To See You

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Warning: This story contains violence, a bit of gore and homosexual incest. Please do not read if you will be offended.

Chapter six: To See You

The electricity fizzled out of her hands and she staggered backwards a few paces, realising what had just happened. "D...Dante?" It sounded as though she was choking on is name. "You shouldn't have been..." He remained in that position, just looking at her over his shoulder, watching the words stick in her throat. She tried to start again. "Why w..with... and hair!" She gestured frantically at her own, yanking it as though hoping to pull it out. Dante rotated slowly until he was able to fully face her. A single thought surfaced from his whirling head.

"It was you. You did it..." He was finding it difficult to completely wrap his mind around it.

Trish held her head tightly and shook it violently from side to side. "No! I thought it was- I would never hurt you Dante!"

He felt Vergil's presence just outside the door, listening, and wondered when he had woken up. It all seemed so surreal. "You're nuts Trish. No, you're a fuckin' psycho! You did all that shit-"

"I needed time to be with other people! I told you that when I left, you said you understood!"

A fierce rage pulsed through him so that when he next spoke it was practically a roar. "I'M TALKING ABOUT VERGIL! THERE'S MORE TO LIFE THAN OUR OLD RELATIONSHIP TRISH! YOU'RE THE REASON HE WAS HALF DEAD, THE REASON HE SCREAMED AT NIGHT! YOU DID THAT TO HIM! IT WAS ALL YOU!" He was hyperventilating now, and an overpowering hatred filled his senses.

Obviously she could see it for she cringed away from him and tried to speak. "Dante please understand! If Vergil dies, you can be happy again! We could even start a family, please!"

A harsh laugh barked from his throat and he shook his head, eyes blazing. "You just don't get it, do ya? I love him Trish. He means more to me than you ever have or will." Vergil chose this moment to enter, filling the already cramped room with his frosted aura. Dante could practically feel the temperature drop a few degrees with the look of cold disgust Vergil was boring into Trish.

"Well then, you've heard it from the best I suppose." His voice, still crisp and light sounded guttural with loathing. Trish looked as though she hadn't even noticed the elder's entrance, too busy diminishing from Dante's words. Her hands were covering her face now and she let out a broken sob, shaking. Even through his anger, Date couldn't help but feel a pang of pity for this creature that had caused both brothers such deep anguish.

"Stop." Vergil's hand clamped down on the arm Dante hadn't realised he had been raising towards her. "You are a compassionate person by nature, but I cannot allow you to extend that to this woman."

Trish, who had been peering at them from between her fingers now shrieked. "He's going to kill me! Dante please, don't let him do this! I love you so much..." Then in a swift movement she dropped her hands from her face and raised them again, this time outstretched, in an almost beckoning motion.

Instantly, Scissors began melting out of the walls with their howling, shrieking laughs. A stunned Dante felt Vergil grab his arm and yank him into the other room before the sharp blades could reach him. 'What the fuck...' He didn't get to finish his thought before trousers were tossed at his head. Vergil grabbed ebony from beside the bed and fired at the monsters pouring into the room.

"I would rather you didn't fight naked Dante. You may lose something important in battle, not to mention provide me with a large distraction." Vergil's voice was still slightly soft from sleep but his movements were alert and wary. He had been partially dressed with his sword slung at his side from the time that he had entered the bathroom and so was more equipped than the younger. Dante blushed and pulled on his pants, retrieving ivory while his brother held the assault at bay.

Scissors swooped down low from the ceiling, marionettes slipped from small red portals and Lusts Zigzagged in from the broken windows. Through the chaos, Vergil saw Trish clack slowly out of the bathroom in those monstrous boots, watching the fray with a victorious expression on her face. He tossed the gun he was holding back to Dante and took up his sword, caressing it briefly with his fingers before wetting it with the spray of blood that came off the minced demons. His full speed felt exhilarating as his hair flattened with the weight of blood. Trish's eyes became harder but she continued to watch, still certain her horde of mindless creatures would obey her to the end and would overcome the brothers.

