Chapter 5

Written by -- SDZer0

Around the campfire, all the students were laughing, eating, and having a good time. All except for Felix. He was beginning to have doubts about overcoming his problem while Ron was thinking about how to make his immobile companion break the ice with Monique. "Ron, look, I'm having second thoughts. Maybe now is not a good time for this," he said sheepishly.

Ron waved him off. "Nonsense, this is the perfect time! Kim is with Monique right now, she can help us out."

Felix shot up in his chair. "No! Don't tell Kim!"

"Trust me, it's all good man," Ron assured Felix as he began to walk away.

"Ron, no, stop!"

Ron rushed over to Kim while she was talking to Monique and pulled her away in mid-conversation. Though stunned at first, Kim easily pulled herself from Ron's grasp and glared at him. "Ron, what is your deal?" she asked, extremely annoyed.

Ron couldn't help but have a playful smile on his face. "Kim, you gotta help me. It's about Felix and a little certain someone he's been crushing on."

Kim cocked her eyebrow but suddenly perked her head up in realization. "Oh, you mean Monique?"

Ron shook his head. "No, it's... wait, what?" he asked, his face frozen with a confused look.

Kim laughed a bit. "Relax Ron, it's no big. I saw Felix on the bus and I assumed he had a crush on Monique. So, what's the sitch with Felix, I want to know everything."

Ron blinked. "You mean... you want to help Felix?"

"Of course, Felix is a good friend and Monique is my best friend. I can tell Felix would be perfect for Monique."

While they talked, Felix was trying to watch Monique, who sat at the other side of campfire, as she ate her hotdog while waiting for Kim. He tried to seem inconspicuous but for a brief moment their eyes locked and Felix quickly tried to look away. Monique caught Felix's skittish reaction and couldn't help herself from doing what she did next. When she was sure he was looking again, she pretended to look aside while eating her hotdog but began slipping the plumped frank down her mouth suggestively.

Felix could barely feel his jaw drop off its hinges since his mind was too focused on the show Monique was giving him which ended with a surprise wink, letting him know that she knew he was watching. Felix nearly tipped over his chair when he saw that, causing almost everyone there to turn and stare at him. He could feel his face heat up, blushing with embarrassment. Most of the others just assumed he was having trouble using a manual chair and continued on with their merriment.

Barkin stood up from the tree stump he sat himself on. "Alright everyone, gather around the fire and knock off all this funny business! It's story time and I'm going to start us off with the history of this camp," he proclaimed.

Kim and Ron went back to their respective friends and Ron spook out. "Wait, I know this place's history more than anyone here," he declared. "This is a place of evil where a toxic lake made Gill the mutant he is today. Not to mention a infamously neglectful camp staff that thought rooming me with their wild monkey mascot was a good idea."

Barkin shot a glance toward Ron. "Stoppable, quit your belly aching. This is about the real history of Camp Wannaweep, back when I was a camper here. Except back then, we called it... Crystal Lake."

The students were both riveted and horrified as Barkin told the story of Crystal Lake. They were disturbed about the drowning of the deformed Voorhees child, disgusted by the revenge-driven killings of his deranged mother, and shocked when her son continued her slayings. Ron again was the only one to speak, after his eye stopped twitching. "All of that happened and WE'RE here, WHY?"

"Stoppable, put a sock in it. Like I said, if your going to let some life-threatening events stop you from doing anything you might as well just live in a bubble and eat oatmeal till you're an old man. Besides, that was a long time ago and nothing like that ever happened since the camps changed hands and became Wannaweep."

The night continued on until Barkin doused out the fire with a bucket filled with dirt and sand. "Alright, that's enough enjoyment for one night. Everyone report to your cabins and go to bed, wake up call is at 6 a.m." he said.

The campers began to make their way back but Kim turned her head when Monique started going toward the lake. "Monique, what are you doing?"

Monique looked back with a sly smirk. "Just going to enjoy the full moon tonight girl. That lake is callin' my name!"

Kim titled her head. "You're going to go swimming? Right now?"

"You better believe it girl." She looked over to Felix while he was talking to Ron and grinned like a hungry cat toying with a mouse. "But I'll take my time getting there."

Kim glanced over her shoulder and then back to Monique, realizing what she had planned. "Monique! You're horrible!"

Monique started making her way down the path toward the lake. "Just don't be too obvious when you tell him where I'm going. I think it's cute when he thinks I'm not looking."

Kim giggled to herself, it was funny how Felix has been too shy to do anything but watch and Monique seems daring enough to keep giving him something to watch. She went over to the boys, interrupting whatever conversation they were having. "Hey Felix, I saw Monique go down by the lake. Maybe you should try talking to her while she's alone."

Ron shook his head. "Sorry KP, I'm not feelin' it for Felix right now. He's not ready to break the ice without our help. He's got to way too much-"

Felix had been frantically weighing his options while Ron was talking but made his decision when Ron was in mid-sentence. "Well, maybe I should go. You know, you shouldn't be out in the woods alone in case something happens," he said, trying to sound sincere.

