Chapter 1

Written by SDZero


The bus rattled down the beat-up road, causing the students to bounce lightly in their seats. The beauty of nature bathed in the glorious mid-day sun was obscured behind the greasy, unkept windows of the Middleton school bus. Kim sighed a bit, disappointed that poor sanitation kept her from enjoying the scenery. She looked around the bus to see what everyone else was doing to pass the time. Monique, sitting right behind her, seemed perfectly content bobbing her head to the beat blasting into her ear by her MP3 player. Just behind her, Felix was simply sitting on the seat, instead of his cybernetically enhanced wheelchair, enjoying a handheld game console. Kim couldn't help but smile a little when she caught him trying to sneak a peek over at Monique. "He must be crushing on her big time," Kim thought to herself. Though behind her she saw love starting to bloom, on the other side of the bus she could see love going sour. Brick was reaching his arm around Bonnie, trying to get her attention but Bonnie kept waving her boyfriend away, refusing to pull herself away from the cell phone.

Look around the bus, she only saw a few other familiar faces; Tara, Josh Mankey, the rest of the cheer squad. But there were also students there she didn't really socialize with, all of them chatting and laughing the time away. And then, there was one more passenger, one sitting right next to her. Ron, who had fallen asleep after they got on the high way, was half slumped in his seat with his jaw slightly slaked open to the side. Kim gently poked her elbow into his side, causing him to wake up with a start. "Woah! Huh? What happened?" he asked frantically, looking around as if expecting something.

Kim laughed. "Tone it down, Ron. We're almost there and I didn't want you to sleep the WHOLE way there."

Ron groaned and threw his head back against the seat. "Why did I agree to go on this trip anyway? You would think with the last two times we went here plus the evil zombie snowman incident that they would shut this place down by now."

Barkin, who the school chose to be both chaperone and drive of this camping trip, overheard Ron's complaint and decided to get involved. "Stoppable, if your going to let some life-threatening events stop you from doing anything you might as well just live in a bubble and oatmeal till you're an old man! The park ranger assured the school that Lake Wannaweep is completely sanitary and no longer mutates people. Besides, those incidents you're crying about really drove down the price for this trip so you should be happy we were almost turned to water-breathing freaks here."

Ron sighed and looked out the greasy window as the bus passed the sign, welcoming them to Lake Wannaweep. "Great, a three day weekend in a place of pure evil. And, of course, it just had to be Friday the 13th today."