To See You

Summary: several months after leaving Mundus' castle, Dante finds his injured twin outside his store. The two brothers find that they are able to get along better than any one had imagined, but a dark shadow still lingers in the corners of Vergil's mind. Will the two be able to overcome the horrors of the past and sort out their growing emotions? VergilxDante.

Disclaimer: I do not own the name, characters, or weapons of Devil May cry

Warning: This will eventually contain incest and gore. Please do not read if you are offended by either.

Well, here it is, the rewrite fixy-uppy thing. This was my first fanfiction so I would appreciate constructive criticism. Thank you!

2014 edit (to be read in the event of offence taken at characterization. CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE REST OF THE STORY):My portrayal of Trish has been brought to my attention a few different times and I've decided to address my decision to turn her into a villain. When I first wrote TSY, I only had the first game to go on in regards to her character, and it's true, I didn't see her as having a whole lot of staying power, so I examined what they gave me: A demon created in Eva's image to lure/trap Dante for Mundus. Based on Mundus' line about making Dante more Mothers if he wanted, I surmised that Trish was not born, but created a fully formed female demon who wasn't very old at the time of meeting Dante, thus giving her a simpler mindset in the beginning. She knew what she had been told, that she belonged to Mundus, but what would Mundus have told her to make her play her part so well in the first half of the game? I believe that he would have told her something along the lines of Dante being hers. Her responsibility, hers to own, etc. As we see, Mundus treats all of his soldiers like pawns or objects, and once again, as Trish isn't that old, she looks to her 'Father' for behavioral norms. Things do change for her, but the ingrained conditioning of Dante being her 'thing' wouldn't have left her (hence the saving of Dante towards the end). Self preservation would undoubtedly kick in when she saw her master/father/creator fall, however, and she would use other tactics to ensure her survival. In the outside world I don't honestly see her being able to understand/cope with most of the things she experiences, especially in a relationship. The only life she's known until this point is destructive behavior/conditioning (and most likely abuse) from Mundus and the idea of other people being hurt by things she does doesn't cross her mind because it's not something she's had much experience with. :SPOILER: What she did to Vergil in my story was simply something she would have done to her other coworkers in the past, and the spiteful, vindictive element is what has come of a very young person having a favorite thing that they know beyond all reason is their's and having someone not as important try to get in the way of it. I'm not justifying the bad writing, and I realize that some of the dialogue is truly awful, but I wanted to make my stance on Trish before DMC4 known. Thank you for reading.


Dante was nervous. Now, this didn't happen often but tonight it seemed inevitable as he continued to glance over at his bed. Fuck all. He ran a hand down his face grumpily and paced back and forth. He looked over to the bed again before walking over quietly with an irritated sigh. Vergil still lay there, unconscious, but that was to be expected after the state Dante found him in. In fact, he was amazed that his twin wasn't dead.

Earlier that Day, Dante had driven back to the Devil Never Cry with a large box of his favourite pizza. Normally of course, he would have had it delivered to the door, but business had been slow and he would have nothing left over to tip the delivery boy. He had paused, not yet up the stairs. What the hell was that in front of the door?

Dante set down the glorious meal and took out his guns. "Time to go to work guys." He had muttered to him, flicking the safety off and moving silently up the steps. What he saw almost made him drop his faithful guns. "Shit..." he breathed. Before him lay his twin, but it was not the Vergil he once fought. The flesh was torn and limbs were broken. The man before him was unconscious and bleeding profusely. Dante couldn't find the will power to shoot him where he lay; instead, he lifted him and brought his brother into the store. At that point, only one thought was flashing through his head; "He's alive."

Now Vergil was bandaged and Dante was covered in his drying blood, unwilling to leave the room in case his twin was dead by the time he got back. He glanced over at the clock by the bed and groaned with exhaustion. 4:23 am. He glared viciously at Vergil before dragging his hand through his hair, yanking it through the last bit in frustration when his fingers snagged on the blood. "Screw this, I need a shower..." he growled, too irritated to keep Vergil at the top of his priority list at the moment, and went into the bathroom to run a bath.

Vergil stirred and instantly regretted it. He tried to open his eyes but they wouldn't budge. His whole body ached and burned. 'Where am I?' he thought worriedly, he knew he couldn't be dead, but that didn't explain where he was... Unless he was back there. 'I am not dead, and I have been saved from dying, perhaps it is merely a cruel joke?' He strained his senses; a bed... running water and the smell of old pizza boxes.

Snapping his eyes open, he found himself is a dark room tucked under a comforter. A sliver of light from the other room fell over his bed. Vergil flicked his eyes in that direction and determined that it was also the source of the running water from the steam that was gently drifting out.

The sound of water was cut and the door swung open. Vergil squinted against the strong rush of light that flooded in. Dante walked through the door, shaking out his hair as he did so. Virgil was so shocked that he tried to sit bolt upright. Big mistake. As soon as he flexed the muscles in his torso, fiery pain tore through him, causing him to gasp sharply.

He watched Dante's head snap around and wondered briefly how he had avoided whiplash before Ivory was pointed between his eyes. "Didn't our Mother ever teach you that it's rude to point guns at people?" This remark was somehow lessened by the crackling rasp that was currently the elder twin's voice.

The weapon was removed from his face. "Wait here." Dante grumbled and stalked out, returning moments later with a glass and a pitcher of water. Vergil raised his eyebrows slightly as Dante filled the glass. "Drink." He grunted out, expecting Vergil to take the glass. Vergil's pride was suddenly battling with his common sense. For a moment, it won, and his eyes flicked away. He heard the clunk of the pitcher and the frustration in his brother's voice. "Damnit Verg, just take the glass!"

Vergil swallowed hard, making his throat ache and felt disgusted with himself. "Dante... I can't move." He felt his brother falter slightly, then sit on the bed and slide an arm under his back. Instantly, Vergil began to dry heave in agony, causing Dante to yell.

"I'm just trying to help you! You gotta work with me here or you'll die, Okay?"

He didn't know quite how he managed it without passing out, but with Dante easing inch by inch, he found himself in a relative sitting position. "Okay, " Dante said, putting the glass to Vergil's lips. "Just let it slide down. We'll talk in the morning."

Vergil drank gratefully and Dante continued to fill the glass until the pitcher was empty. He could feel his eyes drooping even as the younger twin suggested that he sleep. His last thought before drifting into an uneasy sleep was a confused one. 'Why did I come here?'