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The following Monday was one of the coldest days they'd had that winter in Tree Hill. Lucas certainly noticed as he tried to start his car early in the morning. After several attempts the engine roared successfully and a partially frustrated Lucas took off.

As soon as the teenager reached his first stop all of his annoyed feelings vanished. Standing on the porch, rubbing her gloved hands together to attempt to warm her fingers, stood his beautiful girlfriend. She was bedecked in a dark gray woollen coat which fell to just above her knees. A light purple pashmina scarf was visible with her gloves a matching colour. The only other detectable clothing was a pair of dark washed skinny-legged jeans and boots which came a few inches below the knee.

As Brooke spotted her boyfriend she smiled and waved before hurrying down the steps and into the warm interior of Lucas' car.

"Morning," she chirped, and placed a rosy lipped kiss of onto Lucas' mouth. Lucas reached a hand out and squeezed her thigh.

"Sorry, I was late Babe, the car wouldn't start; too cold I suppose."

Soon the couple arrived in the parking lot of the high school and hurried from the icy weather into the crowded corridors.

The whole population of Tree Hill High School seemed to love returning from vacation. Well, perhaps they didn't love the studying aspect but the gossip that circulated was vast. Mandy Philips had broken up with Jackson Dawes. Carly Marks had gotten extremely dunk over New Year's and had slept with Dylan Fletcher. Oh, and the biggest news of all? That the Scott brothers and their girlfriends, a certain Brooke Davis and Peyton Sawyer, had all gone on holiday together to Aspen. Now, no one of course could know that both Brooke and Peyton had slept with their respective boyfriends but that didn't stop the rumours circulating.

Funnily enough neither Brooke nor Lucas really cared that morning as they walked in search of their lockers, holding hands. Lucas, being a guy and often rather dense, hardly noticed the increased staring and Brooke was more interested in the fact that her gloved hands hid her casted wrist rather well. Soon they reached Brooke's locker.

"So, you're prepared for that History revision test today? Aren't you?" Questioned a rather anxious Lucas.

Brooke merely laughed and slamming her locker shut, reached up onto her tiptoes and awarded Lucas a kiss. "I love you for caring Luke, and yes with your two hour phone call last night, quizzing me, I think I'll do just fine!"

"Well okay," muttered Lucas, bending down for another kiss.

"You know," said Brooke thoughtfully, "I much prefer study sessions in person than on the phone."

"But we accomplished a lot," stated Lucas, sounding a little perplexed.

"Exactly," pointed out Brooke and then seeing Lucas' still bemused expression, "Sometimes the other things we accomplish when we have study sessions are more enjoyable."

Realising what she meant, Lucas rolled his eyes and let out a laugh before pulling Brooke along with him. Brooke found it adorable that he had memorized her schedule. She didn't like to point out that she knew his as well!

After depositing Brooke in her first class with a kiss, Lucas took a seat in his, next to Nathan. This period was usually Health but they had special advisory class.

"Now," spoke the teacher, "As a class of seniors at high school I imagine a large percentage of you are sexually active. By now, I'm sure you minds have been filled with complicated images of the human body and the sexually transmitted diseases you can contract."

A few of the teenagers laughed. Nathan rolled his eyes at Lucas. Lucas smirked back but his mind was fixed on a certain brunette and the topic that the teacher had just mentioned. They hadn't had a chance to have sex again since their first time while on holiday. Lucas couldn't wait until they had another opportunity. Nathan was watching his brother and guessed the topic that filled his mind!

Meanwhile, Brooke was scribbling as fast as she could, remembering all she could from Lucas' quizzing last night. As the hour came to an end she was pleased as she had answered all the questions and was reasonably sure of most of her answers.

With Lucas' tutoring she certainly had turned her grades around and was now getting almost all A's in history. Once Brooke actually made herself read the assigned texts, she found the various wars and confrontations during history quite interesting and was ever thankful to Lucas for showing her what it was like to actually enjoy learning.

A couple of hours later the lunch bell rang and the students pilled out into the hallways. Lucas made his way to Brooke's locker and found her engrossed in a conversation with Peyton. Nathan reached the two girls from the opposite direction and gave Lucas a smirk, before running at Peyton and hugging her from behind, causing her to shriek and turn every eye to her.

After this piece of excitement the foursome headed to the cafeteria to get some lunch. Lucas was not really thinking about what he wanted to eat and simply pilled a bit of everything onto his tray. It was only when they sat down that he noticed Brooke did not seem to be eating much.

"Not hungry, Babe?" He questioned.

"Huh… Oh no, my Dad's just found the joys of cooking and I must say, my Mom and I aren't complaining! Anyway, he cooked these really delicious blueberry pancakes this morning so I'm really not hungry!"

