Before we begin, I'd like to clear something up. In the summary, I said this was slight AU. What I mean by that is that I'm not sticking to the storyline of the manga or the anime, and some elements in some of the drabbles may be a little bit of a stretch, like halloween in Central. That kind of thing.

Hope you enjoy the first story. With luck, I'll post the next one soon!


Roy visits a coffee shop

He had been fidgeting for the last half hour. Now, Colonel Roy Mustang nearly jumped into the air when Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye walked into his office and said, "Good morning, sir."

"Uh…good morning, Hawkeye," he responded.

"Are you ok, Colonel? You seem on edge."

"Of course! It's just…I wanted to ask you something."

Hawkeye looked up from the files she had been organizing. "Sir?"

"Well, there's been a lot of stress around here lately, and…I was wondering if you and I could take some time tonight to just relax?"

"Colonel…are you asking me out on a date?"

"Well…yes, I guess that's the technical term."

Hawkeye smiled to herself. "I know the perfect place."


Later that night, Roy and Riza sat at a table in a small beatnik-style coffee shop. A waiter had come to the table a few minutes before and taken their orders. Now they waited for the orders to come, while they tried to think of something to talk about other than work. They had just gotten their coffees when one of the owners of the shop walked up to the small stage in the front of the shop and announced into the microphone, "In just a few minutes, we will have our poetry reading, where the young talents of Central will get to show their skills. Oh, and may I remind all customers to snap when the readers have finished. Thank you."

"A poetry reading, huh?" Roy said, "This should be interesting."


About ten minutes later, Roy and Riza stood outside of a burning coffee house while its former occupants ran around like headless chickens trying to put out the fire. Riza glanced over at Roy.



"Maybe you should have taken your gloves off before you snapped for the poet."

"Yeah…that probably would have been a good idea."