Chapter Warning: Axel/Burned Alive


Did it even need to be explained why Saix hated that man?

Axel…the word was as disgusting as the stick-bodied freak himself.

Axel was a traitorous *astard. Always playing two sides of the fence, always slick and sly and devious and deviant. Saix hated people like him. Never trust double agents.

Take Castle Oblivion for instance. He simply played the cards all in his favor, turned everyone against each other, and sat back watching as the members fell, one by one. With that stupid, satisfied smirk on his face.

Oh, how Saix wanted to just cut off his lips so he could never smirk again…

And there have been other times where his foolishness had cost or almost cost them their victories. And it was tiring, frustrating, and infuriating to have to deal with this pyro any longer.

And, on top of it all, Axel was as rebellious as they come. He had no regards for his betters, his elders, his superiors. He treated them all the same; as pawns in his own private little games.

The redhead had no respect for anyone or anything, especially not for his beloved Xemnas. Such insolence and arrogance should be severely punished…

And Saix would certainly make sure of that…


I grinned, as I appeared outside Number VIII's room. Everything was perfect, and in perfect place. The last members on missions, no one around, no one here to witness the screams, to smell his fear…

No one except for me, that is.

It was a small shame, I'll admit, that no one would get to witness the death of their traitor.

But oh well. More for me.

I didn't bother to knock. I simply grasped the doorknob and opened the door. I was so eager; I had to remind myself to make this slow and painful. And to breathe.

I was greeted by a pair of annoyed emerald eyes.

"Have you ever heard of knocking?" Axel snapped, crossing his thin arms over his chest.

I only smirked. "Of course, Axel. But tell me, what would the point be?"

"Uh, privacy?"

Oh, so corpses are expected to receive privacy now? "You're right. This should be private. Just between you and me…" I stepped in and closed the door behind me. I couldn't suppress the wicked grin that spread across my face ever so slowly. The confusion in his face was priceless. "Besides, I don't want to share this moment with anyone…"

"What the hell are you talking about??" Axel snapped at me, throwing his arms out to the side to draw forth his chakrams.

But that would never do. We couldn't have that.

Before he could even utter a word, I launched out, grabbed his wrists, and with a deft flick of mine I snapped them cleanly, crumbled under my fingers.

The shriek that escaped his lips was gorgeous.

Dragging him by his shattered wrists, I moved the man to his bed and threw him on it, a little carelessly, on purpose, though. Ignoring his confused and angry cursing and shouts at me, I summoned some rope and, wasting no time, tied his limbs to the posts of his beds. I made sure to impossibly tighten the ones around his wrists so I could hear more of his screams. They were a little sexy.

I grinned more. "Comfortable?"

"No, you *ucktard!"

I slapped him, very very hard. Something in his cheek snapped, and he shrieked and cursed again. I loved it.

Summoning a knife, I quickly cut away the cloak still on him, and next his shirt. I cut him a couple times, but I loved the color of his blood against his skin. I've seen prettier combinations, but it was certainly lovely. I let him keep his pants on. I had a point to make later.

I licked one of the cuts across his chest, and he winced from the burning sensation. I grinned.

"Your blood tastes like hot, spicy cinnamon." I commented, smirking. "Better than I expected."

He opened his mouth to say something – probably vulgar – at me, but I slapped him with incredible strength six times in a row to get him to shut up. His face was starting to bruise pretty badly. Good, good.

"Now then, let's get to the fun part." I looked around his room, ignoring his muttered cursing and fruitless struggles. I snarled a little when I couldn't find any lighting fluid. "*itch, you were supposed to be prepared for me…but oh well. We can work around that."

I summoned a few bottles of some of Number X's expensive liquor. I didn't think he'd mind if I borrowed them for a little while.

I popped the top and drank some. "You're a liar, Axel."

"And you're a freaking psychopath!" he spat at me.

I smirked cruelly, and proceeded to pour the contents of the bottle all over him. He winced and writhed from the cold, and from the intense stinging as the alcohol seeped into his fresh wounds.

"You know what they say about liars…"

I picked up a pack of matches from his nightstand, and took a single match and struck it across the black strip, watching as it flicked to life.

I grinned, crazily. "Liar, liar, BODY on fire…"

And I tossed the match on top of his soaked body.

Oh, if I could only bottle his bloodcurdling screams!!!

His body ignited into a brilliant form of fire, as he writhed and screamed in torturous pain, attempting to escape this hellish hurt but failing miserably. His skin burned almost instantly, going from the soft peach it once was to a smarting red, to deep, painful brown and black.

But all I was interested in was his screams.

They were delicious. Excruciating, violent, loud, never-ending…it was absolutely beautiful. Music to my ears.

I spend no time opening the other bottles and pouring them on top of his enflamed body, listening to his screams heighten to new pitches and his moans and groans of agony rise to new levels.

I watched as the fire began to spread to other parts of the room, moving quickly and fluidly. But by the time his room was engulfed, Axel had stopped moving. He was just a still, lifeless burnt form on his flaming bed.

I grinned in immense satisfaction and walked out of the room, closing the door behind me.

Afterall, he did say he wanted his privacy.


Well, that was a good release. It was hard writing this chapter, probably because I love Axel so much. But what's done is done.

Next chapter, skipping Saix, is Zexion.