Lucas and the others laughed at this and Brooke spent the rest of the lunch period recalling anecdotes about her Dad's first attempts at cooking pancakes and the mystery of the green fried rice!

A couple of hours later Brooke was standing by Lucas' car, waiting for him to appear form the masses of her fellow students. Cheerleading practice and basketball were cancelled as Coach Whitey had an appointment and the captain of the cheerleaders had announced that cheerleading was therefore cancelled, as she wanted to spend time with her boyfriend, a basketball player, that afternoon.

Suddenly, Brooke felt a pair of hands slip around her waist and leant back her head for a kiss. Lucas then murmured a hello before both of them hopped into the car and took off home. It wasn't a long drive and shortly Lucas pulled up the car outside Brooke's front door.

Just as Brooke was getting set to invite Brooke inside, Brooke's mother opened the front door, and upon seeing them, ran towards. As she neared, Brooke noticed tears making themselves down her face and concerned, both she and Lucas got out of the car.

Brooke ran to meet her. "Mom, what's wrong?"

"Oh Sweetie, I'm so sorry… They said it was just unlucky. That he's healthy and that he was doing everything right but that these things just sometimes happen."

"What Mom, what happened?"

"Well Sweetie, your Dad, he… well he had a heart attack this afternoon at work!"

At this startling announcement Brooke almost collapsed in shock and was glad of Lucas who had grabbed her waist.

"Is, is he dead? Why… why aren't you at the hospital?"

"Oh Darling, I just found out, I was just going now. Apparently he was lucky. Because people were with him at the time they got him there straight away but he might need surgery or something…"

"I'll drive." Announced Lucas in a calm and straightforward voice. He then took Mrs Scott by the arm and still with an arm around Brooke, led them both towards the car.

Half an hour later the three were in the waiting lounge of Tree Hill Memorial Hospital. Lucas sat on the sofa next to Brooke, a hand still protectively laying on her waist. Barbara was pacing around the foyer.

The doctor had informed them that Richard had been taken into the ER so they could perform emergency bypass surgery. Because of his young age for the surgery the outcome was expected to be very positive but nothing was certain until he was taken out of the ER and was established that he was in a stable condition.

Brooke almost hadn't spoken since she had heard the news and Lucas was worried, he had expected her to start crying. He made up his mind.

"Come on." He pulled Brooke up by the arm.

"What… where are you going?" Questioned Brooke sounding confused and a little disorientated.

"I need to talk to you."

"No… no… I can't leave, Daddy's in surgery and they…"

"The doctor said they wouldn't know anything for at least a couple of hours and it hasn't even been one yet. Come on, I just want to find a quite place, we'll be back in a second."

Conceding to Lucas' request they let Brooke's Mom know who seemed to be in too much of a daze to even notice, and walked down the corridor into the stairwell. There Lucas stopped.

"It's okay to… to I don't know…. be emotional Brooke!"

"Why would I want that?" Answered Brooke rather calmly.

"Brooke, your father's in the ER having open heart surgery performed, you're allowed to be upset."

"But I'm not upset," Broke in Brooke. "Why should I be upset? Daddy's going to be fine. I mean, he has never smoked or been an alcoholic. Yeah, he dos drink at dinner but who doesn't? And he's not overweight. He loves road cycling, he does it every weekend so really this shouldn't be happening to him. Wait why is this happening to him? This is not right. He can't be sick. He can't be…" And then Lucas found himself being hit by small fists in an attempt, he knew, to alleviate the pain that Brooke was feeling.

Lucas let Brooke wear herself out until she broke down and began to sob. Throughout this time Lucas hadn't let go of her and now took her into her arms and tried to protect her from the world, knowing however much he tried he wasn't going to succeed.

He stroked her hair and rubbed her back until the sobs lessened and whispered comforting things into her ear. Finally he felt that she was calm enough and together they walked back into the foyer where Barbara still paced the floor. Brooke then surprised Lucas by walking up and engulfing her in a hug, much like Lucas had down to her minutes previously.

"It's going to be okay Mom! You'll see." Lucas heard Brooke comfort her mother with and he smiled. He had also just whispered similar words to Brooke.

Three hours later and it was nine o'clock at night. Lucas still sat with Brooke in the foyer. Family were crowding her father's room. He had been released from surgery successfully two hours previously and had woken up soon after that.

The news was extremely positive. Richard was expected to make a full recovery and no one could be happier than Brooke.

Smiling slightly as she thought about a happy moment, she turned her head up towards Lucas whose arms she was encased in, "I love you so much, you know?"

Lucas simply smiled loving in reply and kissed his beautiful girlfriend. "We'll be okay Pretty Girl. We'll be okay because I love you and you love me and nothing can come between us."