Vergil whirled and sliced through the air with the grace of a dancer, the dying screams of agony providing his music. He heard Dante join in, the chopping of his broader blade contrasting with the almost whip like sound of his own. He could sense Dante moving as he fought. He knew where the younger twin was headed, and didn't try to stop him.

Trish bolted to the door when she saw Dante making his way over to her, red painted nails scrabbling around the handle frantically. Dante grabbed her arm with a pained, angry look on his face. "So, you tell me you love me, then ya leave your demons to kill me huh? That's some fucked up shit right there, but it ain't love. Way back when, Vergil might have done somethin' like that, but at least he'd try to kill me himself. Why?"

She jerked her arm away and flattened her back against the door with a bitter smile. "Oh honey, I love you, I do. I just love staying alive more. You would kill me, and if you didn't, let's face it, I'd make sure Vergil and you would suffer. If it's a choice between dying for you and living when I could find someone just as good, then sorry doll, I'm picking myself. Good bye Dante."

The bite of a scythe sang through his stomach and she blew him a kiss, bolting from the room. He stuck ivory into the beast's mouth behind him and fired repeatedly, reducing its head to dust, afterwards holding his stomach and cringing. It had been a long time since he had taken a direct hit like that and though the devil healing process partially closed it almost instantly, trickles of blood were still slowly oozing from it.

In an instant his twin was at his side, inspecting him with worry set deep into his features. Dante waved him away and shot several scissors from the ceiling, eyeing the broken bodies of the marionettes. Hey Verg... I want you to call Lady for me to take care of this shit; we're going after that bitch."

Vergil tilted his head in acknowledgement and gripped his arm, pulling him outside. "She is already on her way. I felt something was wrong when you left to shower. She was not happy at being roused but she agreed to oversee any actions that may transpire at the store."

Dante nodded distractedly before heading to his motorcycle and throwing his leg over it. "We can still catch her, get on."

The Devil healing process was working well on his stomach which had almost completely stopped bleeding. Without a word, Vergil jumped on behind him, wrapping his arms tightly around Dante's torso as the tires squealed into motion. The cold night pressed in around them but neither man felt the chill in the thrill of the chase. Both were streaked with the blood of demons and it was a miracle they weren't stuck together as they abandoned the vehicle soon after glimpsing their target.

The motorcycle swerved out of control in its driverless state, skidding on its side for a moment before crashing in to the wall of a nearby building. Dante paid it no mind, running in perfect synchronization his other half. From his peripheral vision he could see Vergil's face tightening into a cruel smirk, face flushed and eyes bright with the thrill of impending murder.

Trish looked over at the approaching twins in astonishment and made a leap to the eaves trough of a nearby house. She would have made it had the bullet not gone through her shoulder, shocking her off balance and sending her thudding to the ground. She looked like a rabid animal as she clutched her shoulder, chest heaving up and down.

Dante lowered his smoking gun, his eyes as cold as Vergil's. Time almost stood still as the three watched each other, eyes darting back and forth.

Vergil spoke first. "Since it seems that you cannot move with that insignificant pain in your shoulder, I will be a gentleman and allow you to remain in that spot. Now, I am going to remind you of our last conversation before my arrival here. I was more than slightly delirious at the time but I'm certain you can fill in the parts where my memory is foggy." An icy stare was his only response from the woman bleeding on the asphalt. "Mundus had left my death to you as I had failed him multiple times. Now, as we all know by this point you neglected to do that. After approximately three months of torture however, you did come back to the ruins for a final time to kill me. I believe your words were: 'Don't fret; when you are gone Dante will live only for me. He no longer needs vermin like you to make him happy and though I usually love to watch scum fight, I don't have time to see something so worthless die. You should be happy. A monster created to fight should die fighting. Goodbye Vergil.'

