HIYA! Guess what? I made another fanfic...but this time...I decided to do a WHOLE bunch of little oneshots for various characters...SOME ARE VERY OUT OF CHARACTER...and guess what else?

I DON'T REALLY CARE!!! HAH take that!!!! lol anyway, enjoy!

Rukia no ketsui...Ichigo no omoi...



It was raining, but she could see them perfectly. Two separate bodies, melting into one. She blacked out, not fainting, just not knowing what was going on. Before she knew it, she was sliding Ichigo's window open and furiously stomping in.

She took her clothes off as she walked, tossing them on his bed in an angered rush. She stepped into the

shower and turned it on. Skipping the cold, she just turned on the hot water. She leaned on the the wall of the shower, and for the first time in the recent blur, things slowed down.

She slid down the wall and onto the floor, pulled her knees to her chin, and found herself crying. She would have never been so stupid as to do that, had she not been in the shower. It was her savior. The water didn't allow her eyes to get puffy or red from the crying, and it came down like needles filled with Novocaine on her skin. Causing her nothing but numbness to ease the pain.

She heard the door open. Her senses became fully alert.

"Rukia?" A voice called. A voice filled with worry. "Rukia I didn't...I didn't want that to happen."

He knows I was there! CRAP! She shut the water off, and lied there.

"Rukia? I said I was freakin' SORRY!" He yelled, practically begging for forgiveness.

"Why are you apologizing? Why do you think I care that you kissed that girl?" She asked, trying to hide her true feelings from her voice. The door opened. SHE FORGOT TO LOCK IT!!!! Ichigo walked in, and tossed a dress over the curtain, telling her to put it on before he continued.

"It doesn't matter if you care or not!" He exclaimed, pulling the curtain open. He looked at her, and pulled her to her feet. "You may not care, but I do" He whispered.

He kissed her softly, lovingly. With a passion meant for no one else.

"Besides...you kiss WAY better than anyone else."

END: Kinda corny and mushy, but oh well!!! There are also CRACK PAIRINGS AHEAD! Good Luck! HAHAHA