast the damn treasure!"

She raised her hand, about to fire in the direction of the voice, when she finally caught sight of the owner of the voice. Midna's eyes grew wide, the mass of potential destruction dying in an audible fizz. The intruder she had been seeking stood before her, tall, proud, and slightly miffed. The person was obviously a woman, who stood about three inches under Midna. Her burning red hair was held back in a ponytail that fell to the small of her back. Her skin was the dark tan of one who flourished in intense heat, with eyes as blood red as Midna's own irises. She dressed in clothing similar to what the ancient Gerudo once wore.

A light dweller. What was a light dweller doing here? Before Midna could speak, the woman sighed, shaking her head in the process. "Well, no use crying over spilt milk, you might as well sit down." The stranger glared at her. "And no more magic! I'll have no more destruction of treasure I stole here.

Despite her fiery nature and strong will, Midna did as the light dweller ordered, though some would say she only did it because she was still slightly shocked at the light dweller in her treasury. She sat down where she was standing, too stunned to argue with the woman, all the while feeling as though she was being scolded like a small child. Across from her, the woman did the same, mimicking Midna's crossed-legged position. It was then Midna noticed something else about the woman. She was armed: two scimitars, one on each hip, shone dully in the artificial light of the chambers.

"So, are you going to tell me who exactly you are? How about how you got in here?" Midna's tone spoke more of orders then simple questions. A crooked smile appeared on her companion's face. "I'm hurt! Little Midna, are you to tell me you don't recognize me?"

Midna bristled at the comment. The comment reminded her of her mother's pet name for her when she was a child, her mother still in the prime of her life. It hurt to hear the name coming from a stranger's lips. "Don't call me that." She snapped. "In case you haven't noticed, I am taller then you." The princess raised an eyebrow. "And why would I recognize you? I'm fairly sure I would remember someone like you." She calmed herself, "so the question still remains: who are you?"

Blood red eyes-so similar to Midna's own, yet so different- sparkled with mirth. "Well, if you don't recognize me, maybe you'll recognize my name." A mischievous smile dawned on her face. "Tell me, does the name 'Nabooru' mean anything to you? Midna's eyes widened before a predatory smile formed on her own face. "Of course I know the name. Everyone and their pet bird knows the name 'Nabooru'. However, I find it incredible hard to believe you are that Nabooru, especially when you take into account that the woman we are talking about is over two hundred years old." Midna's smile became triumphant, crossing her arms and staring the 'imposter' in the eyes.

The woman who claimed the name Nabooru stared at Midna in shock. Midna's smile grew wider. "I can't have been gone that long!" The smile left Midna's face. "I mean, I know being a sage prolongs your life, but this is ridiculous!" Midna blinked at the self-proclaimed Gerudo. "Right…Sage…and I'm married to a light dweller."

Nabooru turned her attention back to Midna. "Well how else do you explain my being here Princess?" Nabooru glared at her, the Gerudo's patience at its end. "I mean, think about it for a second. I'm a Gerudo in the Twili royal treasury, and am speaking to my own descendent: The Twilight Princess." Her eyes narrowed. "And you know for a fact that there is no magic that can change a person's look without changing a person's form.

Midna growled at the thief. "Okay, suppose I do believe what you say. That still doesn't explain why you are here."

A mockingly sad expression appeared on the red-haired woman's face. "What? You mean I can't check in on my many times great-grandchild? You wound me."

'So the legends of the Twili Royal Family being descended from the Sage of Spirit are true?' Midna shook her head. There would be plenty of time for musing on that later. "So why did you decide to appear in the royal treasury?

An innocent smile dawned on the thief's face. "I haven't had the opportunity to be around treasures like these since I stole them. Call it…reminiscing…if you will."

Midna raised an eyebrow. "And the bars on the door?" She pointed to the barred exit. "Is this your way of saying 'sit down, stay awhile'?"

Nabooru's face turned hard. "Actually yes, in a way it is." She paused. "We need to talk. All joking aside, I did come here for a reason. You see, for over one hundred years now the Gerudo have been living here, in the realm of Twilight. It should not be this way, and I'm sick of watching it."

Midna glared at the Gerudo. "Why? Yes, I'll admit that when the Gerudo were first thrown in this realm, everything was sent into chaos. That is common knowledge. But we've gotten used to this realm, and have adapted to our surroundings, making the Twilight our home." Her eyes became distant. "And as much as I miss Link, I have my duties here as the Twilight Princess." The last part was said almost like an afterthought.

Nabooru grinned at Midna's last comment. "You haven't even heard me out yet, and already you're turning me down. Listen to what I have to say before you make any rash decisions. I have a proposition for you that you just might like.

Midna's twilight eyes focused on to Nabooru's own light dweller eyes.

"I'm listening."

Nabooru's grin turned into a toothy smile. "Very well. Let's start from the beginning then, back before Ganondorf, before even the Hylians…

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