My first KibaHina. A request.

- Perfect -

- By Ariel32 -

She wouldn't have pegged him for husband material.

He was too rough, too eager, too fierce. He was too strong, too determined, too stubborn. Too loyal. Too protective.

He liked dogs too much.

But when he ran his hands through her long hair and grinned, white teeth flashing and eyes glowing with a look that made her heart speed up – she couldn't help but think that things aren't always the way they seem.

She would never have thought she'd fall in love, for one thing. She would never have thought she'd feel that little leap inside her, or look at the long muscles of his chest and reach out to feel them under her fingers.

She would never have thought he would be the One, for another.


He wouldn't have pegged her for wife material.

She was too shy, too delicate, too beautiful. She was too human, too caring, too precious. She was too full of inner strength. Too brave.

She had always been something to be protected, not because she couldn't protect herself, but because he couldn't see her getting hurt.

But when she watched him shyly, her pale eyes shining gently in the dark, her dark hair falling over her shoulders and down her back in a flowing waterfall of black, he couldn't help but think that he could get used to this.

Right now, he couldn't care less if the world came down around them. Right now, he only wanted her.

So when she reached forward and put her hands on his arms, he pulled her to him and crushed his mouth over hers.


He wasn't gentle but she wasn't weak.

And they fit together just right.