"Your mistake was returning Yamato to me and leaving without the certainty of my death. I did not expect such stupidity on your part... Still, I suppose I am getting off topic. You are going to die. I am the monster you always thought of me and yet I am still –if you will pardon my humbleness- nothing compared to you. Don't move I'm not done." Trish, who had been attempting to crawl away found herself impale through her stomach, effectively pinned to the ground. A gurgling scream rose from her throat, tearing from her mouth and echoing into the night.

Vergil's face remained calm but a crazed delight played in his eyes. "I know it is a long speech but I've had some time to prepare it. Don't worry though; I'm almost done so please bear with me a few more lines. I am going to give you something you never would have allowed me. A swift death." Trish turned her face imploringly to Dante, her scraped and bleeding cheek making her seem even more pitiful.

"Please..." She begged him with terror stricken eyes. "I never meant for any of this to happen. Mundus made me in the shape of your Mother , and he must have given me her heart because I love you more than anything!" It was her last attempt to live, but it was the wrong thing to say. All of the pity had left Dante's face, leaving loathing and disgust in its place. He walked towards her with his guns raised. "My Mother loved Vergil and I equally as her children. She'd never do anything to hurt us and she'd never fuck with our heads! The fact that you'd even compare yourself to her makes me sick! Go to hell!"

Trish cried out and thrust out her hand towards him, using her lightning to knock ebony from Dante's hand, only to have it caught by the elder twin. Vergil was struck with déjà vu and he looked stoically at his brother. "This seems to be becoming a habit. Ah well, I suppose I wouldn't mind trying it your way. Again." Dante had the same fierce brightness lurking behind his eyes as a sick smile spread over his face. "Hey Verg, remember what we used to say?" the twins pressed their backs together, aligning the guns perfectly. They spoke the word as one. "Jackpot."

She may have tried to let out one final shriek but it died before it was born. Trish slumped to the ground, all life gone from the eye that had remained intact. Both bullets had torn through her head, giving her the instant death that Vergil had promised, but he wasn't done yet. An uncharacteristic cry of passion and anger shattered his mask of ice as he jerked his beloved sword from her corpse before plunging it in again, stabbing her over and over until Dante caught his arm.

"She's dead Verg. That's all. It's done."

Vergil looked at his brother for a moment, staring at the person who loved him, who had saved his life, who meant the world to him. His twin was drenched in blood but he had never looked more beautiful than he did then. The elder of the two sheathed his sword and kissed the younger deeply. Dante, shocked but aroused kissed back, letting out an involuntary groan before pulling back briefly. "Shop." Was all he could say before their lips connected again in a frenzy. Vergil's tongue dipped into the younger's mouth, probing while receiving eager responses. They made their way inch by inch, past the body and back to the Devil Never Cry, pausing only for a moment to open the door.

Had either of them been paying attention, they would have noticed Lady waiting to harass them with a broom. When she saw what they were doing however, she just slunk out of the store to check up on any other messes the brothers had made, mentally vowing that they would have to pay her double for her services.

In the meantime, the twins had made it up the stairs and were in the process of exploring each other's bodies with their hands. "Wait Dante... I mean it, give me a moment."

The younger backed off irritably. "What?"

Vergil sighed, running his fingers through Dante's blood caked hair, kissing his forehead softly. "Do you really want this? No, let me rephrase that. Do you really want this from me?"

He thought Dante might hit him. Instead, the younger pressed the bulge in his pants against Vergil's thigh, causing the elder twins breath to catch in his throat. "Does that feel like I don't want it? Stop doubtin' me Verg."

Vergil lowered his face, running his tongue along his brother's collar bone. "I'm a monster." He began dragging his tongue down Dante's chest.

The younger shivered against the growing sensation he was receiving, but still managed to speak. "You're not a monster, you kill monsters."

Vergil continued his trail downwards, pausing briefly to graze his teeth over a nipple, hardening it. "I killed Trish."

Dante arched forward, moaning softly. "I know... Anything else?"

Vergil dropped down and unzipped his twin's pants. "My eyes never leave you..."

Dante bit down on his lip hard enough to draw blood. "Th..That's creepy... but... not... aah!"

