Popo and Nana were floating around in space, smashing floating ice blocks with their wooden mallets as they noticed a weird rainbow colored planet, noticing that it look like puzzle pieces were stapled together on it.

"Hey Nana, what's up with that weird planet down there?" Popo asked as he pointed at it, scratching his itchy butt.

Nana farted and fanned the air as she smelled how bad her gas blast was, shaking her head. "I don't know, but I hope it doesn't smell as bad as my fart! Yuckie!" She moaned.

"Ha! Ha ha! We're going to destroy the universe!" The sentient planet Meteo exclaimed as it send parts of itself across space.

"...I think it's evil." Popo simply stated to Nana as he turned his head to her.

Nana let out another rank fart as Meteos collided right into them, causing the Ice Climbers to go spinning out of control into the planet known as Gravitas, being pulled down by the heavy gravity.