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Candy For Your Frowns- Yachiru and Byakuya

All was hushed as the Shinigami Women's Association began it's meeting. The pink haired president climbed to podium. "Attention! Can I have your attention please?" Everyone looked at her. Then Nanao broke the silence.

"My drunken Taicho touched my butt AGAIN this morning!" "Are you serious?" Soi Fon asked.

"You know, you should just give it up to him already!" Rukia said. "You two make a cute couple!" Matsumoto added.

Yachiru sighed. No one was going to listen to her anytime soon. "Oh guys! Guess what?" Rukia asked everyone. Yachiru perked up so she could hear. "Byakuya wants me to do more paperwork! He said it would make me more 'ladylike!'" She used air quotes. "PSSSHAAWW!" Was all that came out of everyone's mouths, even Yachiru's.

That's IT! She thought. I'll go see Bya-kun! She jumped up and skipped out of the room.

"Okay. Are we all ready to begin?" Nanao asked professionally. "Wait a minute...WHERE DID YACHIRU GO!?!?!"

Yachiru had walked the mile and a half to where Squad 6 stayed. She knocked on the door and was told to come in. "HI BYA-KUN!!!" She squealed. He sighed. "Hello, fuku-taicho. What brings you here today?" "Well, the Women's Club wasn't listening to me...so I came here! You're nice!"

His expression softened at her last statement. He stopped writing and and tapped his paper on the desk, straightening it up. "Well, I'm done with my paperwork. So what exactly do you want to do?" He asked. "Let's get some candy! You look kinda sad, and bored, and candy ALWAYS cheers me up!"

She grabbed his hand and pulled him outside, then got on his shoulders. He shot her a 'What-the-heck-are-you-doing?' look and she replied with "I hardly ever walk. Kenny always carries me!"

He walked (she rode) to the candy store.

He bought two huge lollipops. Handing her them as they left. "Don-cha wan' wa, Blya-koon?" She barely asked as she sucked on the lollipop that twice the size of her head and in her mouth.

"No, I'm fine." "OH COME ON!" She huffed and shoved the pop into his mouth. "Isn't it good?"

"Yes, I guess it is..." He answered. And she smiled one of her adorable smiles, he returned it, then laughed uncontrollably.

"What's wrong, Bya-kun?" She asked.

"It's nothing, well it's just that...one can't be with you for long without smiling!"

"Oh...really? I figured you would get mad or annoyed with me like everyone else but Kenny does!" She said with another bright smile.

"How can you say things...so seemingly upsetting with a smile on your face?" He asked.

She looked as if she were very surprised at his question. As if it was obvious. "Huh, well...I don't know. It's no fun being sad, and expressionless...like you...so I always smile, no matter what!" She explained.

He unexpectedly pulled her into a hug. "Hah! Bya-kun? What are you doing? Are you feeling okay?"

"Don't worry...about people getting annoyed with you." He said tenderly. "If you are ever bored, or are feeling lonley and Zaraki-Taicho isn't around...you can come see me! And we'll go get candy again!"

"OKAY!" She squealed, and hopped up on his back, gripping his neck and cuddling him. They walked all over Seireitei to Squad 11's office. Several people along the way questioned him about Yachiru being on his shoulder, and he just brushed them off.

Yachiru's grip loosened and had it not been for Byakuya's arms supporting her, she would have fallen. She was asleep. When they got to the office, he laid her down on the porch and kissed her forehead, then walked off to his own home.

He had fun today, which was not normal and COMPLETELY out of character for him! (A/N that is also my warning...I KNOW BYAKUYA IS OOC!!!!!!! Don't review me saying so or anything thanks!)

But what could he say...Yachiru had her ways...and her ways were flawless!

She was rather cute...not annoying at ALL! How could anyone say that...


BYAKUYA KNOWS HE LOVE YACHIRU! XD HAHAHA seriously though, Byakuya's right...she is cute and not annoying...how could anyone say that?