The elder ran his tongue delicately over the erect member, causing a sharp cry from the other man. "I crushed your answering machine..."

"I... I wondered..." Dante's train of speech was cut off again with a deep moan as Vergil's mouth enveloped him. Vergil flicked his tongue over the tip, nibbling ever so gently before pulling away, invoking a hiss of loss from his little brother.

The elder twin straightened, purring softly in his Dante's ear. "Hush now, I can't have you exhausted before the main event."

The younger responded by eagerly removing all remaining clothing. "Hey Verg... What else?"

Vergil's eyebrows rose. "Pardon?"

Dante chewed his lip a little, grinning nervously. "What else did ya do?"

The older of the two blinked before letting a smile invade his face. "I bled all over your only white shirt."

He felt the younger twin's chest spasm in a suppressed laugh. "Well," Dante pressed his hips into Vergil's and wrapped his arms around him, leaning back just enough to send them both toppling on to the bed. "I guess I can't ever forgive you then." Vergil chuckled softly and lifted himself just enough to look into his twins eyes.

"I love you."

"I know."

"I want you."

"Thank God."

"I'm going to take you now."

"'Bout fuckin' time."

Vergil kissed him tenderly while spreading his legs and slipping two fingers inside him, moving them in a scissor like motion. Dante reacted instinctively by wincing and tightening around them. The older twin broke the kiss and looked down at him. "I need you to relax, alright?" Dante looked like the last thing he wanted to do was relax but he closed his eyes and forced his muscles to loosen, allowing his brother to finish preparing him. The elder brushed his lips gently over Dante's eyelids. "You can still back out you know."

He said calmly but the younger shook his head firmly. "Nah, I can take it."

Vergil gave him a brief nod before embedding himself into his younger brother. Dante let out a yelp, gripping his brother's shoulders tightly. "SHIT! No, I'm okay just don't fucking move yet!" Another nod, Vergil rested his head against Dante's shaking shoulder, relishing the tight heat around him and trying to comply with his twin's wishes. It took a lot of will power not to move until Dante gave his consent, and even when Vergil received it, he forced himself to move mind numbingly slow.

"I'm not gonna break Verg..." Dante muttered, wrapping his legs around the older twin and driving him in deeper.

That was all the invitation needed as self control was flung out the window, all hell broke loose. The men gasped in pleasure, friction almost unbearable. The elder of the two wrapped his hand around Dante's throbbing member and began pumping it in time with the thrusts, hearing the deep moans escaping from his brother's mouth. He felt himself getting closer to the edge and he tried altering his angle, brushing up against something that made Dante scream, climaxing over both of their stomachs. After a few more thrusts, Vergil himself saw stars, releasing deep inside the younger twin. He fell forward, becoming encased in Dante's arms. They two lay like that for a little while, panting, until Vergil pulled out and rolled beside him.

"I love you Dante."

"I love you too."

"I swear I'll never leave you..."

"You better not... Hey, could you uh... D'ya think I could curl up to you a bit?"

"I was hoping you would."

Vergil opened his arms, allowing Dante to move gingerly into them. They two remained holding each other that night and were it not for the wreckage around them, and the blood smeared over their sweat covered bodies, they would have looked like the perfect image of peace.

Three months later

Vergil stood outside the store and paid the workers that were still coming down from the roof. "Thank you for coming on such short notice." He said absentmindedly as he penned in his name on the cheque.

The worker shrugged and accepted the slip of paper. "Always good doing business with you sir. You say hello to that brother of yours for me alright?"

Vergil's mouth formed a thin line. "I will do that. Have a pleasant day gentlemen."

Snow began to drift down lightly, landing of the truck as it pulled away. This company had done good work in the past, for it was them that repaired the damage made months prior. As the men drove off, they saw their client staring at the new sign they had just installed. "Real polite guy. He should try smiling once in a while though." The others nodded in agreement, one speaking up. "Him and Mr. Dante don't get along too well from what I can see. Can't really imagine why they work together, seeing as how he causes Mr. Vergil so much stress." Another unanimous nod. "Well, every family has problems; we'd best keep our noses out."