As he rolled away, Kim couldn't help but giggle while Ron shook his head. "KP, you're setting him up for all kinds of disappointment."

"Oh Ron, trust me. If there's one thing Felix will be tonight, it's not disappointed".

While carefully rolling his chair down the beaten path to the lake, Felix started seeing a trail of clothes left by Monique. He carefully gathered them, he wasn't sure why she would leave them out in the open like that but he wasn't going to question it.

The closer he got to the lake, the more promising things became; after picking up her shoes and socks, he thought she would just be relaxing lakeside, probably dipping her toes into the water. After picking up her shirt and pants, he thought she must've been wearing a bathing suit underneath her clothes, maybe even a bikini. When he hit pay dirt and picked up her bra and panties, he thought he was in heaven. He couldn't help himself, he took the panties and took a deep whiff of the crotch, thanking God he wasn't completely paralyzed below the waist as the scent of womanhood filled his lungs.

He finally made it to the lake, making sure his chair didn't make too much noise. In the water, he saw Monique coming up for a breath. Under the full moon's light, the water was glistening was off her dark, curvaceous body. Felix could only bite his lower lip to suppress a groan. Monique, seeing Felix out of the corner of her eye, gathered some water in her cupped hands and poured it over herself, arching herself back to really give Felix something to look at.

All of this was like torture to Felix; all that nubile beauty but so seemingly inaccessible. Too bad he didn't know Monique was planning to make the first move when she was done teasing him. She dipped herself under the water again but this time she felt restrained, something was keeping her in place. As she flailed her limbs to try and swim to the surface, she realized that one of her legs was being held still. She looked down and saw something holding her ankle. It was dark and being under a lake didn't help what little visibility there was but it looked almost like a hand.

Soon she felt herself being dragged downward, she tried to pull away but it was useless. She could feel her air running out as she was being pulled down. Desperate, she forced herself to the bottom of the lake and tried to feel around for a rock. She placed her hand on a rock that felt big enough to be used as a decent enough weapon but it slipped out of her grasp when she felt something force itself onto her backside, pushing her into the lake bed. A set of rough ringers wrapped around her neck and started strangling her. Monique tried to struggle free, crying in pain as her bare breasts rasped against the small rocks on embedded in the dirt, leaving behind small cuts and scratches. But it was all over fairly quickly, her last breath escaped her lips and she was limp in her murderer's hands.

Felix slowly rolled himself toward the edge of the lake, worried about Monique being under the water for so long. He noticed a few bubbles break the surface but not the object of his hormonal affection. "Monique? Monique!?" he cried out, hoping she could hear him under the water. Soon, something floated to the top. It was Monique but she was face down, motionless, and slowly tinting the surrounding water red from the scraps on her breasts. Felix felt a cold dread grip his chest as he wheeled himself closer, the edge of the lake just under his lifeless feet.

Without warning, a hand emerged from the water, reaching for Felix's chair. Felix tried to roll himself away but when his chair wouldn't move, he forced himself off of it, letting it get pulled into the water. Slowly, something began to emerge from the water. Covered in seaweed, Felix could barely make out a hard, plastic white face with red markings on it. Fearing for his life, Felix crawled away as fast as his arms could drag him, trying desperately to escape. He never had to go anywhere without his chair before but the fear of death gave him the will to make it into the woods. Felix rested himself against a tree to catch his breath but a chill went down his spine when he heard the sound of a chainsaw revving up.

Felix clawed himself up against the tree, dragging himself upright. When he was high enough, he grabbed on tightly to a low branch and turned himself around. With his back against the tree, his darted his eyes across every tree and every bush in the woods, trying to see if he could see where the noise was coming from. His breath was shallow, his chest heaved with every panicked breath as the revving came closer and closer until it sounded like it was right on top of him. Sweat and tears streaked down his face; whoever was out there killed Monique and now it was going to kill him. "Oh my god!!!" he cried out, believing he was living his last moments of life.

He closed his eyes shut and braced himself but the revving suddenly stopped. Cautious, Felix cracked open one eye and then both. Looking around, it seemed that everything was alright. While his guard was down, Felix heard the revving noise start again and he felt something press into his back. This sensation quickly became a blinding pain and Felix shrieked as he felt something ripping apart his skin and digging into his lower back. His screaming was quickly gagged with blood, everything around him became deafly quiet, even the revving was gone. He looked down as he felt something burst out from his stomach before his entire body became numb. A chainsaw had worked itself right through his body and it's teeth were splattering bits of blood and gore unto Felix's face until everything went black.

Felix's body jerked and bucked only because of rotating chains still grinding his insides. When the chainsaw was turned off, Felix's body became limp and slowly fell onto the dirt floor. Leaving the saw embedding in the tree, the hockey masked murdered looked down the dirt and could make out the last few glows of lights still emanating from the cabins. Slowly he started walking down the beaten path and toward the camp site. Jason had a job to do.

Writer's Note: Am I a bad person. So far, I've killed a Chinese girl who I never bothered naming because she had no name on the show, now I killed Monique, the only real black character on the show, and Felix the paraplegic. Honestly folks, am I a monster for that?