The new sign would no doubt surprise Dante though Vergil had told him the change was happening at least twice. Lady would be over later, but his younger twin had probably blocked that from his mind as well. After all, today was a work day, and on work days Dante was so focussed on his job that not even an earthquake could faze him. Vergil let out a sigh and watched his breath mist out before him in the crisp air.

The pulsating sound of a motorcycle without a muffler came roaring up the street, screeching to a halt in front of the store. Vergil turned, an exasperated half smile lifting his lips. "Show-off. We've just gotten that thing fixed and already you're abusing it. I expected better of you Dante."

His brother laughed, swinging himself from the bike. "Gotta break it in somehow Verg!" He looked up at the sign and his smile grew. "Hey, you changed the sign! Was that the truck I passed?" Vergil face became a mask of frost again as a woman passed by with her dog.

"Undoubtedly." He replied curtly, nodding to the woman as she waved. "How did the job go? I take it from the absence of blood that it was blown out of proportion."

Dante wasn't paying attention. Instead he was staring at the sign somewhat nostalgically, silently mouthing the name. Before Vergil could inquire as to why however, his twin said: "Wait here." and disappeared inside the store. When he returned, he was carrying the two amulets their mother had given to them.

"I wanted to find a good time to give it back to you 'cause they're like pieces of us, right? Our memories and shit. They got joined for a while into one again, but I couldn't wear it like that you 'cause it didn't feel right so-" Vergil pressed his lips to Dante's, cutting off the stream of babble. It was a rare occurrence in broad daylight (deserted street or no) but neither man seemed to care as they shared that gentle kiss. Once it was broken, the elder took his own necklace, hanging it around his neck and enjoying the familiar weight it held. "Thank you."

Dante fiddled with his own, slipping it on and jumping when Vergil's arm snaked around his shoulders. "It is very difficult for me to vocalise how grateful I am for this... I suppose that all I can really say is thank you. You said that they were us?"

The younger nodded, relaxing into Vergil's side. "Like pieces of us, but yeah, sorta..."

A tiny smirk formed at the edge of Vergil's lips as he bent his head ever so slightly towards Dante so that his breath ghosted over the other's ear. "Then I hope you will not be adverse to us joining them a little later tonight."

Dante's face went beet red as he caught his twin's meaning but he managed to keep his voice casual. "Yeah, why not?" He started snickering like mad and rested his cheek against Vergil's shoulder. "Hey, I've been thinkin', did you ever figure out why you showed up on my doorstep?"

Vergil was quiet for a moment before he nodded solemnly. "Yes I did."

The younger waited for the rest before realising that Vergil was not keen on completing his thought. "Well?" He prompted. "I don't care if it's bad, were you here to gut me? Didja think I was the only one who would help? Didja come with the hope of fucking me hard and fast?"

The elder shook his head. "No, nothing quite that dramatic. Remember that I had resigned myself to death. I only came to see you one last time before my body gave out on me. I wanted you to be the last thing I saw before I died so that I could cherish that memory and hold it dear. Even in the afterlife. To see that you were alright, thriving in your pizza box infested hovel. That in its self would have been alright."

Dante shuffled nervously, still not detaching himself from his furnace-like brother. "So... A little more sappy than I thought but it makes me... happy I guess, to know that you cared that much. Fuck, now I'm bein' sappy!"

Vergil chuckled contentedly, placing a small kiss on the side of Dante's head. "I love you Dante."

His brother sighed and kissed his shoulder. "I love you too Vergil. Hey, how 'bout we go in and make some coffee? I'm freezin' my ass off out here and we could even invite Lady over for a bit." Vergil's long suffering sigh was lost on Dante as they walked up the steps and into the building. Though it was still the early afternoon, they saw fit to turn on the freshly installed sign. It flickered for a moment before lighting up completely, igniting the store's name for all to see. Devil May Cry.


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